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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    by , 06-09-2010 at 11:50 AM (867 Views)
    Quote Originally Posted by Cacophony View Post
    Alright, so I remember two pretty bad dreams from last night.

    In the first I am with Liz. We decided to go on that road trip we've been talking about. I know this, but the dream starts off in a corn field. Our car breaks down and we end up staying at this mans house. He knows who I am but I don't know him. I'm very on my guard and creeped out because he keeps staring at me in a really menacing way. After a while he tried to take advantage of me, but I saw a gun laying on the coffee table. It was silver, an old revolver. He let go of me and I got up, backing away with the gun pointed at him. Liz was crying next to me. He got up and smiled and said, "you don't know how to use that thing you can't do anything." I pulled back the safety and shot him right below the throat. I remember before I pulled the trigger I was bracing myself for a loud noise. When I pulled the trigger there was a slight whisper and nothing more. He was still alive when we left.

    I grabbed his car keys and used them on my car. Apparently these were car keys that could be used on any vehicle.

    Next, I'm back in Santa Cruz. There is a tsunami warning and a flood warning. My mom calls me and tells me that I have to leave. I still have the strange car keys and the silver gun in this dream. I use the car keys to get into my car. I'm listening to Mickey Mouse is Dead by the Subhumans. Except, it's slower and they're harmonizing the chorus. I stop at a parking lot. It's where the Jeffrey's 24 hour diner should be but instead it's some rich persons clothing store. There is a woman who's asking me about a type of dress. She says she just wants the top, it's burgundy and she wants to make a skirt for it. She asks me what color she thinks the skirt should be and I say that black goes with everything.

    Next I am at Safeway. Wolfe is there, so is this one guy who kept hugging me and liz at the punk show last night and was kind of a creeper. Donald is there, so is Chris, this guy I knew years ago that I don't like very much. Liz calls and says she'll be there but she never shows up.

    We're in Santa Cruz, but it's the Safeway in Ashland with all the regular employees there. We buy a bunch of whiskey at the check out then go back into the aisle to drink it. I don't drink any and instead I walk to the end of the store where I see a large glass window. I see the man who had just checked us out, an older balding man who always remembers my name even though I can't recall his. He's with one of the female employees and is basically beating the crap out of her. There is a small crowd gathered around the window, mostly the safeway employees. They all are acting like it's something that happens all the time. I run to my group and tell them what's happening. They are all really pissed and we decide we're gonna go do something about it, but then I woke up.

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    1. daeryk's Avatar
      The skirt in a dream is a symbol for your sexual interest in others, or sexual invitation. The burgundy top is symbolic of your personality in this regard having the potential to be very negative. Burgundy is the potential to be negative because it's almost red, but not quite. Red itself represents negativity in a dream. The color black represents imbalance or excess in a negative way.

      So that part of the dream is telling you that you are having negative thoughts about someone you are interested in dating, or being involved with. You are going about it in the wrong way.