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    August 5, 2023 9:30 am

    by , 08-05-2023 at 09:41 AM (84 Views)
    I was browsing YouTube when I came across this now-defunct collab YouTube channel by two guys from Groningen that was called BROERS (In my dream it was, the channel actually exists under a different name, but my memory couldn't place it) but because there's a really crazy Dutch podcast called BROERS, I went to check the channel to discover that it was now renamed BLIEP (Dutch for bleep), probably to prevent copyright troubles (funnily enough there's a phone company called bliep* as well) I check the YouTube channel and, to my surprise, it has the 2.0 channel layouf (beta channel as it used to be called in 2009) from 2009-2012 (or 2011 I forgot) before they came up with Cosmic Panda and every current ugly design that they have.
    Confused (and excited) I try to figure out how these channels have the old layout again, I come across this account of a Dutch guy, then come across the channel of his girlfriend, who has an English speaking video where she talks about her boyfriend, who's nentaly ill, and her own mental health.
    Next thing I know I'm walking past an industrial area with the couple, kinda similar to the IKEA area in Utrecht as well as the IKEA area in South Berlin (both 030) the boyfriend is walking steps ahead because they're on they're way to an isolation chamber for their mental health. Meanwhile I'm talking with his girlfriend in English, she tells me that she met her boyfriend abroad in the UK, I ask her where she's from and tells me that she's actually Dutch to which I reply with "Leip!" (which is Dutch "slang" for crazy)
    We then arrive at the isolation chamber, which is a tiny gym room covered in mats. We sit on the mats while I'm still joking around with the girlfriend. The boyfriend angrily yells "You guys annoy me!" before walking to the door to let more people in.
    Me, who suddenly realises that we're in the isolation chamber, tells the girlfriend I'm gonna wait outside so everyone can concentrate (and I also don't have the concentration myself to sit in a small room full of strangers in silence for lord knows how long)
    I walk out the room into the hallway, the interior of the building is similar to that of a kindergarten, doctor's office, or just a local wellness center as the halls had dry beige walls, bookshelves witj this books, and benches. Kinda like the hallway of my old primary school when I studied there in the mid to late 2000s. I walk around and the hall is apparently also a sauna as a bunch of middle aged blonde Dutch women are sunbathing in their short, light yellow bikinis on the floor.
    I'm trying to find a place where I can sit to wait for my friends, where I can still see them leave, but also make it not look like I'm peeking at the sunbathing women who are in the same area as the room I'm paying attention to.
    I bump into a sauna going woman and she goes "Sorry, Cesar chocolate milk!" while giggling before introducing herself as "Elvira van der Voort" (Not a real person as far as I know, any person with that name is coincidental or how they say that in movie credits) I then introduce herself with my first and last name as well (which I rarely do unless necessary) she starts laughing and pointing at her teeth as she realises my name is actually Caesár. I then realise she may not have called me chocolate milk because I'm black as I suddenly have a flashback of me drinking chocolate milk before leaving the isolation chamber and the chocolate milk brand apparently being called Cesar. I try to check my teeth, but suddenly realize I have trouble physically opening my mouth, I then wake up as I had about seven hours of sleep.

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