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    1. The Curtain of Reality

      by , 10-18-2015 at 01:25 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: The Curtain of Reality

      I’m walking through a darkened hallway in some kind of restaurant with my friend RF. There’s an enormous guy coming down the hallway in the opposite direction, tall, Hispanic, athletic-looking, and probably close to 300 pounds, built like a linebacker. He seems to be coming right for me, so I squeeze myself over to the side wall so that I don’t get flattened. Something about this feels dreamlike, and I become lucid.

      I walk further down the hallway toward a door, but before I walk through, the scene changes into a semi-darkness like the void. I rub my hands together and keep walking forward, preparing for the next dream scene. From out of the darkness, a voice says, “Oh, that’s the guy who thinks he’s a wolf.”

      For some reason I take this as an affront to my lucidity and I shout back, “I am the motherfucking wolf!” :canislucidus:

      The voice falls silent and now I can make out repeated patterns in my field of vision, though it’s not at all clear what the patterns represent. I reach toward them and they respond to me touch, moving like cloth. I go into a long monologue about how “I’m peeling back the curtain of reality” and try to push these shapes aside to see what’s beyond.

      Finally the “curtain” parts and I’m in semi-darkness, seated in a huge, ornate movie theater. The seats are filled with people, animals, and even unfamiliar alien creatures. They’re all staring drowsily at the screen, fascinated by what’s playing out there.

      I can make out shapes and action on the screen, but don’t study it too closely since I’m fascinated by everything else I’m seeing. I feel like all of these beings (myself included) are gathered here to dream. I narrate to myself, “That’s what dreams are…”

      As I look around, I notice that every moviegoer has a little icon above their head which indicates what kind of food they’re eating. One tall, insectile alien has an icon representing Hot Tamales candy bouncing over its head. Not long after noticing this,
      I wake up.
    2. That Sexy Corner

      by , 08-22-2015 at 03:27 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: That Sexy Corner

      I think that I'm still waiting to fall asleep, but I start to get that funny dream feeling and realize that I may have blanked out for a bit. I nose pinch and blow right through, becoming lucid!

      I will my legs to ooze to the floor, then I'm up and out in an OBE-style lucid. It feels dark and a bit faint, so I rub my hands together and say, "I'm out of bodyyyyyyyy!! Oh yeah, out of body!"

      My perspective switches to looking up at the corner where the ceiling meets the walls. This is unexpected, but I just pretend this is what I wanted to look at all along. "Oh yeahh!!" I say. "That sexy corner!"

      This seems to give me my control back, and I walk out into hall, vaulting over the railing and walk downstairs. The dream is much better lit now, and I walk over to the front door to look outside. Wife is standing there and I get the sense that she's going to ask me to take care of some chore, and I mentally remind myself not to get caught up in any distracting pseudo-waking life tasks.

      This loss of concentration somehow snaps me back to lying in bed. I ooze out onto the floor again, and I mutter something about having to go all the way back down now. My grumpiness seems to take me out of the proper mood and
      the dream ends.
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    3. One Last Handshake

      by , 07-31-2015 at 05:16 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: One Last Handshake

      I walk down a long hallway to find my dad and my grandfather sitting next to one another at a table next to the top of some stairs. My grandfather passed away over 10 years ago, so I simultaneously feel overjoyed and realize that this is a dream.

      I say, “I want the chance to shake your hand one more time.” He smiles at me. He was in a wheelchair in the years before he died, but now he just stands up and towers over me like he always did. I shake his hand, and hug him. For a moment I have the sensation of hugging him, but soon the visuals vanish into abstract shapes.

      “I want to ask you just one more question,” I say. “Can I do that?” I don’t have anything in mind but for some reason I want to do this.


      “What’s your favorite memory of your time in World War II?” A map of the world appears. “Was it your time in Okinawa?” Wait, no, he was never in Okinawa. “Or Pearl Harbor?” He wasn’t at Pearl Harbor. As I name each location big red glowing circles surround different spots on the globe. Other spots light up at random too. I become confused about what I want to ask, now, and the moment slips away.

      Now I’m back at the top of the stairs, and my dad and my grandfather have both vanished. I head down the stairs, trying to think of goals or Tasks of the Month. Nothing comes to mind, so I just wander through a long series of rooms that are decorated in fancy, rather frilly, and outdated ways. I run my fingers along the walls as I go, trying to remember to take my time with the dream and not to rush things.

      I come to a room that looks like a kitchen and there’s a girl of about 12 standing here. She’s talking to someone, a man that I can’t see. The man says, “[Girl’s name]? Is that you? Prince’s little sister?” [Prince, as in the singer!]

      Her: “Yeah, it’s me.”
      Him: “But how are you so young? It was years ago when we fell in love…”
      Her: “Yeah. Isn’t that creepy?”
      Him: “No, I remember…” He says something about how she was much older when he knew her.

      Now I have a false awakening where I’m lying on the ground in an empty parking lot next to a building. I’m still lucid, though, and nearby I see a door into the building labeled “Tony’s Dream Productions!” in fancy script. (This is a reference to Inside Out!) I realize that the man I saw in the previous dream scene is having a nightmare, and I should try to help him out. I mostly think Tony is a DC, but have this strong sense that I should still help.

      I enter the building and find myself on some kind of soundstage with all of these different facades and bits of fake movie scenery. “Tony!” I shout. “This is a dream! That’s not really her!” I keep walking around the soundstage trying to get his attention.

      Finally I see Tony at the top of a set of metal stairs. “I’m dreaming? How do you know?”

      “Because I’m dreaming right now. You are too.” I tell him that I’m sure everything’s fine between him and the girl, and that he was only speaking to a dream character. Soon after I tell him this,
      the dream ends.
    4. One Last Mission

      by , 07-30-2015 at 02:38 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: One Last Mission

      I’m heading upstairs to change my lightbulbs, but arrive to find that we’ve got tons of people upstairs visiting while my father-in-law changes them for me. I feel embarrassed, as if it looks like I never take care of anything around the house. He even somehow installed light bulbs with little solar panels attached to them, which I’ve never even heard of!

      I head downstairs, feeling inadequate. I see that we have a big video screen that greets people at the front door. I see that it’s programmed to show a big story about turncoat spies within some US government agency. It’s some kind of huge story and these traitors are all over the news. As I’m heading into the kitchen, thinking about this fancy video monitor and the fancy lightbulbs
      , I realize that this feels a whole lot like a dream.

      My father-in-law joins me downstairs and I say, “Hey, [Father-in-law], I’ve got an even cooler way to change lightbulbs!” I gesture at one of the recess lights in the kitchen ceiling and with a couple quick hand gestures, pull it out, summon a new one, and place it into the socket. It lights up!

      He looks amazed and asks me how I did that. “This is actually a lucid dream,” I admit. “You can really do anything here.” He nods in acknowledgement, still looking impressed.

      I recall my conversation yesterday with Iokheira where we were talking about cool dream ideas that people had never, ever done. I chose one of the ones we had decided was awesome enough that we were going to try: werewolf skydiving! :canislucidus: I phase through an external, curtained door out onto a back patio.

      There’s a long row of side-by-side deck chairs here, with lots of people lounging around and relaxing. I look at the woman closest to the wall, but no, this isn’t Iokheira . One chair over, though is a group of three women sitting together, and on the left is Iokheira ! She hops out of the chair and we hug.

      “It’s great to see you!” I say.

      “Great to see you too!” she says and then starts nodding as I’m about to say, “Do you remember what we’d planned to try in this dream?” I can tell that she already knows the plan is werewolf skydiving.

      Iokheira throws on a pair of aviator sunglasses, grabs my hand, and strides forward. We walk through a large yard into some suburban streets. She says, “Dylan (??) and Romero tried to tell me that this is my last mission. We’ll see about that...” I get the idea that she’s some kind of spy or secret agent. “The agency’s in [turmoil? chaos?] right now.”

      I’m strongly sensing a backstory where she’s an agent in some kind of secret government agency. I wonder if it’s some kind of special division for werewolves. We go past a bus stop to a grassy field, while she continues to explain some more of the backstory. I wonder whether there will be a cliff at the end of this field for a possible BASE jump! Before we get to anything like that, though,
      the dream ends.
    5. Rocket-Powered Flight

      by , 07-22-2015 at 05:10 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: Rocket-Powered Flight

      I’m standing at the corner where two long, endless hallways meet in an elbow bend. I’m trying to demonstrate to an audience how to rearchitect it, so I “select” part of the hallway as if this were all taking place inside of a 3D computer graphics program like Blender or 3DS Max. It lights up bright green. I want to shorten it, so I “select all” and the entire length of one hallway now glows bright green as far as I can see.

      I take a moment to appreciate this power, and as I consider what I’m doing,
      I realize that I’m dreaming! The dream starts to fade on me, but I’m determined not to lose it. I vigorously rub my hands together and start belting out a song: “I’m not going to lose this dreeeeeam!” I sing a few more lines about lucidity, and in one line declare (with no real supporting evidence) that Dreamer is also here.

      Suddenly I emerge outside in a brightly-colored world that has the look and color scheme of a classic video game from the Nintendo 8-bit era. I’m on a large, green plane that I think is supposed to be an abstract representation of grass. Nearby there’s a small pond filled with realistic-looking water, and a fair number of brightly-colored but mostly realistic DCs wander nearby.

      There’s an old-fashioned looking stereo nearby that seems to be producing the game world’s music, which is a pleasant, catchy chiptune soundtrack. On the side of the stereo in black letters, I see “????? Sound System”. (Can’t remember the name!) I think about how I’ll definitely want to remember this name when I wake up.

      I feel pressure in my stomach and absentmindedly push out a big fart. Rather than a brief event, though, the gas continues in a loud, embarrassing, seemingly unstoppable stream. I figure that since this is a dream, it may just go on forever (which it seems to be doing.) I get a sour look from one DC, a man with a dark mustache, who glares at me and walks away.

      I suddenly recall that I received a lucid dare to engage in fart-powered flight (seriously!), so I decide that now is pretty much the perfect time to try. I think of myself being propelled upward and I blast easily up into the air! It’s some of the most effortless flying I’ve ever done. I wonder whether I should just fly like this all the time.

      I soar happily back and forth through the sky, my “rocket propulsion” continuing all the while. Suddenly, Dreamer streaks quickly past me, flying in the same gas-powered manner that I am! I see and hear her “hee-hee-hee!”ing as she shoots by and I start laughing too, enjoying the hilarity and immaturity of this dream.

      I fly up to a large tree, easily a couple of hundred feet tall. I shoot quickly to the top and land on one of the branches, seeing a sloping wooden hallway that leads into the interior of the tree. I walk into it, curious about what this tree is and where it leads. I hear a snatch of conversation, PercyLucid saying something about wanting to trade lucid dares with me and some other people “for a few hours” so he can do some of ours. Very shortly after this,
      the dream ends.
    6. Pinbasketball

      by , 01-30-2015 at 06:10 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #265: Pinbasketball

      I’m lying in bed in a false awakening, frustrated to be tossing and turning instead of lucid dreaming. I get a vague sense of floatiness and decide to roll out OBE-style. I imagine my legs oozing over the side of the bed onto the floor and now I’m on my feet in my bedroom, fully lucid.

      I remember my intent to slow down and take my time, inspired by one of Dreamer’s recent lucid dreams (this amazing one.) I look back at the bed and see Wife still lying there. For some reason I feel a little scared to approach, like this might destabilize things. But no, the whole idea with this dream is not to be afraid of stuff.

      I float up on the bed and stand over Wife. I watch for a moment just appreciating her beauty. I'm attracted to her and fascinated by her realism I don’t feel tempted to engage in sexy shenanigans. Wife opens her eyes a bit and looks at me sleepily. “Poo,” she says firmly. “Poo poo poo poo poo.” I laugh and say something like, “Okay, I’ll let you sleep…”

      I phase through the wall into the night and the dream feels very dark. I don’t worry about it and instead just rub my hands together. They feel numb and distant, so I imagine that I’m wearing thick, leathery gloves, which I peel off. More hand-rubbing, vision returns, and now it looks like early morning on a mix between my street, an amusement park, and the Las Vegas strip. I walk for about 10 minutes or so, just enjoying this, passing opulent hotels, workers sweeping the streets, a stone statue.

      Eventually I wander into a plaza that looks a little like a Disney World food court. I remember my goal of summoning Iokheira and transforming into wolves. :canislucidus: I hold out my right hand and look at the ground, expecting her shadow to form. But instead she bounds into the scene from the right and jumps right in front of me, smiling hugely.

      I give her a hug and ask, “Did you want to do the wolf transformation right away or should we look around first?” She says that she’d “rather play” so we set off, looking around the park. We talk for a bit about lucid dreaming and (I think) video games. I describe how I’m trying to use Dreamer’s method of slowing the dream. I remark that we have “tons of time” and she agrees.

      We wind up in an area filled with carnival games and enter a building that has this cool-looking game that’s a combination of pinball and one of those games where you have to shoot a basketball. In this one you throw the basketball into a hole, where it flies up a ramp, bounces off of a wall, and hurtles toward the basket. We play for a while, and I notice that when I get too into the game, both Iokheira and I forget to give the other person a turn.

      We decide to keep looking around, and as we’re leaving I notice that Iokheira now looks a decade or so older than in waking life and I mention this. As we pass by a line of 5 women waiting in line to buy something, I see that she’s transformed further, and now looks like a completely different person, a woman with short brown hair in her early 50s. The woman looks like she feels ill and asks me to help her. I scoop her up and carry her outside where we crouch on the ground. She apologizes: “I’m sorry that I don’t look right. I don’t think I’m her anymore.” I tell her not to worry and that I’ll help her either way.

      The woman lies down on her left side and vomits loudly onto the plaza stones. I feel enormous compassion, and I sit with her for a while, rubbing her back a bit until she’s able to sit up. She seems shorter now than before but also like she feels okay. She again apologizes for not being Iokheira anymore. I reassure her that “this has been a great lucid” as the dream starts to fade. As I’m pondering my next move,
      the dream ends.

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    7. The Lone and Level Sands

      by , 01-26-2015 at 06:06 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #264: The Lone and Level Sands

      I’m walking near the corner of our house with my 5-year-old son E, inspecting some kind of odd, muddy buildup that’s caked all along the side of the house. It looks like it was sprayed there. For some reason I think that my next door neighbor sprayed this mud from his yard onto the side of my house. I become fretful that our relationship has soured somehow and wonder whether there was some conflict that I’ve forgotten about. As I think more about all of this, I realized that I have to be dreaming.

      I turn to the east, looking toward my neighbor’s house. But everything to the east is a vast, quiet desert. Where my neighbor’s house would be is just the skeletal frame of a house, long abandoned. And now when I turn back to where my house was moments ago, there’s nothing but a ruined frame.

      E is still beside me. The desert sun is bearing down on us now. I feel like we’ve just witnessed the passing of centuries, and that everything we know is long gone. I want to be someplace else, so I take a step forward and suddenly we’re in a stone chamber looking out through a long, horizontal window at the desert scene.

      “Daddy, what happened to the house?” asks E. I don’t answer, but just tell him (and myself) that this is a dream.

      The view through the window grows brighter and brighter, and I’m drawn into and through it, back outside, but this time into a quiet, unspoiled grassland. I sense that this is my neighborhood again, but now centuries before humans arrived in North America. I expect to see bison, and of course I see a lone bison off in the distance.

      I walk with E through this quiet paradise for just a moment before
      the dream ends.

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    8. Judo and Giants

      by , 01-15-2015 at 06:07 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #263: Judo and Giants

      As I lay back down post-WBTB, I get the sense that I’m starting to fall asleep. Just before bed, Dreamer had skyped me her most recent dream where she transitioned to WILD by rolling onto her side and partly more onto her stomach. (This one!) I try the same thing, worrying for a second that moving will spoil things, but it’s all fine. There’s a low buzzing sound and a dream starts to take shape. After a little more patience, I find myself outside on a street at night.

      Among the people going by, I see a lost boy wandering around calling out for his mother. I ask him who his mother is and he says that it’s RBBB, someone I know from college. I decide that she’ll be close by, and sure enough I see her kneeling in an alcove carved out of a nearby brick building. I bring the boy to her and say, “Hey, [RBBB]! It’s [Canis]. Your son was looking for you.” She gives me a curt, rather cold nod and goes back to fervently praying as her son curls up next to her.

      I review my goals and remember my two main ones: first, my 5-year-old son E’s idea to find him, take him to a playground so he could play with Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Second, Iokheira’s (aka NewArtemis) idea to find her and transform into wolves. :canislucidus:

      I head down the street to start looking for E, but the DCs on the street start running in terror from something up ahead. There’s a stone giant stomping along the road ahead of me, and he grabs a car from the side of the road and flings it across the street into a grassy courtyard.

      He comes straight for me, and I try to think of some way not to turn this into a fight, but it’s just not coming to me. The stone giant seems way too hostile, and the only option that comes to me is to try to end the combat as quickly as possible. I move my hands away from each other in a ripping gesture to pantomime tearing the stone giant apart. It works, and the giant blows apart into a huge scatter of boulders and pebbles.

      I hurry past, but almost immediately the rocks start rolling back toward one another so that the giant can reform. Soon I catch sight of his shadow chasing after me, but I resolve not to turn around and instead just ignore him. Sure enough, he vanishes!

      I come to the top of a tall series of stacked platforms that descend into the ground, sort of like a reverse parking garage. Every floor is packed with these large, amazing water fountains that flow into one another. I drop down a few levels, expecting to find my son E. And he’s there! He’s curled up in the corner crying, and I scoop him up in my arms. “Hey, don’t cry, buddy! This is a lucid dream! I’m going to try to take you to meet Elsa and Anna!” This settles him down, and I leap off the side of the fountain structure, floating softly about 80 feet or so to the ground.

      At the bottom is a playground! I hop up on one of the wooden structures and set E down so that he can walk on his own. Together we cross a wooden bridge and in the middle we meet Elsa and Anna! “[E], look who it is!” They look similar to their appearance in the films, although their facial features occasionally rearrange in unusual, Picasso-like ways. E runs up to them and hugs Anna around the leg.

      A crowd of DCs start pouring in, and we get separated for a moment. I feel a loss of stability and grab onto this old guy’s stomach to restabilize. To my surprise, I can feel that he’s clearly got abs. I say, “Dude, you’re like 60! How have you got abs?... Oh right, you’re a DC.” He and some of the other DCs laugh.

      I return to where E and the Frozen princesses were, but they’ve been replaced by clear imposters. (The Elsa imposter is non-animated, black, and in her mid-50s!) I talk with the imposters for a bit but decide to move on to Iokheira’s idea, so I leave the playground, finding myself walking down the stairs in a house.

      Up ahead I see Iokheira sprint by! I follow her path into the shadows of a living room, but when I get there, she’s gone. I turn back and look around for a bit before someone else comes down the stairs I entered from, a young strawberry blonde woman in her mid-20s. I ask her where Iokheira is and the woman answers that “Sorry, [Iokheira] doesn’t live here anymore.”

      As I’m turning to leave, the strawberry blonde woman runs up and starts aggressively kissing me. It’s exciting to some degree but also a little scary. She pulls away for a moment to admit to me that she’s a “very slobbery kisser”, and sure enough, she becomes quite slobbery. Then she says, “And check this out!” As I watch, her left eye moves into the center of her forehead. She checks my face, seemingly expecting a horrified reaction. Instead I laugh and for a moment she seems disappointed not to have frightened me. She returns to aggressive kissing, and after things move on to sexytime,
      the dream fades...

      I hold on for DEILD and I’m quickly back. I’m roaming the hallway of a house, and I continue a room-to-room search for Iokheira. In one of the rooms the light switch doesn’t work and I remark out loud that “That’s a bullshit schema!” I leave the hallway and enter a huge cathedral-like chamber that’s snaked through with all of these suspended balconies.

      I run along one of these balconies until I’m confronted by an archeress, a brown-haired woman in her mid-40s. I try to ask for her help, but she starts saying a variety of strange, threatening things and looks like she’s going to take a shot at me. I grab onto her and do a Dreamer-style sacrifice JUDO throw, and it totally works! The archeress is still yelling at me, but I run away from her into a new room as
      the dream ends.

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    9. Arcade Action

      by , 01-09-2015 at 06:42 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #262: Arcade Action

      I’m walking through an arcade, heading somewhere but in no particular hurry. It’s a huge place with a very high ceiling and lots of cool-looking games. I come to one beat-em-up game that looks sort of interesting. It’s got a pair of joysticks (one for each player) and a “Kick” button. The “Kick” button looks sort of messed up and mashed to one side.

      I notice an odd message flashing on the screen: “Press Kick to Start”. It looks like someone left a credit in this machine! I look around to see if the credit belong to anyone nearby. There’s a black guy in his late 40s walking by and I ask him whether this is his game. He seems confused by my question, so I turn back to the machine,
      and become lucid as I reflect on my good fortune.

      I press “Kick” to start the game, slightly nervous that the dream won’t be stable if I play games. I start singing an impromptu song about dreams and video games (in my lucid dream voice, which is much much better than my waking life voice!)

      The game begins and rather than a beat em up, it’s some kind of shooting gallery game where you have a little video game hand with a gun. The graphics look 8-bit, and there are these little circular targets that I’m supposed to be aiming at. When I move the joystick, the gun moves, and pressing kick makes the gun shoot. I miss a couple of times, and then hit a target, which shatters!

      The shooting gallery attendant walks out and resets the targets. Unlike the rest of the game, she’s completely lifelike, a petite Asian woman with a medium build, probably in her late 20s. I do another round of shooting. Aiming the gun is kind of a pain, but I eventually shoot two more targets, and the attendant walks out to reset the targets.

      I think about trying to change the game into a beat-em-up, but the attendant turns to face me. I see that she looks Thai or Cambodian, and her appearance is very vivid and attractive. She asks me…

      Spoiler for Sexytime:

      Afterward, I emerge fully back into the video arcade and wonder whether I can play the game some more. The attendant looks toward me, seemingly ready to set up another round. As I’m messing with the controls, the attendant wanders off, leaving the shooting gallery in sort of a half-ready state. I mess a bit more with the game controls, but I’m feeling less tied into the dream, and pretty soon
      I’m awake.

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    10. Have a Badass Day

      by , 12-22-2014 at 02:45 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #261: Have a Badass Day

      I’m standing in a store that looks like a cross between a barber shop and a clothing store. There’s a mirror on every wall and as I catch sight of my own reflection, I see that Dreamer is standing just behind me and to the right. She acknowledges me with a casual nod, like it’s totally normal that we’re both here.

      Dreamer goes back to shopping and as I think about how she might have gotten here, I realize that
      this has to be a dream.

      “[Dreamer], I’m having a lucid dream!” I say.

      She gives me a skeptical look and says something like, “Right now? You’re sure?” Dreamer looks about ten years older than in waking life, and I notice that her hair is short, very light blonde but shot through with streaks of purple.

      At first I think about working to convince her, but decide that no, once things get rolling, she’ll believe it too. I grab her hand and we run toward the store’s exit. There’s no door, just an open air exit that leads out to a street made of interlocking stones.

      There’s a high stone wall ahead, and we have to turn left to make it around. There’s a shaft of yellow sunlight covering the road where we need to go, and for a moment I wonder whether it’ll block us. As I think this it shimmers like a glass barrier. We have some quick discussion about this as we approach it, and I say something about this “will be easy to phase through.” There’s a moment of pressure as we cross this threshold and then we’ve phased through.

      We emerge on a dusty street that has a Mad Max vibe to it, like we’re in a post-apocalyptic desert. It looks a bit like something out of screenshots I’ve seen from Rage.

      There’s an enclosed tunnel of metal and glass that stretches across the dusty road, and I become curious what’s inside. Still gripping Dreamer’s hand, I try to fly up there. There’s a little sticking point, though, and as I narrate my intent, for some reason I get the urge to sing. I start belting out whatever comes to mind, and an electric guitar immediately starts playing along in the background. (Yes, these are the actual lyrics... I "performed" them into my phone upon waking. )

      I want you to know that I’m happy to be here,
      Let’s fly up in the sky,
      And have a badass day!

      I really belt out the last part. I try to keep going, but I’m too busy laughing about the very silly lyrics that I’ve already sung. We manage to fly up just a bit above the tunnel, and as I’m trying to get a view of the rest of the town,
      the dream ends.
    11. The Prancing Pied Piper

      by , 12-09-2014 at 03:39 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #260: The Prancing Pied Piper

      A false awakening takes me downstairs where I putter around for a bit doing silly "chores" like moving chairs around. Then I head back upstairs, totally focused on having a lucid dream when I “return to bed”. Just so that I’ll get in the right mindset, I do a nose pinch reality check and oh hey, check it out, I’m already having a lucid dream! I hold the nose pinch and start leaping and prancing about, waving my other hand in the air. I sing about lucid dreaming while I do this.

      I head into my youngest son R’s room, but instead of R, I find my 5-year-old son E sleeping on his bed. “Daddy, what are you doing?” he asks getting out of bed.

      I keep singing, prancing, nose-pinching, and waving one arm. I sing, “Lucid dream, lucid dream, lucid dreeeeee-eeeeeeam!” E laughs and says, “Daddyyy!” I think about returning to the master bedroom in the hopes of finding Wife and enjoying some sexytime. But those plans fall through when E gets out of bed, and starts following me around, prancing the same way that I am.

      I reflect on the joy of being lucid and this emotion takes me to a desire to hear beautiful music. (I’d chained these feelings together using Dreamer’s goal memory technique.) This is in pursuit of Jenkees’ dare to do cool stuff to a lucid orchestral soundtrack. E and I go prancing into the master bedroom as I realize that I need to stop singing if I’m going to get a new soundtrack.

      The lights are on in the bedroom and instead of me or Wife, my friend KS is lying in bed next to some blonde guy with surfer hair. KS gets out of bed and rubs her eyes like it’s the morning. I ignore her and surfer guy, instead phasing my face through the shutters so I can look out into the night. I start creating an orchestral soundtrack in my head.

      It sounds nice, but I realize that I’m forcing every note manually and composing it as an act of will. I want it to emerge organically instead. Maybe if I go do something outside. I phase through the window and leap out into the night with a yell. As I’m preparing to take flight,
      the dream ends.
    12. Flurries on the 58th Floor

      by , 12-07-2014 at 06:15 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #259: Flurries on the 58th Floor

      I’m an operative infiltrating an office building. My enemies have seen me before and know my face, so I have to enter as stealthily as I can. I enter through some side entrance high up on a section of rooftop, and I have a vague memory of arriving by helicopter. There’s a huge “59” written on the wall -- this is the 59th floor.

      I run up, but it’s a dead end that leads back out to another roof. Okay, down instead. As I arrive at the 58th floor, I hear a door open nearby and a security guard steps into view. He looks like an easygoing family man, black, mid-40s, naturally cheerful face. But I can’t let myself get found out. “I’m sorry,” I say, and I rush forward, punching him in the face and then kicking him in the chest.

      He somehow bounces away down the hall and I lose track of him. I run down the hall after him, and it twists and turns confusingly as I go. This all seems so strange and I remember that I must be
      having a lucid dream. In preparation for this dream, I used Dreamer’s goal-chaining technique, and as I become lucid, the excitement of lucidity is followed by the sense of cold, and I remember my intent to summon snow for Dreamer. (She’s never seen snow in waking life!)

      I walk through the hall, spending a little time examining my surroundings and narrating out loud that “this is a lucid dream.” Once I feel settled, I tell Dreamer that she’s here in this office building too. She doesn’t appear right away, though, so for now I focus on summoning some snow. I imagine myself smushing up snow in my hand to form a snowball, and as I do that, snow begins gently falling around me as well. The snowball is a little too small and rock-like to be fun, so I discard it.

      I walk into an office enclosed by glass walls, and a group of 4 or 5 women follow closely behind me. One of them is Dreamer! She’s pushing a stroller! She looks like herself but older, maybe ten years older than she is now, and she’s wearing a purple head scarf like she came prepared for the cold.

      The other women are close friends or relatives, and they’re all here on some kind of important business to do with the baby in the stroller. Amazingly, I don’t look to see who or what is inside the stroller! I say to Dreamer “You’re here!” and do a little ta-daaaa with my hands. “I’m having a lucid dream!”

      She laughs like I’m joking and says no, she’s got to focus. This meeting is really important to her. I insist that this is a dream, saying something like: “I was infiltrating this place and then bam! Lucidity! I used your goal-chaining technique, just like the last lucid!”

      “Ah,” she says, “like when I had the [???] series!” The other women nod and smile at the apparent memory. “We had some fun with that one!”

      “Yeah!” I tell her. “I wanted to show you this!” And the snowfall begins again.

      Dreamer looks up and smiles. “Is that snow?” She looks excited and torn between enjoying the snow and following through with the story behind the dream plot. She looks like she's toying with the idea of opening her mouth toward the ceiling and letting snowflakes fall onto her tongue.

      I see a handful of people dressed in suits waiting at a desk for the meeting with Dreamer and her posse. I ignore the suits, focusing my energy on the snow, and hoping they’ll fade into the background. There’s a bit more quiet snowfall before
      the dream ends.

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    13. Exemplar

      by , 12-07-2014 at 02:40 AM
      A little background: earlier today, Dreamer and I were having a conversation where she explained that since her LD rate has dipped a little in the last couple of months, she feels hesitant and less confident about giving advice to others than she once did. This inspired me to remind her how excellent her techniques are!

      A few minutes before falling asleep for an afternoon nap today, I quickly used the goal memory and lucidity induction technique Dreamer employed for amazing lucid dreams like this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this. (Seriously, if you haven’t read these dreams of hers, they’re literally some of the best LD work I've ever seen!) Please don’t compare my very modest goals to these.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #258: Exemplar

      I’m walking past a bus circle at night, and as I’m passing under an awning, I feel this strong desire to have a lucid dream, and lucidity begins immediately.

      The doorway is either open air or nearly-transparent glass and now I’m standing in a high-ceilinged entranceway to a fancy house. A pair of staircases frame the room, one on the left and one on the right. A pair of women in their late 20s are standing in the middle of the room talking, each of them wearing these sort of Christmas-y looking sweaters.

      “This is a lucid dream!” I announce both to them and to myself. They turn toward me, curious and interested.

      I remember using Dreamer’s technique to tie the excitement of lucidity to another feeling: gratitude. (Gratitude because I know that if I’m lucid, it means that the technique worked!) Now I remember what my next step was. I turn behind me, addressing Dreamer. I don’t see her right away, but get this sense that she’s nearby. It doesn’t really matter whether she’s physically present in the dream, so I continue.

      I say something along the lines of “[Dreamer], the fact that I’m here proves that you’re awesome.” I start to say something about how I’m here in a lucid dream thanks to her technique, but I’m losing the dream just a bit. I catch sight of a darkened room up ahead lit by a pair of tall, flickering candlesticks before
      the dream ends.

      I got out the main point of what I was trying to say, but I’d intended to add something like: “Always remember how good you are at helping people. This lucid dream only exists thanks to your advice!”

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    14. The Word of Power

      by , 12-01-2014 at 04:04 PM
      This lucid is from an afternoon nap on November 30th, 2014.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #257: The Word of Power

      I’m participating in an extreme sport where I have to walk along a skinny white railing, then jump and rope-swing onto the surface of a yacht over and over again. The crowd goes crazy every time that I do this!

      Oop, now I’m in a stone chamber below some kind of battle arena, dressed in a badass robotic exoskeleton. Apparently all of that was just training for an upcoming combat. There’s some other exoskeleton-clad guy here who looks like Kevin Durant, and I apparently believe he’s my partner. There’s a grimy mechanic here (an attractive, dark-haired woman in her late 30s) attaching a minigun to his suit.

      Kevin Durant hoots with joy and sprays gunfire around the room, shouting about what a genius the mechanic is and how much ass he’s going to kick in the upcoming battle. The mechanic smiles in amusement and calmly walks out of the chamber. All of the action gets me all excited too and somehow it occurs to me that this is like a dream,
      bringing me into lucidity.

      The presence of the Kevin Durant character fades and all I can think about is testing out this suit I’m wearing. I wonder whether it has a “bull charge” feature that lets me go charging forward to crash into stuff and whoooosh, there I go! I smash into one of the chamber’s stone walls. (The dream’s frame rate drops dramatically as I do this.) There’s a large button on the wall, and I throw a punch at it. Satisfyingly, it lights up when I hit it!

      I go back and forth, crashing into the walls of the chamber until I’m pretty happy with this feature. At some point I notice a huge bearded guy (probably about 10 feet tall) standing in the middle of room in handcuffs, looking surly. I think that he’s supposed to be some kind of sparring partner, so I throw a completely guilt-free punch at him. It just taps him, though, and he doesn’t react beyond shifting his surly gaze to me.

      I think that I need to focus my dream control more, and I remember how effective it’s been for me to vocalize my intention and sometimes even use profanity. “Yaaarrrggh!” I blubber, punching the giant in the ribs. It doesn’t feel very effective, though. I follow up with a kick to the upper thigh, loudly exclaiming...

      Spoiler for Very crude language:

      as the kick lands. The strike feels really solid and forceful, and the giant grimaces before turning around and walking off. I immediately feel embarrassed that I’ll have to journal that this is how I improved my dream control and wish that I’d chosen a different word.

      I start investigating whether there’s a way into the main arena, and as I approach a dusty upward ramp,
      the dream ends.

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    15. The Swim to Sin City

      by , 11-22-2014 at 06:11 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #256: The Swim to Sin City

      I’m standing at my kitchen again, looking out into the darkened back yard. This is so familiar… I remember that my last lucid dream began the same way. I perform a nose pinch reality check and now I’m lucid.

      I phase through the exterior door to a nighttime scene in my back yard. The pool is here, but it’s been drained dry. I phase through the pool fence and stand at the edge. I recall (incorrectly) that OpheliaBlue is attempting to complete a dare to go swimming. I think, hey, maybe I’ll swim in a lucid tonight, she will too, and it’ll be badass synchronicity tomorrow.

      I raise my hands from waist to shoulder height, knowing that the pool will fill back up with water. It does, and I’m super pleased. I try to play it cool and not be so shocked when dream control comes through. I dive into the water, happily swimming about and noting that the water feels quite real. After a bit, my vision fades, and I’m in the void. A few more seconds of swimming, then that sensation fades, and I start rubbing my hands together, determined to come into a new dream scene…

      … I emerge back in the kitchen, then phase back through to the outside. Through the pool fence, back into the pool, and more swimming. After diving down a bit, my vision goes dark. I try not to worry about this, though, and just swim forward as hard as I can. I go for a while before the swimming sensation dims a bit. Soon I feel some kind of hard surface and find myself…

      … standing on a table in a Las Vegas casino, next to some kind of big, blocky control box. To my left, there’s a man sitting at a slot machine. He pulls the handle and I decide to make his day and get him a jackpot. Quarters start pouring out of the machine and the man dances with excitement. A man in a suit (a casino employee, I guess) points at me, looking annoyed, then points at the big control box that I’m standing next to. I have strange thoughts where I contemplate whether my dream powers actually affected this control box and not the slot machine directly.

      My lucidity’s starting to fade a bit, and then I see a young boy in the lobby ahead, throwing up into a trash can. There’s a frazzled-looking man attending to him, and the man shouts that he’s not the boy’s father and who left this kid here? This additional distraction
      costs me my lucidity. I jump down off of the table to go help out. I spend a while wrapped up in the dream plot of trying to find this kid’s parents until the dream ends.
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