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    The 2nd Dream With The Old Man

    by , 04-29-2011 at 09:33 PM (611 Views)
    about 2 years ago i had this dream. i was in a field a huge grassy field. the old man stood there the wind was blowing his hair. he was standing. i was standing. the man that protected me in my dream when i was younger stared at me..i was confused. he slowly did the prayer cross you know "Father Son Holy Spirit" after he did that he fell to his knees put his hands up to his face blood started coming out of his mouth he made gurgle noise's then BLAHHH! over 100 gigantic rats came out of his mouth and ran at me my eyes Widened i didn't get enough time to even make a move. they all got on me. i woke up punching a kicking... that dream made no sense.. still trying to learn the answer today.

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    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable


    1. Oreo's Avatar
      I'll probably be completely wrong, but I'll try to interpret this!

      There is evil hidden deep inside everyone and it can't be cleansed. It is our job suppress and overcome this evil. If we fail at this, it will will take us over destroy other people.
    2. CarlosTheLucid's Avatar
      well i believe it im a christian and i think if you let sin over take you . you will hurt someone sin is evil.