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    High-Rise Mad Dash

    by , 09-09-2018 at 07:03 PM (125 Views)
    I'm in an apartment with a few friends as well as one of my professors. The apartment is 2 stories tall but is also on one of the top floors of a high rise building. Something happens between the professor and a woman and he bolts out of the apartment telling us he's leaving with or without us. I immediately get up to follow him, but by the time I get to the hallway and find the elevator, the doors are already closing. Thinking fast, I look for the stairs, and start running down only to realize that I'm still on the 113th floor. I exit the stairwell on the next floor down and find the elevators again. This time, it's open and has the other friends in it. I get in with them and we descend rapidly. One wall of the elevator is transparent so I can see how fast we are going down, and it makes me have to sit on the floor because I keep losing balance. We reach the bottom in no time and rush out to the parking lot in hopes that the professor is still there. We see him waiting for us and he gets out of the driver's seat. Another guy I rode with in the elevator gets in to start driving, but I feel that he's inexperienced. I ask if he wants to switch out with me and he agrees. I'm driving to get out of the parking lot which feels a lot like an airport parking and drop off area. I have to maneuver between parked cars in order to get out.

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    Tags: elevator