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    The bat-killing task force, and an eBay hacker

    by , 07-03-2015 at 04:54 AM (430 Views)
    (I woke up a few times during the night and remembered literally NOTHING about my dreams. Which sucked because with all the lucids I've had lately, I may have had one and forgotten. I remembered only my dreams from my last leg of sleep.)

    I was part of a special task force sent into this massive cave system to help take out these evil giant bats that could disintegrate people by hovering over them and letting off a sound/energy wave down at them. We fortified the cave system, adding rooms and barriers and such, but when the bats started coming there were thousands of them. The battle waged on and we were losing. So we retreated back to one of the rooms to formulate a plan. Our intel told us there was a cave path where only the baby bats lived, but they were also dangerous. We decided to take them out first, since they'd be weaker and we could figure out the behaviors and weaknesses of these bats. I had to run to the bathroom quick, and when I got back apparently they'd already passed out the guns and ammo. I asked about getting one and they told me to talk to some guy who was all decked out Rambo-style, but I couldn't get to him to get a gun. So I wound up following this task force unarmed. When we got to the tunnel, baby bats started pouring out of it. They were still pretty huge, and another battle took place. The people on the force were shooting them down with machine guns and such, and I was just running frantically from barrier to barrier looking for this guy to give me a gun.

    I was checking eBay and I noticed my rating had shot down a crazy amount. So I looked into it and noticed people were leaving bad feedback about how I never pay, so I freaked out that someone had hacked my account. I looked all over my laptop trying to figure out how they did it, but to no avail. So then I went back to eBay to change the password on my account and hopefully reconcile with the support staff, but no matter where I looked I couldn't find a page to change passwords from. I was flipping out because the hacker was fucking with my shit as I looked, and this statue I wanted to buy ended that day and I neeeeeeded it but I doubted they'd sell it to me with my shitty history. I decided to literally 'clean' the viruses from my laptop, so I mixed a big white bucket up with water and vinegar and dunked my laptop in it. For some reason this satisfied me and I thought it was all good again. But the bad feedback was still there and I had no idea how to fix that. A friend of mine said they knew someone who worked at eBay that could help, so I went down to the corporate office to see her and she agreed to change my password for me. I have no idea how I got rid of the bad reviews though.

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    Tags: bats, caves, guns, internet, war