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    Scrawlings of a Mad Man

    7/11/11 First Try With Pom Juice

    by , 07-12-2011 at 05:12 AM (277 Views)
    I wish scrawlings wasn't so accurate of a term... I don't fully know what all of these writings mean.

    1) Captain Jack Sparrow or someone inspired by him is in a commercial. He appears to be a marble statue with the Captain's face. He is a christian, or at least is helping the church. Sounds almost like V for Vendetta. Rebel? "Smite the body". Self inflicted tattoo harm. The situation graduation.

    2) Team Fortress 2. Bucket of chicken item that ups speed.

    3) Andre comes up and tells me he made a new friend. Talk about drugs. Captain Jack is here?

    4) Geek hobby store. Two of my male cousins (from different parents) are passed out drunk on the stairs. I'm about to play a miniature game of a sort.

    5) I am conscripted into a real life swords and vampire (fantasy battle?). I'm some form of captain.

    6) There is a creepy and scary little girl outside the window. I walk through a hallway and cast a spell to keep her out of my dreams. It's a massive and ornate house, almost clue like. I'm not myself. There is a waterfall fountain in the center of a large room decorated with stones. I flirt with a girl in a wet dress, but get shot down.

    8) Graduation? Clothing is same. Speech? (More words that I can't actually read in this one...)

    9) Dad plays iphone strategy game.

    10) Had been a kitchen fire and a wooden table is burnt. Another fire starts and I grab an extinguisher and try to put it out.

    11) No recall...

    12) No recall...

    13) Dad and mom going to return Daisy (our new puppy)

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