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    by , 04-23-2014 at 04:56 AM (619 Views)
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    Lucid #204: Ozone

    I’m sitting at a craft table with three other people: a guy in his late 20s (“Guy”), a woman in her 30s (“Lady”), and a crazy-looking woman in her mid-40s (“Crazy Lady”). Crazy Lady keeps talking to herself and acting disturbed as she works on her project.

    Lady gets the bright idea to tell Crazy Lady that Guy has a prize for her. “If you get all your work done, maybe he’ll give it to you.” Crazy Lady keeps asking what the prize is, becoming more and more fixated on this prize until she gets out of her chair and approaches Guy. I have a feeling that something awful’s going to happen but that I can’t stop it.

    Spoiler for Unpleasantness:

    Crazy Lady disappears from the scene as Lady and I rush to help Guy. Now I’m on the phone with emergency services begging them to come help us. They sound very unhurried and tell me that the wait will be “about 30 minutes”. I’m stressed out that they’re going to take so long but I hope they know what they’re doing. I nose pinch reality check in the hope that this isn’t real, and when I blow throuigh I think, No way am I so lucky that this is all a dream. I confirm with a second nose pinch, that
    yes, I’m dreaming!

    Guy and Lady both disappear from the scene and I’m left along in an empty classroom. I wander outside into a misty nighttime street scene. I feel happiness and contentment to have escaped a nightmare and I peacefully explore the environment.

    The bricks on the side of the building fascinate me first, and I bring my vision right up close to them. No matter how close I get, my eyes never lose focus. I seem to be able to look further and further in, zooming into every crack and imperfection. My fingers explore the moist bricks and it’s like I can sense each individual drop of moisture with my fingertips.

    I suddenly give the wall a huge sniff. It feels invigorating and seems to bring the scene even more fully to life. I sense moisture and a sharp whiff of ozone when I do this, just like what you might smell after heavy rain.

    There are a few DCs hanging around nearby, talking softly about something I can’t make out. I approach one of them, a brown-haired guy that’s facing away from me, and examine his hair and scalp up close. I’m fascinated how I can see down to the individual hairs on his head. The DCs’ conversation ceases as I do this and it feels like I hit pause on what they were saying.

    I take another huge sniff, this time of the guy’s scalp. It just smells like a bunch of hair. I laugh self-consciously at what a creepy thing this is to do. Fortunately the DC doesn’t react. I walk onward now through the misty night toward a short stone bridge that runs over some unknown river or creek. Before I cross it,
    the dream ends.

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    1. Bharmo's Avatar
      I just had a lucid coming from a nightmare too, but I'm miles away from you on terms of lucidity level, length, etc.
      Very nice exploration, I think we all keep being amazed at the degree of detail our brains give us in dreams!!
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Cool, just read it! You actually showed some good dream control in yours. As you could probably tell, I've been trying to tilt heavily toward exploration and drawing out max details from the dream lately. I don't always remember to do it, but when I do I'm always pleased with what the dream gives me.

      I think this stuff stays amazing because we there's a limit to how well we can remember it. We can remember specific pieces of detail that surprise us and we can remember how the experience made us feel, but you can't rewind time to jump in there and freely explore until the next LD. And then when you're in there again, you have that feeling all over again. It's wild stuff!
      dreambh likes this.