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    1. April 15, 2023 10:16 am

      by , 04-14-2023 at 09:42 AM
      Working late shifts this week, they may start three hours later, but for my routine and body clock there's not any more difference other than the day being three hours longer. Woke up tired yesterday, and went to bed right after the shift ended which caused me to wake up at 2 am and stay awake until 6 am. I then set alarms for an hour every hour until my shift started, I woke up before the alarm went off each time.

      The first dream I've had convinced me that my roommate was a fish, I woke up confused because I have nothing seen him in water at once. Although he does work in the kitchen and occasionally goes to the bathroom...

      I can't recall the second dream, but the last dream consisted of me playing in a Dutch television series. The series was set in the 80s about a white wealthy family who owns a bed and breakfast at the beach. I play their adopted son. My "sister" was played by a theatre student who actually came from a blue blood family.
      The show was a mystery show, a boy and his monkey (probably the son of the family) go treasure hunting. He tells his friend and shows him a book before running off with his monkey partner. The friend reads the book and discovers his own family owns treasure here at the beach. He goes to the spot and discovered that his friend with the monkey partner already dug it up. He then angrily runs and climbs up the sand hill where the BnB is located.

      Meanwhile, my character wakes up and walks towards the elevation to go to the cafeteria. His sister asks him from the stairs if he thinks peanut butter is good for you. Confused by the completely random questions say "sure" before getting handed a breakfast coupon by her just so I can eat the hotel breakfast.

      I then zoom out of the world map from the 80s to which I started using Photoshop's magical wand tool to highlight Northern Europe. It keeps messing up and then I go to Wales before I wake up in real life.

      I don't know anything about Wales, might be an interesting vacation destination.

      Dream was in Dutch, the second one at least as I don't recall any dialogue in the first dream.