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    1. May 26, 2024 11:3? am

      by , 05-26-2024 at 10:57 AM
      Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my upper back and chest area after I was breathing and running while making an unexpected movement and now I can barely move my upper body area.

      idk how it relates to the dream but it's definitely limiting my movements in bed.

      Anyways in my dream I was married to someone who strangely looks an awful lot like a family friend, and we had a child. I had recently updated my MacBook (like I did in the wake world) and installed Adobe Photoshop on it and it was actually working. Meanwhile my wife and some other dude are fighting over some sleeping music to play for our baby. I put a Mega Man Star Force meme over their conversation and was searching for the option to export the file as a MOV in Photoshop so that I could post it to my meme page, but changed my mind. Meanwhile I play the sleeping music in question out of curiosity, at some point my wife storms into the room in lingerie, teasingly calling me out for putting on the sleeping music and gets in bed with me. For whatever reason the guy she was arguing with was there too in the room who found it amusing too that I was playing that music and told the longest freaking anecdote about him listening to the Brein/BAF disclaimer music and a bouncer of the club recognising the sound but the guy refused to say his name to which the bouncer charged him extra entry money for gatekeeping. The guy then started an argument with the bouncer and the people in the queue started getting pissed off as well. It then turned out that the guy from the disclaimer music in question was actually performing in the club.

      I then woke up.

      smh bruhhhh my wife and I were waiting for you to leave so we could've had sex! Yet the thing I was more disappointed about in my dream was when I woke up and realised my updated MacBook Pro doesn't have Photoshop or any Adobe software on it :')

      Dream was in Dutch.