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    Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....

    1. lucid dream world

      by , 10-04-2010 at 09:27 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm walking down a path in the forest, there are two dream characters with me.

      I am walking up ahead and something clicks with me. I'm dreaming. I run to the two dream characters and tell them, "Hey guys we're in a dream right now!"
      "Really?" one of them asks.
      "Really! I'm so serious, here, I'll show you."

      I grab both of their hands and push my feet off the air hard. Before I know it we're soaring above the world. The strange thing was that, at first the entire world consisted of a big box we seemed to be hovering over. There were lots of things floating in the air, and I kept wanting to go higher. There was half of a train suspended in mid-air. I was having a conversation with one of the girls about how this is our dream imagination playground, how the world below is our mind. I looked down at the box and got up really high and extended my hands pushing the box bigger, bigger, and bigger, until it wasn't a box any more, it was an entire world.
    2. Marvin the fish survives again

      by , 09-27-2010 at 07:40 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I am taking care of my fish tank. I'm looking inside and admiring all the different colored fish. I turn around, turn back and am horrified as one of my fish, Marvin, has jumped onto the floor. IRL Marvin is a beta, and very small. In the dream, Marvin was a huge gigantic blue fish swirling with all sorts of colors. He was looking at me as he was laying on the floor. I grabbed a towel and scooped him up, putting him back into the tank. He began moving again and I was really glad that he wasn't dead.

      I looked down and saw that my dog, Daisy, was chewing on one of my new kittens - Lily. I heard a crunching sound and screamed and ran to where she was and took Lily away from her. I thought she was dead and then realized that she wasn't. She soon began to stir in my hands. I looked back to the fish tank where some of the fish had just given birth to hundreds of little baby fish who were all swimming in schools, swooping and diving all around the tank. They were some of the most beautiful colors I have ever seen.
    3. Puppies are bad for making bread with.

      by , 09-25-2010 at 08:06 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      So, it all started out when I'm in front of a Safeway and there's some guy who puts a gun to my head. Naturally, I get really pissed off at the nerve of some people. I reach into my pocket where I find a gun and shoot him. It's not a real gun, it's a taser. He is fine, but I leave him there and take his gun away, stomp on it and shattering it before scooping up the remains and putting them in the garbage.

      Next dream
      I'm by what appears to be a small lake/pond but has small waves like the ocean. I am holding my bag of sea glass and treasures and dump it into the surf. An old couple walks up and begins picking up the pieces. I tell them not to because I am only putting them there to clean them off. They seem disappointed so I go through them and try to find pieces to give them. I take a handful and give it to the woman and she is happy. I then walk around gathering all the pieces I can find and putting them in a little tin. By the time I am done collecting them all the lake has dried up completely.

      next dream
      I am in what appears to be a really bizarre school. For some reason a teacher pulls me aside and tells shows me a map. It's circular of some passageways and there are four different colored space ships. I have to go do something about this, stop them, find something. I'm not precisely sure. I take off and go outside where there are several people gathered around a table. There is a puppy and they are slicing him up to make bread. I am very upset about this. I love puppies. I don't think puppies belong in bread. The odd thing is is that the puppy looked more like a cartoon than a real puppy, and it didn't have blood inside it. As they sliced him he just made funny faces and the inside of him looked like bread.

      They also had two ostriches, a rhino, more puppies and a few other animals. I ended up releasing the animals.

      I had a conversation about how I'm going to record a rap album, and I kept trying to write rhymes. I don't remember any of the rhymes but I sure wish I did.
    4. Rice candy should never taste like fake chicken

      by , 09-24-2010 at 08:22 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I am going to some country in Africa. Apparently Mt. Everest is there. I am in a room of people who seem to be celebrating something, I have the feeling that it has nothing to do with me. I feel like we're probably talking about mt kilimanjaro but I just roll with it. It's time for me to go so.. I am instantly zapped there, of course.

      Upon arrival there is a sort of carnival/festival thing going on that is also somewhat reminiscent of a renaissance fair. I was wandering around and looking at things for sale. There were a lot of fireworks and children gathered around. They all started spinning on the ground and then exploded into huge bursts of color.

      There is a woman selling big boxes of rice candies. You know, the kind that have the rice paper over them and there's always a sticker or something in every box. Those. We had a long conversation about them and she gave me a big box of all of them. Upon tasting them though they tasted like the boca/veggie chicken nuggets with chocolate all over them, which, isn't very tasty, at least in dreams.... I haven't tried that in waking life.

      Anyway, I ended up somehow getting a memo that I had to go back to Oregon, so I did. Upon arrival I was somewhat bitter that I had to leave so soon. After some conversations it was decided that I could go back and possibly choose another place to visit.. So, I went back, and I think I was meeting my mom there. Because when I got there I was in the middle of a huge plains where there were monkeys and rhino's and in the distance I saw a huge lurking lion. I knew that there were things that I should not take my chances with so, I jumped into what was, er, a weird buggy-golf cart thing that had a bubble of glass over it. It felt safer in there, anyway. I began calling my moms name and wondering where she could have gone off to.

      I found a school that had a fenced gate and went inside, there was a giant monkey who was chasing me, and those things can get violent. We were both pulling back and forth on the gate to the school until it seemed to be more of a dance than anything else. My mom came out of nowhere and the monkey rested his head on her shoulder and went to sleep. She said she had to go.

      I turned back to the school which was only one or two rooms and looked pretty dingy. I could hear the faint sound of drums echoing from inside so I ventured nearer. D came walking out holding some drum sticks, smiling. He said he just got out of band practice and that things had gone really well. I told him that was awesome and kissed him on the cheek. We started walking away holding hands, and then we heard music coming from back inside of the school. D got pretty upset at this, saying how they were all loading their instruments up when he left, and now he could hear another drummer in there. We went back to Oregon.

      Dream changed/completely different dream

      I decided to go to Eugene, OR. I'm not precisely sure why. I think I decided to move and go to school there at some point during this dream. It started out that I was visiting, then changed to I lived there and it also resembled San Francisco (hills where all the houses were all squished and mushed up against each other).

      I'm walking up a hill that is san francisco-esque, when I start looking at a window in one of the houses. There is lots of art work and weird hieroglyphic writing. Someone calls my name and I turn around, it's some tall guy who is blonde and looks oddly disproportionate. There's someone in there that I'm supposed to see, but I don't know who they are. I begin painting a piece of glass for some reason, and the tall blonde guy comes over and takes it from me, "what are you doing? That is not how you paint, you do it like this," and he begins taking globs of paint and just sort of throwing it onto the piece of glass. "You see, I am a genius, watch as I make masterpiece."

      I shrugged this off and he just gave me a nasty smirk. Some people came in and said that we were going to X (not sure where). We all walked outside together. Blonde guy began putting paint all over his face and chest as we walked, and he started talking about how great he is. I think I said something along the lines of, "you're not all that great, and you've never made a masterpiece in your life."

      He smiled and turned to me and said, "I like you, because you are right. I only do these things because it fits the strange persona that I would like to convey to other people. Teachers think I am great because I can just do something completely weird and off the wall that they don't understand and they think it's brilliant, while you see that I am just a regular boy who wants people to pay attention to me."

      I think the dream ended around here.

      Oh yeah, at some point during the dream I was walking around with a video camera and making music videos. Lots of songs kept playing over and over in my head, all different ones.
    5. Super Happy Fun Spinning Hanger Time! Yay!

      by , 09-22-2010 at 08:34 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      So, I don't even know where to begin. Dreams are gibberish sometimes.

      Anyway, it was very very sexual so I'm going to skip over a lot of the fun bits on general principle.

      I kept walking to different houses with a bunch of girls that were really cute. I think we were all trying to find a place to live. The whole ordeal took a long time, and I kept feeling really tripped out at each house we would step in. I kept looking around at all the objects inside wondering how the people who lived there lived their everyday lives, what they were like.

      Suddenly I was alone with D. We had been shown a house earlier in San Francisco... It was more like a mobile home attached to a huge house, but once you got inside it was really big. There were lots of details in the architecture. There were flower pots built into the walls with lots of beautiful wood carved designs all around them.

      Later in the dream, I kept going to places... for example, a movie theater... and whoever would be working there would say it was free of charge. "Bob is here," they would say, "We know that you don't have to pay here." (Note: I don't think I've ever met anyone named bob in my life although this vaguely reminds me of Fight Club... I haven't read the book/seen the movie in a while. It just reminds me of that almost exactly come to think of it. This is a big note between these parenthesis so I should probably stop rambling on right... about.. now.)

      Oh yeah, the whole time I kept talking about the rap/hip hop album that I am going to record. I was very excited about it. And hell yes, I am recording a rap album.

      .. Also, I didn't write down my dreams yesterday but I remember them very clearly.

      I was standing in a room with a few friends of mine. I think we were going to see a show soon. There was a plastic hanger in the middle of the room and I picked it up. Two others grabbed onto it and we all began spinning wildly. I can't explain why we did this. We were laughing hysterically the whole time and the dream changed to us standing inside of a store. It was like a Longs, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc. One of my friends wanted beer but he didn't have his Id so he wanted me to buy one for him. They were a dollar. I didn't really want any so I was looking around for something else that I might want. I walked over to a guy who worked there and he began putting like 50 beers into a giant sack and gave it to me. "Don't tell my boss," he said.
      "Uh..." I replied, "k..." So I took them and kept wandering around the store. I didn't really feel like carrying them so I dropped them somewhere and forgot about them.

      I found a huge aisle full of paintings. I really wanted some of the big ones. There were lots of paintings of jazz singers, one strange rainbow bob marley picture, and a few others . I never finished picking one out.
    6. Loose lips might sink ships but these kisses take trips

      by , 09-20-2010 at 06:56 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm walking around with some friends. They're old friends of mine, one of them is actually dead. They're all being really obnoxious and we're all laughing. We keep going into stores and just running around and making loud noises.

      I leave them to go to what I think is my house. There is a feeling of impending doom as I walk through this very strange cookie-cutter neighborhood. Boots comes walking towards me. He's going on and on about, what I think is his upcoming trip to Greece. Then he starts saying things like, "google garble gluck gar gar grrr god damn god damn gluck google, gratch." Which honestly, isn't something he would only do in one of my dreams. I started laughing, he smiled and then we parted ways.

      A girl ran out and greeted me. I don't know her, but I pretended like I did. She told me that I was crazy to be walking around without a purse. I mean honestly, what was I thinking? The war of the worlds was upon us and... wait, what? Yeah, the war of the worlds, possible looming apocalypse. I had to have a purse, at least.

      To my dismay, all of the girls many purses were very large pairs of womens underwear. When I say very large, I mean that they stretched from my waist to the floor and I was very uncomfortable with this. "Um," I started, trying to pick my words carefully and not be rude, "why do you have so many large pairs of underwear?"
      "Oh, well they're totally stylish."
      "I see," I said. I began thinking about how utterly stupid fashion trends are. I left the house without a "purse."

      Somewhere around this point I began singing Kimya Dawson songs, particularly Loose Lips. I felts as though it were looping through the dream.

      It made me think about being lost in San Francisco with a car full of friends looking for a show and blasting this song and all singing along. As I was walking it started going up hill and I was in San Francisco. The pavement was wet and it was dark outside.

      Somehow I managed to get to the battle. I'm still very confused about what it actually was. There was a huge gigantic tower-thing-contraption, that had a huge platform on the top of it. There were people standing on it and there were millions and millions of people surrounding it for miles. There were space ships omitting red and green sparks that were smashing into each other. Everyone was panicking.
    7. Walmart Sucks

      by , 09-16-2010 at 07:20 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I am walking about a very odd neighborhood. I say it was odd because I couldn't for the life of me discern whether or not it was a town, a city, a school, a campus, etc. It was just odd in that strange dream-like sort of way that is very nearly impossible to explain to another human being (or computer screen as the case may be).

      As I am walking, I eventually end up somewhere, and that somewhere is not a place I really wanted to be. It was a great towering walmart. Now, let me explain a little something about myself....

      I don't go to walmart. The place scares the crap out of me. It's big and scary and there are flourescent lights, and it's just the kind of place I don't want to go. The last time I went to walmart (irl) I very nearly got a panic attack as soon as we had made it about halfway through the store. I really don't like that place (or any giant department stores/malls, walmart just seems to generally be the worst though).

      Anyhow, as I was saying, I was swiftly approaching the walmart on foot when I found I was holding a strange pamphlet. It had lots of pictures of RV's on them and said that I would be able to purchase a 5 room RV for $1,200. The thing was like a freaking palace. It also inflated into a full house with a garden sometimes, but I forget how you made it do this.

      Somehow I purchased the RV and was pretty happy about it. I think I made a bargain with some people saying I would pay them back. They gave me the RV and a $600 gift certificate to walmart that had to be spent within the next hour or it would expire.

      I ventured inside of the great fortress, the fluorescent lights were blinding, the store huge, a giant labyrinth of aisles and strange hidden places that I didn't particularly wish to explore. I grabbed a cart. The entirety of the time I was inside the fortress the cart was simply following me and I was not pushing it. This made perfect sense at the time, and in fact I did not pay much attention to it. I kept calling things in French, but it was kind of a jumble. I was really americanizing it all. For example "oh these are pretty tasses." People kept giving me strange looks. At one point I exclaimed out loud, "fuck this shit, I don't care if I don't spend the money, this place sucks," and stormed out the front doors.

      I saw a few people I knew in the parking lot. I wanted to show them my RV thinking that I would impress them. I took them inside and the first thing I showed them was that in the main bedroom, if you flipped the bed over it was a giant hot tub. They were not amused.

      ... the next parts of the dreams were strange, hazy, bizarre and I'm going to have an incredibly difficult time trying to explain just exactly what happened.

      It had something to do with Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

      I was with a group of people. We had to go into a cave and rescue/save/defeat something. There were beautiful flowers that were pink and seemed to be made out of glass. I kept picking them up and admiring them.

      There was talk of how we must reenact the old stories. Later there was talk of how we were filming a movie.

      At one point I walked through downtown Santa Cruz and into a pizza place. There was a large group of people sitting around on bar stools in a circle. I think it was someones birthday. There was someone else with me who had walked in but I don't remember. We all sat down and they all went and sat down at a different table. Me and the other person were left sitting around wondering what we should do. We got up and sat with them and then left because we didn't like the energy.

      A lot of other stuff happened but unfortunately it's too hard for me to describe right now.
    8. Troubled hearts map deserts, and they rarely do come back

      by , 09-13-2010 at 03:21 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      So, before I start rambling about whatever dreams I may have had last night I'd like to say that... It's very strange. I dreamt of getting a kitten the other night, and yesterday I got two kittens Yay! Dreams=real.
      Enough of that.

      So, dream. Yes. Ahem. Er. Anyway....

      It all started out with me in the woods somewhere. There was a house I was supposed to find and I was just kind of wandering around this very sparse neighborhood surrounded by trees. It resembled Felton, that's in California... in Santa Cruz county. Possibly Ben Lomand. Like that. Anyhow, here I am wandering around looking for a house that to my knowledge may or may not exist, and I go finding it. Fancy that. So I find it, stand around outside it for a while, go inside and it's empty. I'm not quite sure if I'm supposed to live there or wait for someone, so I simply wait. And since when you expect that something is going to happen in a dream, it generally happens. D stopped by and we went somewhere.

      Next thing I know I'm in a very odd store with D. I say it is odd because they're mostly selling gigantic pans and ice cream cakes. I marvel at their perfect mint chocolate ice cream cake and compare it to the one I made a few weeks ago, wondering how they got the ice cream so perfectly level.

      D is admiring a very large pan for fitting a whole chicken in. I note that you could probably fit 50 tofurkey logs inside of it. A boy of about 18 or 19 comes up and they start talking very animatedly about the pan and its many uses. I'm rather bored. I like cooking things in pans, but I don't generally like standing around speculating on pans themselves.

      I walk outside and there is a woman in a sleek black car waiting for me. She tells me to get in, so I do.

      I vaguely remember someone, possibly while in the car, asking me which route it is that they should take on their journey around the country. I take the map and begin mapping out the route that D and I took last summer. I start it around San Francisco, moving down to Arizona and New Mexico, up to Colorado and all through the states until it swerves around up and down 'til New York. I make a note to stress stopping in Toledo, Ohio. The map seemed to be made of clay and I was simply molding the way there.

      So, I'm in the car with the woman. She says she's going to drive me back in Santa Cruz because there are people who would like very much to see me. I look down and realize I'm wearing some cut off shorts that would be perfect for jumping in the ocean.

      Driving there doesn't take long at all, and I can see the huge wide ocean approaching swiftly. We're driving on the beach and I press my hands against the glass window, longingly wishing I could jump out and into the water. The woman snaps at me and tells me I can do that on my own time and not when I'm going to get covered in sand and get it all over her nice fancy car. I scoff at this and sit angrily, wanting to jump in the ocean. I never got to. I was bitter.
    9. Let's hang out with the wizards

      by , 09-11-2010 at 06:45 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      So, before I begin writing my dreams I'd just like to say something that was really weird that happened to me this morning as I went to write them down. I had gathered my laptop and my thoughts about to go sit outside and write down my dreams. As I stepped outside of my house I was confronted with A GIANT PARADE going by. This included the "moonshine luv shack" float which was a 2 story tall redneck shack on wheels. I immediately did a reality check, because that just seemed like the sort of thing that would happen to my while I was dreaming. Oddly enough, I was completely awake....


      I was sitting in this room... It used to be my secret crawl space attached to my closet. I was with J, and we wanted to go see wizards. These were wizards that we had previously met. We decided to start making flyers and such to get people to come.

      Next dream.

      I'm with L. I'm talking about how I'm going to see a band we both really like in my dreams. I ask her if she wants to come and she says yes after getting really jealous that I was going to see them. She then says that she's going to come. We both go and see them, and things get weird. There are lots of cars everywhere that seem like they are trying to hit us.
      ..... I should have written my dreams down before I went and stared out at the really bizarre parade because this is all I remember right now. Perhaps the rest will come back to me. It is possible that they will not.
      Tags: band, cars, wizard
    10. At the end of the tunnel there are only whale carcasses

      by , 09-10-2010 at 08:17 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm at a family members house, and there are people who I used to know well running around and basically trashing the place. They're all angry with me because I've decided I'm going to move to Hawaii. There were some smelly, gross people I didn't know and I grabbed them and threw them out of the house. They did not like this.

      There was a girl, a dream character, who began yelling at me. She said that I wasn't going anywhere with my life and that I've never done anything real. She began putting makeup on her face and screaming. I stood there arguing with her about all the things I've accomplished in my life, telling her that I had done awesome things and that I was going to go places and do even more awesome things.

      They got in their car and I got in mine.

      The dream switched to me sitting in my old bedroom. There was nothing in the room except a bed, and two of my friends were sitting on it. They were drinking alcohol and kept offering it to me. I kept saying that I didn't want any, and they kept taunting me and teasing me. I said I wanted to make a pitcher of tea, and seconds later I was setting down a pitcher of tea. I turned around for a moment and when I turned back the girl sitting there said that she had put alcohol in the tea. "Don't worry," she said, "I diluted it with water so you won't taste it that much if you're worried." At this point I got really angry and yelled that they had tainted my tea. All I wanted was a cup of tea, and I had to drive soon to get to Hawaii.

      Next thing I know, I'm driving down a long, bleak highway. Soon I'm going under overpasses and swooping stealthily in and out of traffic. There were large gaps that looked like exits, but then they would lead to nowhere or go upside down and curve along bridges so if you were to take them you would have to drive upside down. I didn't. I remember thinking to myself that if there weren't cars driving on this highway that it would be an excellent place for skateboarding.

      I made it to Hawaii. I went to a cove that you had to swim through a large tunnel. I was scared to go in, it was dark and a long swim to the end where I could barely see light peeking out against the darkness. I swam across anyhow, and at the end there was a gigantic rotting yellow whale carcass. I knew that they smelled bad, because I'd encountered dead whales on the beach before. This one didn't smell bad but I plugged my nose anyhow, just in case the stench got to me.

      I remember a glimpse of a map. It seemed to be computerized and zoomed far into different places on an island. I remember seeing Salvador Dali's name and thinking how I should go to his world, but then I didn't. (note: visiting there should be a lucid goal).

      I remember watching a man swim far out into the ocean and find this woman... He traded bodies with her and was ecstatic to be a woman.

      I think that's all.
    11. i can haz kitten

      by , 09-09-2010 at 08:33 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm walking kind of by the wharf in Santa Cruz. I make my way up west cliff, although, as dreamscapes often are - things were quite different than the actual place. There were several restaurants where lighthouse field should have been.

      I saw someone I knew from a long time ago walking towards the ocean. I started to follow after them and maybe say hello, but they turned and looked at me, the look on their face said that they wanted to be left alone.

      Instead, I turned and went into the nearest restaurant that i could find. It was a tiny little taqueria. I saw Donald who was sitting by himself at a table. I went and sat with him. At the table next to us was an old woman. Honestly, the only words I can think of using to describe her are "old hag." Well, I suppose there are others but those fit her best.

      I noticed that she had a box full of kittens. "Ten dollars for a kitten," her voice rasped loudly.
      Donald turned to me and asked if I wanted a kitten. I looked at the kittens and saw a completely white one that was staring at me. I went over and scooped up the kitten. I'm not sure if I exchanged money with the woman, but she seemed to think that me having the kitten was a good idea.

      I was very happy to have the kitten. I went to the ocean and sat, watching huge beautiful multi-colored waves crash along the cliffs, the kitten sitting calmly in my lap and sometimes on my shoulder.
    12. Swords and Fish

      by , 09-08-2010 at 06:53 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm wandering down a long path, holding a sword. It's a really huge sword encrusted with jewels and rubies and such. There was a woman walking in front of me, also carrying a sword. She paused and looked behind me and told me to hurry up.

      We soon found a whole army of people walking and holding swords. They were all in pretty good spirits. Mind you, this did not take place in the past. Everyone was wearing modern clothes, and the mix of people was very strange. Young, old, from every which walk of life - we were walking down a path carrying extremely fancy swords.

      The dream changed, and I was sitting in a living room. There was a very large little girl being videotaped by what looked like a few highschool kids. They seemed to regard her as a celebrity, and kept calling her princess. She was spouting off all sorts of things about her personal beliefs which I wasn't paying much attention to. Instead, I was looking around at the house which was completely and utterly empty. The only thing remotely interesting about anything inside the house was one bright green wall, which really wasn't a whole lot to look at.

      There was a very large angry looking woman in the room who I hadn't noticed previously. I suggested we play cards and began shuffling and dealing as everyone came and sat in a wide circle. I had intended for us to play solitaire. They were playing it all wrong, and I interrupted and said, "you know we're playing solitaire, right?"

      The large woman looked at me with rage. I wasn't scared, mostly annoyed. "You can't play solitaire with a deck of cards," she said, "You can only play it on the computer. The computers have a deck of cards that is designed specifically for the playing of solitaire."
      Of course, it didn't occur to me that what was really wrong was that we were playing with more than one player - hence, solitaire. Nonetheless, I argued with her saying how solitaire came before computers and you could play solitaire with a normal deck of cards. I explained to her that I'd played it many times on my own with a deck of cards without a computer. The woman became angry with me and I stormed outside.

      I went to sit on a curb outside of the house. I noticed that several of my fish were in fish bowls. I had to feed them, I realized. I kept knocking over the fish bowls and watching as they began floundering about and suffocating on the ground. I would hurriedly scoop them up and look around frantically for their bowl. Sometimes I'd find a cup with a bit of water or something in it and shove them quickly inside before finding their bowl. I felt I had many more fish around than I had previously.

      There was one fish, who, was completely red. It was swimming about and as I stared at it was thinking of how completely beautiful it was. I realized that it had a tiny human body, and was a woman. It's hard to explain. She had arms and a face, but the rest of her was a fish. She stood up on the water, in the water. She waved and made a funny face by sticking her tongue out at me. I was taken aback... I wanted to take her somewhere else to have a talk because I realized that there were people all around me.

      As I walked with the fish, things became blurry.

      I was wandering alone on a seemingly empty street. There was a car up ahead and I decided to follow it so I might find my way out of here. The car stopped and pulled into a driveway at the end of a dead end.

      A woman came running out of her house and handed me two bagels and a loaf of bread. She told me the bagels were the best, there weren't many but they were delectable.

      Dream changes. I'm inside a house and there are several people playing drums. I think I know them, they seem incredibly familiar. They talk to me about how I should start playing a hand drum. I say that I would like that but I don't have one.

      A man, who looks like someone I know, tells me that he can give me one of his old ones. He says it was his favorite, but he has a new one now. I thank him.

      ... I think that's about it.
    13. Stealing Peoples Mail

      by , 09-07-2010 at 07:09 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Haven't had very good dreams lately for some reason...

      I had a dream the other night that I had five children and didn't know what to do with them so I dropped them off at some strange pink house full of children.

      I had to find a new house, and I kept finding rooms that were really small and wouldn't fit my bed. It was very important that I have my queen sized bed with me.

      I was wandering down a road, there was a large dead looking hill to my left with a dutch brothers (drive through coffee place, not sure if it's only in Oregon) on the top. The woman inside of it was screaming.

      Dream recall has been worse than it has been in two years, no idea why.
    14. Bombs and stuff

      by , 08-19-2010 at 07:15 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I'm walking around outside. I'm in a small town that somewhat resembles the one that I am currently living in.

      I am approaching a beach. There are some kids, they look like they're in highschool. They're all sitting on the beach by the sidewalk. I walk over to them and stare at the ocean. They start talking about whether or not anyone's swam in the ocean. I start talking about how I grew up a few blocks from the ocean and how I miss it. They all simply stare at me.

      I turn around and start walking to a school. I'm going to go to my orientation. I see Liz and she says to come inside because there are cat patches I should see. There are a few cloth patches with images of cats printed on them that say cute things. Reminiscent of lolcats. When the woman who works there isn't looking she unlocks the case and takes out a big handful of them.

      We go outside. There are airplanes flying above, it's really loud. It begins dropping things that explode when they hit the ground. I realize it's dropping bombs. They seem to be heat guided because when they drop they dodge around aiming for us. I think I screamed at one point, grabbing people and pulling them down or pushing them over so they didn't get hit. I ran inside of the school where a woman was making an announcement that everyone should evacuate the building because there was a fire danger. I grabbed the microphone and said that everyone should stay in side, that we were getting bombed outside. The woman got angry with me and told me there was no way that we were getting bombed.

      Dream changes somewhat, later. I am in a house that is reminiscent of my house yet not quite the same. My room has these wooden french doors, I went to open them and they simply came off the hinges. I think my mother was there. She was lecturing me on how to keep things from breaking. I went to open my laptop and the screen completely came off. When I went to reattach it, everything began vibrating, buzzing and shaking. I could feel electric shocks running through my body, causing me a lot of pain. I screamed.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    15. running from the law as deer

      by , 08-08-2010 at 09:17 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I am with Summer. We decide to go back to Santa Cruz, where we used to live.

      I think beforehand we stopped at an apartment that looked like our old house, we both got really sad and missed it.

      Santa Cruz is somewhat in ruins. The boardwalk is falling apart, and the whole thing looks like a deserted carnival. The ocean is nowhere in sight either.

      We walk to our old house and go inside. It's kind of falling apart and there's someone living there who we don't want to see us. I remember fumbling with some sort of lock/combination whose keys were white and had black letters on them. I never cracked the code.

      We walked around saying where we would put certain things if we moved back in. Then we went outside, and knew that we couldn't live there again, but wanted to try anyway.

      ... dream changes.

      I'm trying to get into a school. I have to go take this test, and I'm somewhere in the mountains, there's a winding road. I find this building that looks ancient yet well preserved. I think there might have been people flying too.

      I took the test (which was skipped in the dream, but I know I took it) and then got my results. I had done really well. I left the place, and found Donald, Max, Summer and Ed. They were standing outside a thrift store. I went inside and someone mentioned something about how I should find designer labels because I have a knack for it. I started looking around, and there was a woman holding up a fish bowl. I looked at it and she offered it to me. I declined. I then went to look at this row of cups that had fish on them and began picking them up and examining them. They were very beautiful.

      The next thing I know, I am in a dark room. Someone is holding me, holding on to me like they're scared. I'm seated at a table across from a man who is interrogating us. I think that Donald is behind me, holding onto me. They chain us together and interrogate us about money. They tell us they're taking us to prison. They take us outside. I am in Santa Cruz, right by my old house. I am by the roller rink and the bagelry and the cafe summer used to work at. Donald begins ripping and tearing at the chains. We're both free and we morph into deer and begin running as fast as we can. There is a baby deer with us, I don't know who the baby deer is. We are running so fast through my old neighborhood. We can hear sirens coming closer and closer. We morph into black cats and hide as they pass.

      I go to my moms house and there is a note on the door for me that says to check my email. I go to check my email and it says that there is an email from her but I can't figure out how to open it.
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