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    Spellbee2 contest night one

    by , 01-14-2017 at 10:09 PM (443 Views)
    1 WILD with poor visuals and one lucid DILD portion within a non lucid dream. I completed 2 of the 3 part goals, dancing and asking the dream how I can be more peaceful.
    2nd WILD I've had, yahhhh!
    I woke up and did WBTB. Up for 40 minutes. Closed my eyes and felt vibrations and heard a whooshing sound. I tried to relax into it and waited for a visual scene to form. I got flashes and moments of visual clarity but most of the dream was dark. I felt I was floating on the surface of shallow water facing the ground. Kind of like snorkeling. I was examining the ground looking for seashells. The ground went in and out of focus. For a moment I saw a blue shell. Lost part of it here.

    I'm then fly/floating above my back yard, maybe 150 ft up. It's nighttime and I briefly see my neighborhood bathed in starlight. I look up and see a beautiful starry night sky. I remember to try dancing. I'm floating in the air so it feels awkward and not much like dancing really. I think I heard some music at this point too. I then remembered the second goal which was to ask the dream for advise. (How can I be more peaceful?) I ask the dream. I then feel I'm telling myself the answer but it feels like I'm coming from my most wise and happy place. I tell myself something like you have to come from a broader perspective, etc. it felt true for me. I forgot the second part of the advise.

    Still floating through the air. I see a balcony and decide to investigate. I think i would like to have sex. I see a man in there and am very forward with him. We have sex and it's really fun. He feels guilty for some reason. (Often my DCs feel guilty about sex but I never do...not sure what that's about) visuals were vague here and I kind of felt I was making parts up as I went instead of watching the dream unfold. I then woke up. I decided not to write the dream down as I wasn't very tired and I was afraid I wouldn't fall back asleep.

    This one starts as non lucid. I'm in a bedroom several stories up. I believe it's nighttime. I see a bed on the floor where I've been doing dream work. I also see a yellow baby cockatiel I found outside who needs care. My friend's bossy aunt arrives for a visit. She is critical of the bed on the floor and tells me to get the bird some bread/seed with water. I feel I may have neglected the bird. We go into the living room. I see 5-6 little fluffy feeble baby animals (not sure what kind). Two may be dying. They need to nurse. Oh jeeze I hope they make it.

    Not sure if this is the same dream or not. Walking up a road with the aunt figure. I see a nice nature trail surrounded with brown bushes and suggested we take that instead. The aunt wants to stay on the blacktop road. We pass some small houses in a row with perfect grass and a fence. They are very clean and sterile looking. I really like them for some reason. We make it to the top of the hill and sit on someone's doorstep. I become lucid. I remember again to ask my dream what I can do to be more peaceful. I ask the aunt. She says I can focus on collecting ancient antiques. I think that makes no sense and even think it's kind of funny. I think to ask the dream itself. I look to the sky and ask the question. I hear nothing in response. I see partial writing on pieces of paper or on the ground. I decide against trying to decipher it for some reason. Loose lucidity here. Dream continues.

    I see a big newly built wooden house on a hill surrounded by a gorgeous field.. I'm annoyed they built in nature. The house us hard to make out at first but becomes 3 dimensional and clear. I think, well, I would like to live there. As we walk along a pleasant town street below the house my friend tells me she married her husband so he would have her friends and family and especially her sisters as how own. I then woke up. Crystal clear dream with very good recall and string pleasant feelings.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Good job! Congratulations on the 2 LD's!