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    Two unstable lucids, and taking a trip with mom

    by , 06-25-2015 at 06:19 PM (337 Views)
    I was taking a trip with my mom and brother, and it was night outside. Mom was driving and she really sucked at it, and it was stressing me out. We went through this construction zone and there were those big cones that lined the way to go, but mom didn't follow them at all and took off her own way, hitting cones and all these small square cubes over the broken up areas of the road. There were also big concrete road blocks, and she almost hit a few and had to back up and keep driving. I was screaming at her to just stop being a dumbass and just follow the white truck ahead of us, since it was going along the right way. After that we were hungry so we stopped to get some candy and soda at some gas station. When I went inside, there was this hipster-looking girl with square glasses and bobbed hair... I think it actually might have been Akiko in glasses. She was making pizzas and I said I wanted one instead of candy so I got a pizza. She assumed I wanted just cheese and said "Oh thank god you don't want a whole bunch of extra stuff on it, it takes foreveerrrrr." But she was okay with putting pepperoni on it. I laughed and said "You're lucky my brother isn't in here then, he'd get everything on his. Onions and all that stuff..." Then she threw my pizza into a big microwave and gave it to me. Later we lost my brother and had to go driving around looking for him. It was still dark and I remember looking out over a desert area from the road, thinking that we'd never see him again.

    So... I had about five episodes of sleep paralysis last night because I slept so horribly. I tried using each one to enter a lucid dream but mostly failed. The first one I was so heavy and it felt like I was trying to sit up in bed while being super sick. I looked down at my hands and my fingers were just all over the place, but I couldn't bring myself to get out of the bed, which sucked. I told myself I should've just tried floating out of bed... The second time I went lucid, I again looked at my hands but instead of my fingers being weird, my entire hand was blurry as hell. I was able to stand up and I backed up to the wall, trying to take in everything around me in an effort to stabilize. Again I couldn't move. But this time I remembered to float, and I was staring up at the ceiling, which stretched out super high now, and started floating upwards. I think I was trying to get my dumb ass to the hyperbolic time chamber, haha... but then I was pulled back into my own body. Fffffail. Why have my lucid dreams been so hard to control and stabilize this month? It must be all the stress from moving cross-country :\ I've noticed I have a lot of dreams involving driving lately, so yeah.

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