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    The Triangle Room

    by , 09-20-2018 at 05:59 PM (311 Views)
    I'm in a small room with some other people sitting on a bench. The bench is up against a wall running the length of it, and the other two sides of the room are glass, forming a triangle shaped interior. I realize I'm dreaming just because of the vividness. I look at my hands and try to slow everything down. My vision feel constrained for some reason. I drop to one knee and try to ground myself by doing the finger push. It works pretty well, with some slight resistance at first. My vision, still constrained is bothering me so I reach up to my face to find I am wearing sunglasses. Taking them off makes it much better, and I have my peripheral vision back. I also take off a hat I was wearing and makes my vision better as well.. Remembering my dream intention to talk, I sit back down on the bench, about to call out to the dream, when I suddenly lose lucidity.
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    1. ZAD's Avatar
      That's awesome! I love that you told yourself you'd be lucid and it worked (it worked for me too last night ). I also think taking off the sunglasses and hat are interesting elements of this dream, like you're emoving hinderances to your lucidity. The next time I feel my vision is limited (I sometimes get black bars under my eyes like they're being letterboxed) I'll see if there's something like that that's hindering me, and remove it.

      Keep at it!