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    Hornet attack, Birthday Parties and More

    by , 10-13-2011 at 08:39 AM (570 Views)
    Quite a disturbing dream, very vivid so I was very scared about being stung.
    Vividness: 8
    Recall: 6
    Overall: 6

    Non-Lucid Lucid Comment
    In the garden, I look around, there is a strange buzzing sound coming from somewhere, the layout of the garden is different but I don't realise. I decide to walk back towards my house, down the long myserious lawn. The sun is about to go down as I approach the half way point. The buzzing noise intensifys, this worries me and my mind darts awareness behind me, but I don't need to look back, I know there is a vast swarm of hornets behind me, so I begin to run. I am englufed in hornests, I can feel tingles all over my skin, for some reason running seems to be the only thing stopping them stinging me.
    I begin, whilst flailing my arms and running around in circles to scream, this makes the hornets fly away from when I do this. I see the office in the garden (in completely the wrong place) and begin to run it it, shreaking as I go.
    I wap open the door and slam it behind me, my back agaisnt the door. I am filled with relief. I stroll over to my mum who is casually working there, and talk to her. She looks outside and points out that the wall is now covered with giant grass hoppers and there are minature gurillas on the floor, which is very strange.
    I head outside, I can't see much now, but I'm pretty sure the hornets are gone. Heading away from the random animals behind me, I head back down the garden, there is something strange on the floor, I move closer to gain focus. It's a strange looking doll head, I pick it up and throw it away. I continue on my way, and pause, I heard something behind me. Now there is, in the same place as the dolls head, a statue of a women holding up her hand.
    I see the person who keeps trying to freak me out, I walk towards where he ran off to, to find two people lying down dressed in morphsuits. They are pretending not to be there, so I pull their masks off to find it is Kris and Alex, to lads from my school which are known for trouble.
    I hear a party in the distance and head to go find out what it was.

    A birthday party with Matty, he doesn't get much attention.
    I'm going around town with Ali and my camera is getting broken.
    I enter a small building and my family is all in there watching a small TV.

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