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    by , 03-09-2013 at 03:19 PM (863 Views)
    7:50 AM 3/9/2013 Lucid, Dild, Awesome, 15 Minutes or Less, Very Vivid, And Easily to remember all of my dream

    Dream: Woke up and thought I was up for real but then realised it was a false awakening because my feet could not move through my blankets they were kind of trapped, so at the point I knew I was dreaming, so now I closed my eyes and thought of a landscape to teleport to then opened my eyes then I was still in my room tried a second time, still in my room, finally a third time and it worked and I was at like a very small island with big rocks and stuff, then it was very dark and snow was everywhere, so I imagined the sun coming up and I made it come up and all of the snow melted, then there was this huge ball of rocks and dirt so I imagined building a McDonalds there cause I was hungry, and I built it and then made a cheeseburger appear on one of the tables, and also I had about 15 DC's and two of them were about my age one a girl the other a boy, and then there were other blobs of dirt, so I was like, now its time for the rasengan then I was like rasengan! In my right hand and it apperaed there spinning and boy this was the best part of the dream then jumped up and attacked that blob of dirt and it was gone! Then I jumped across a huge cliff to another side and it was cool, then I was just wondering around this island and I saw other people and some other cool stuff, then I made a clone of my self, and mad it in bijuu mode, where I'm all glowing and a can make more powerful powers, so then I was going to do the tailed beast bomb then I woke up, so it was awesome having my first lucid dream ever, and I hope to have another one very soon. There is more to I remember but can't really explain it so I pretty much can remember the whole dream
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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Congrats on your first lucid, wow! O_O

      I admit at first, I was a little on the fence about vaporizing a blob of dirt being the same as breaking something. But dayamn, you exhibited such a wonderful level of control in that lucid, it deserves the recognition.

      It's funny though, you kept becoming lucid and seeing your room, so that would have been the perfect opportunity to just get up out of bed in the lucid, go to your kitchen, and break some glasses. At least, that's MY plan
    2. azoller1's Avatar
      It was weird thought I was trapped under the covers it felt like in my bed so I closed my eyes and teleported to an island type thing, and I had good control? Well it seemed pretty easy!