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    WhoLock, Cory clones, and a metaphysical bazaar

    by , 08-12-2013 at 01:27 AM (439 Views)
    I was walking barefoot on a hard dirt path, it was old and had grass growing on it and stones embedded in the dirt. In the distance was an old house, and a brown barn or shed further out. I was listening to my iPod, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was playing, and I thought it was going to take me a long time to walk down the path to that house even though it wasn't very far. I think I met someone along the path, but I don't remember details.

    When I was sitting in the house, either the house from earlier or this was a separate dream, Cory came home, except there were two of him. He was all happy and talking to his clone, and he told me he was going to go running and then play tennis with his clone. I was super jealous because I wanted to go. I remember having some sort of notebook I was writing in, and at some point I was watching Doctor Who with Cory and we were talking about the Master and I was writing stuff about the show in the notebook.

    Just after a college lecture on the second floor, I raced to the elevator for the ground floor because I was upset over something. I knew the rest of the people were headed towards the elevator as well, but they were still around the corner so I went in and closed the doors early, knowing they wouldn't know I did it. Then the doors reopened and people came inside, and I was confused because I thought it would take me to the ground floor before it opened back up again. Then, when the elevator opened again, all the people got out and I realized I had actually traveled to the ground floor, picked up those people, and then let them out back on the second floor. So then the people from the lecture I tried to avoid got on the elevator with me that time. At some point the elevator got really big and it was metallic and shiny, and there was a box near the wall. Martin Freeman was there by the box as Watson from Sherlock, and I was all excited and shy but I talked to him anyway. I think then he either disappeared into the box, or left the elevator.

    I was at some kind of outdoor metaphysical bazaar where people had big areas set up selling things. It was the last day of the bazaar and it was about to close, and I found this really cool merchant with lots of things. On the table were small figurines near the end, and nearest to me were these weird bricks of incense that were carved to represent their smell. I saw one that had "Marzipan" carved on it in raised letters, but when I tried to smell it the lady who owned the booth said I didn't want that one because it had a bad smell. There were so many I couldn't decide, but she was already packing up her stuff and wound up packing them away as I looked at them. I walked further to the back and saw a high up shelf with some big statues on it. One of them looked like Yinepu as a human form with a jackal head, but when I took it off the shelf I noticed it had a mouse head. It was weird because I couldn't think of any Egyptian gods with a mouse head. There was another big statue on the shelf that was shiny and all white and ceramic, but I can't remember what it was a statue of. I think I looked at the bottom and saw it was $70. When I turned around and looked back to the table, everything had been packed away except for three Yinepu figurines, and they were actually Yinepu and not a mouse head. I thought I should buy them since they were all alone on the table and it must be fate, but then she packed them away too. After everything was packed, a young woman my age came out and started taking apart the booth and making the ground look like nobody had ever been there. We started talking and she was annoyed because her partner hadn't shown up to help her fix the field the bazaar was in and it would take a few days. She mentioned they were still taking volunteers, so I said I would help the next time they were bringing new volunteers in. She showed me a few tricks, like how to mold the field to make it normal again. I remember seeing her bunching up dirt to make a path from one merchant to the next, and then scattering the dirt to make the field just grass again. When I got home I went to the website to sign up, and there were lots of warnings saying only to do it if you were in shape and could handle 100+ degree weather, which made me nervous but I signed up anyway.

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