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    1. The translation of a book and old negatives

      by , 08-21-2015 at 06:00 PM
      Setting loosely based on China some centuries ago, vaguely Ming dynasty. Two men have been speaking to a human woman about a book, but they're interrupted by a human man who is a friend of hers, of sorts - he offers to join their expedition. He has some manner of expertise to do with this book they're looking for, and if he comes along, the woman's presence would be unnecessary. The leader of the two at first is ready to agree, this would be much preferable.

      But the human man then says, why should his cut be only 10%? Make it 100% - he'll keep the book himself, but translate it for them. To his mind, this would be a better deal for all of them, he expects this to be accepted. But the leader of the two is offended by his presumption and kills him, abandoning his human appearance in the process - his eyes are covered by a cloudy grey film, his teeth are fangs on both upper and lower jaws. I'm remembering a year earlier, when that human man had been doing something in a place where many books were stored, directly above where this man had been sleeping in the ground for a long time. The human woman, watching him kill her friend, blames herself - she was involved in something that happened in a market a year ago, when this man woke up.

      Belle is in the kitchen of someone else's house, someplace that has servant quarters, and she's found a jar of a certain weed that's been spilled - it's not something that should be used for cooking, it's dangerous, causes disfigurement. The implication in finding it spilled across the counter is that a servant was carelessly exposed to it. It's said that it only affects those who say rude/cruel/insulting things while holding it - a physical disfigurement to reflect a disfigurement of the soul. She calls Rumplestiltskin to dispose of it safely, and to look into what it was doing there.

      As he removes it, he looks around the building and sees old photos and negatives of him and Belle among various trophies that the owner of the house has collected - there's a sense that these photos are things that were stolen from him. He looks at one in particular, a moment when he'd stopped Belle from saying that she loved him. He regrets this, and says he would listen now. She says, "I would have meant it then." And wouldn't now, is the implication. But she stops him from moving away from her by grabbing him roughly by the hair.

      She tells him her plan is to find her ideal world this time, with the money that Regina left her, and with him, as they're stuck together due to a previous deal. He reminds her that he's no longer capable of appearing human, which will cause difficulties in many other worlds. "I'll work with it," she says. A previous deal requires him to leave at least a piece of himself in this current world, and I see an image of his hand chained to the sand, in the surf.
    2. In which I'm given a guilt trip about ancient history and Bible stories

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:42 PM
      There's this man I'm hanging around waiting to talk to. He'd said something about an old massacre involving the Minoans, and how events are about to repeat themselves, and asked me to wait around. But I'm getting impatient, and the longer I wait, the more I'm convinced that this is all nonsense anyway. Finally I get up to leave, and ask this other guy, this kind of hanger-on, to give his boss the message that I couldn't wait.

      Instead, he tries to convince me to stay. He starts talking about how that Minoan disaster wasn't my fault, that I shouldn't have blamed myself for my inaction, that I couldn't have stopped it even if I'd stuck around, but that if I run from my sense of guilt now, I'm just going to make sure those events repeat themselves. Annoyed by all this, I make fun of him as I try to shake him off and leave, but he follows me out to my car. He talks about the time I married into the family of Lot and found the women practicing strange magic, and in my horror, slaughtered them, including my bride. He talks - and eventually, sings, operatically - about this long litany of disasters caused by running from my guilt. This ends in an operatic pronouncement of doom as I finally drive off.
    3. Finding a sponsor

      by , 08-02-2013 at 08:18 AM
      Some kind of academic tribunal is standing judgment over me. All of us are dressed in incredibly ornate finery. I came to them with a request which had originally been refused, even though I'd been sleeping with the woman who leads the tribunal. But I found a hooded figure to act as my sponsor, and this time around, our request is granted.