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    1. Get a job, and literally get lost

      by , 03-17-2013 at 06:40 PM
      I was standing outside a soon to be restaurant in a commerical district in Winter Park. I'd check up on it every now and then, to see if anything physically changed with the resturant. Eventually, lights slowly flickered on, and I planned that as soon as the manager came out and walked around, I'd ask her if I could apply for a job there. I was very excited, but I kept to my patience, and after while, I saw her. I walked inside, introduced myself, and asked if I could get a job application. She didn't have one, but she did have a notepad with names of previous people who appilied, and she told me to right my name and phone number in one of the boxes. Once I did, she asked for my lisense and stuff, and I told her I lived very close by. She then told me to right a taxi number down, and I did something like (407) 777-7777 and in real life, there actually is a taxi company that uses 777-7777 in its number, which is pretty cool, since I've actually never known how to call a taxi, and through a dream, I now know how! Afterwords, a taxi came to pick me up, and I ended up being the driver.

      I was on the highway, and I was on the far left side, and my exit was coming up, but it was nearly impossible for me to get to the right and take the exit. I missed it, and thought, "I'll just catch the next one, but the next exit became a bridge that crossed over the highway, farther away from where I needed to be, so I kept taking the main highway, and It came to a toll road, so last minute, I took the nearest exit, which went into an open field, and stopped. Turns out, Cat, Matt, Jessica, Michael, Jared, and some other familiar faces made the exact same mistake, and that apparently they all had their own cars, and were following me.

      We decided to walk to the toll booth lady, and explain what happened, and she said she'd give us $3,000 dollars to pay the toll, and then I woke up
    2. Dogfights, Criminal Training, and Being Evil Superman

      by , 03-03-2013 at 06:08 PM
      I was in a dogfight with some Germans over some islands in the Pacific Ocean, though most of these islands were small and uninhabited, and only consisted of small, ambient buildings. I shot down a few planes, before I got shot down, I ejected, landed in the water, near a few of my teams, and they were all swimming towards a near by island. Once I made it to land, alot of my team were soaking wet, exhausted, some wounded, and others just standing around. I kicked around, until I found a large rock hidden underneath the sand. I began to dig it up, and it turned out to be a large human vertebrae! I dug even deeper, and found another one! Even deeper still, I found the Mandible, and below that was the top portion of the skull. I dug up 4 giant bones, which were seemingly human, and it occurred to me that these were the islands of Lemuria, and this was one of the inhabitants! I was extremely astonished at the discovery, to where I called Miyuki to tell her about my findings! She was blown away as well!

      Next, I was with a female criminal in the city at night, learning how to become an efficient killer and thief, avoiding police officers, car jacking, and jumping over fences and other obstacles.

      Later, I found myself to be superman, except I was evil, and I was flying around schools, highways, and streets, causing mischief and confusion amongst the on-lookers. I recall flying very very close to cars on a busy roadway, making drivers drop their jaws in awe, and at a point, I caused a traffic jam, and I Stopped in mid-flight, turned to a car, and kicked in gently, and the side crumpled and smoked began coming out from the car. I then decided to really kick it, and it crumpled up, and shot far off to the side, somehow causing all the surrounding cars to crash into them selves, and it was a big violent mess of twisted metal and screaming. I noticed someone trying to stop me, they were also 'super' and I tried flying away, and we ended up having a 'cat and mouse' chase around this town, jumping on roofs and cars and such.
    3. Wake up, Have Breakfast, go to Math..!

      by , 02-19-2013 at 11:28 AM
      In this dream, I woke up to my phone's alarm, went to the kitchen, put 2 bread slices in the toaster, and made cereal. Once I finished the cereal, I felt full, but noticed the two slices of toast, ready for Jelly, but I ignored them instead.

      I end up walking into Math Class, and in the corner of the class near Ms. Schilds desk was Miyuki and Vladimir, both talking about whatever they usually talk about. I pretend to not notice them as I walk to the place I thought I sat, somewhere in the back. As I walk, I look back at them a few times, and see Miyuki quietly talk to Vladimir about something, and her face didn't make it seem like it was anything positive.

      Before I knew it, the entire class was filled with kids. Jessica, Cat, Matt, Ashley, and Issac where the main characters in this dream. I Walked to the front to find out what we were doing today. On the board, it seemed like we were coping down answers from multiple Homework Assignments and Tests. When I passed Miyuki's Desk, she stopped me for a moment and said "Hey Chris? About yesterday..." and she whispered something, but the class was way too loud, and I told her to just text me, and walk back to my seat.

      Ashley Quickle asked out loud to the class if anyone had any wax, and I immediately remembered Matt Garcia asking me for wax the previous night, though the wax Ashley needed was for imprinting answers from the textbook (Silly Putty Style) and not for a Vape.

      I try to forget about Miyuki, and walked over to the front corner near the door, where Jessica King, Cat Kaiser and Matt Fowler all sat and hanged out. Cat had a math book open, while Jessica sat next to her, trying harder then anyone I knew to stay awake. I sat in front of Jessica and we basically had a conversation on how it was fucking incredible that Jessica goes to sleep every night at 4 a.m. and wakes up at 6 a.m. and manages to somehow stay 'awake' during the 8 hours of school we have, and she laughed a little bit, but it was apparent there was a very thin string between her awareness and knocking out into a deep sleep. I remember Jessica's eyes were very baggy, but her actual eyes were very fun to stare into! (Is that weird? Nah!)

      After awhile, I went to the front corner between the board and Ms. Schild's Computer Desk, to copy more notes, because I was talking and forgot to do them, seeing the rest of the class was far ahead. Some people talked to me, and a lot of it dealt with me musing to myself about the day so far, and what to expect next. Its funny actually a lot of my dream 'thinking' was all about remembering the 'dream' I thought I had (The Breakfast) but it turned out I was in a dream while I thought about remembering a dream! All of a sudden, my foot knocks down this large wooden board with answers on it, that everyone was copying down from. Issac Mills immediately starts yelling his clever, witty, 'disapproving of my everything' remarks, for all the class to hear, and I frantically struggled to get the board up right so people could copy it again, but the board was very long and unbalanced, so after many failed attempts, I woke up.
    4. Far Daring Drive, Even more Colette, and can't swallow a pill for shit

      by , 02-05-2013 at 11:31 AM
      I was in a neighborhood that resembled the one in Winter Park that my Aunt owns a house in, Semi-Ghetto, yet near a bustling town center. I took my motorbike out for a ride, a very far, risky ride, away from the house, and saw no police, and half way through the ride it morphed into a scooter. I passed the Orange Fungus Hill, climbed it, and left. Its always so mushy.

      Colette invited me to her 'Summer House' and it was BIG, AWESOME, and WHITE, with touches of wood for that classic traditional feel. I opened her fridge, and noticed a jar of Smucker's Peanut Butter & Jelly. Then I went to another room, and there was a room with 4 walls of 3D Holographic Screens, that when you stood in the middle, it would look amazing. It was still being installed, but what has been made, still was breathe-taking. There was also a lot of talking in between, and it seemed like we were planning to leave somewhere.

      Ashley Quickle was at my house really early in the morning, and she asked for coffee, and I offered to make a brew, so while I filled up the water, and while I waited for it to fill up, I grabbed a B-100 Vitamin, and tried swallowing it, but screwed up like 3 times... Weird
    5. Bus Anxiety, Disclose the Truth, Administration

      by , 01-31-2013 at 04:27 AM
      I was on the bus, early in the morning, which had an interior of an RV, and it slid sideways on the highway, and I managed to open the ceiling emergency roof, and stoop on the top of the bus roof, waiting for it to roll over on its side, for me to jump onto the next upward facing side, though it never rolled. Once the bus came to a stop, it ended up crashing into something, and when I returned to the inside of the bus, it was noticeably larger on the inside, and things happened, talking, walking, and planning, I noticed the bus driver was dead and there was weed being smoked as well

      Once I arrived at school, on the corner of building 6, where that windowed computer lab room was, this blonde stoner kid who rides my bus was in front of a carnival like game, with an Airsoft Pistol, and I confronted him, and asked to play. As soon as I played, I noticed administrators coming in this direction. I gave him the gun, and stood to the side. He saw them, and stealthy hid it under the stand. They bothered me for awhile, until I redirected their attention to the kid, and left.

      I was in a portable that was where the ASL class was. I managed to leave the portable, and stood on the side. I was wearing my leather jacket, and remembered previously shooting the gun twice before leaving the class to escape the oncoming trouble. And just like that, I saw most all of the School Administration, Police Guards, and Security, all crowing the front door of the portable I just left, though hidden behind another portable, I saw it all unfold, and decided "Fuck it" and confronted them, and they commanded I not move, to where I ran up and jumped up the Portable near by, got onto the roof, and waved the gun in the air.

      I was in the 'office' though it resembled the Cafeteria in Chapter 1 of Half Life 2, the one where Citizens eat food, that you talk to, in the very beginning of the game. I sat at a booth table, with Mr. Sanchez to my left, and Mr. Urichko, the Principle, opposite of me. He asked me about a green flyer that was circulating the school, about disclosure of global truths, government corruption, and other things. I asked if they knew about those truths, and they replied "of course" and I jumped from my seat excited, and ecstatic to realize that they were awake to, but mad that they haven't taken the responsibility of disclosing the information over the Announcements.
    6. Parking, Daniel's Truck, Convience Store, and Being Naked

      by , 01-22-2013 at 11:39 AM
      I was in Universal, Driving my mom's car, trying to follow how to Park in the giant Parking Garage. My mom was in the passanger seat, being a mom and stuff, and I was just trying to gain the expereince of parking by myself.

      I woke up early to go to school, had breakfast, and went outside the front door to see how cold it was. My mom was inside the living room with the cat, and when I went outside, Daniel drove his truck into the Rose Bush and Flower Box at my front door, nearly hitting me, and flashed his front lights, signaling me to get in. I got inside, and he wanted to go buy lighters.

      I'm getting out of the truck, walking to an odd shaped convenience store, and Taylor Volkema walks past me, but we pay each other no mind, and continue on our way. I get in, and walk around. I find myself forgetting about getting lighters and such, and notice some cloth's I'd like to put on. I take off my shirt, and am shirtless, then my pants, now pants-less. Before I know it, I'm on the floor, naked, in a convenience store. Luckily, I was in an aisle where no one could see me, so I was quick to put my cloths back on before anyone came by, except my parents, Mom and Dad, who just appeared in the same store, who saw me, and alerted me of my new exposed situation. I love Family!

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    7. B6, 200mg, Diectly before bed Results in Lucid Dream, realized in another dream?!

      by , 01-14-2013 at 02:32 AM
      I'd have to say I had maybe like 5 different dreams tonight, since the order is beyond me, I can only guess it went like this:
      Lucid Dream, False Awakening in a Mall, Roberto driving, Garrysmod, and a getting caught with Salvia Divinorum by my mom.

      The Lucid dream stated like this. I was outside, in a somewhat open park area. There was a street light near by, a tree, a curb leading to a road, and buildings in the distance. I was doing a general nothing-ness, and the reality of this struck me, and I so non-chalantly came to the realization I was actually dreaming, and I felt like I should start actually practice flying, so I did. Instead of running, and jumping, I laid down, on my back, and focused on upward movement. First couple seconds, nothing, but slowly, I started moving, and I continued to focus, reinforcing the fact that in a dream, I am only limited by myself, and moved faster and faster, till I was actually about 4-6 feet off the ground, and gaining! I re-positioned my body, and began Superman-ning through the dreamworld, up, up up up into the air, and I didn't really pay attention, but did realize buildings, trees, and other things were getting smaller, farther away, as I headed towards the clouds above, in the classic SuperMan pose. (One Arm in a Fist pointing extended forward) I rounded out once I came to the 'cloud line' and went straight, thinking "I could go ANYWHERE in the world!" and looking back at it now, I should've visited Maria in her Dreams, but oh well. I considered my freedom, but instead decided to just fly towards the nearest buildings, into the town, passing entire blocks and busy commerce. Basically this for awhile.

      Then a false awakening, I was in a mall with Roberto, and Lexi and her 'dad' was there too, and I went to tell Lexi about how I just had a Lucid dream. Either me, or Roberto, or for some reason, my mom, said something to Lexi's dad, that he got mad at us, demanded Lexi that we leave, as if we were all a group, so we all head outside of the mall, and to the parking lot, where Roberto had his car right near the door. Lexi's dad asked "Well, are we leaving or what?" and I was confused, Roberto said "yeah get in" and I tapped his shoulder, whispering him the reminder that they didn't come with us, and they have there own car. We both got it, and Lexi and her Dad stood around, also realizing they had a car, so it was somewhat of an Awkward moment!

      Once we were off driving, we found ourselves in a giant circle, with giant 2, 3 story houses, some with Christmas lights, since it was night time, and the circle was very hilly, and at the end of it, we were climbing up, then rolled down, and I think we came a little close to crashing cause he was talking to me distracted. either way we got out of the neighborhood.

      I arrived to a place, where Roberto showed me a 'game' except it was Garrysmod, and a part of me was like "OMG YOU PLAY GARRYSMOD????" But what I showed was no surprised look, so I told him "Yeah man, that's Garry's Mod, I used to play that all the time" which is an understatement, seeing how i've racked up about 2500+ hours on that game. Soon, I became a character in Garrysmod, in some $$ level Residential neighborhood, where the players we boarding up the walls of the houses with props. I met with Takaishi, an old friend from my Garry's mod days, and had some fun!

      In this world, which slowly morphed into everyday reality, I got a hold of a small Mason Jar of Saliva Divinorum. It was an extract, and I remember when I had it, it also came with a large orange capsule that could fit the Mason Jar, plus about 15 packets of Saliva Mix that you could pour in water, like Crystal Light. I opened the Mason Jar, and gave it a good sniff, and immediately got very tripped out, euphoric, and trippy. My mom suddenly appeared, and took it away from me, but luckily I had two packets in my pocket, but I got mad at her since I paid like $100 dollars on it, and she wanted to flush it down the toilet. The dream ended as I was on the search for where she hid it in the Garry'smod house I was still in/mall

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    8. DF: Roberto Confirms!

      by , 01-10-2013 at 01:06 AM
      He was standing in the road at some beach city place saying how he had about 5 vivid dreams, in my dream. I, on the other hand, can't remember much at all.
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    9. Beach Climb, Caught Smoking by Dean, Minecraft, and Stealing from the Fed?

      by , 01-08-2013 at 09:36 AM
      I was at a beach, very rocky, full of people, with my dad and sister. He was there to work on the bathrooms, the lighting or something. When he was done, I was allowed to go play. There was a giant monkey bar, in the back of this beach, where the ladders were replaced with Rock climbing holds, so I gave it a try. There was a little blond girl and a light black bald guy wearing like, green, black, and blue spandex, also on this monkey-bar thing. I tried getting a heel hook, but failed.

      I was then with my sister and her friend, trying to toke a joint in a bushes near a busy road. Before I could actually take a hit, I spotted Mr. Sanchez, the dean at my school, spying on us from across the road near the bushes. He called us out, and we got in some trouble.

      I was IN my minecraft server world, with Sarai and other people, and we were making the town more and more amazing. There was this Teal-ass house, supposedly a mansion, but looking back on it, was the ugliest thing I've ever dreamed up. There was some kind of argument with the townspeople and the previous owner of this house, and I wanted to add a fence across the estate, but never did. A police officers son joined the game, and wanted to help. He was a cartoon character, Spanish, bowl cut, with one large rounded tooth sticking out his mouth to make him look like a dingle door. I slightly disapproved of him, but he played nonetheless, helping with roads and such.

      I was in a garage/warehouse complex with my dad, in a place that slightly resembled Aiguille. Me and some friends, possibly my sister, wanted to break into a Federal Reserve Warehouse across the lot. We proceeded to using a cutting tool to cut the wooden locks and chains, granting us access to the warehouse, but owners of other warehouses, a black couple, big fat guy and his slim wife, saw us, and yelled out for us as we ran away from the warehouse back into ours. He caused a stir among the surrounding warehouse owners, and soon they all flooded ours demanding us hooligans to be brought to justice. Something happened, and they all left except the black couple, and I said "We were just going to use the wood to make go carts, and we'll go back and return the wood we stole" and the liked that. I made my way to return the wood, and they left, and we just ditched the wood, and prepared to enter the Federal Warehouse, then I woke up.
    10. More Weed, More Problems, and a Lesson in Bananas.

      by , 01-06-2013 at 10:38 AM
      Dream Fragment of my mom trying to explain to me how the Bananas with the light green on top tastes the best, offering me a bite, took a bite, and to my astonishment, was the best banana I've ever eaten!

      Dream Fragment of me seeing Lindsey at school on the Courtyard Steps, but she had absolutely no interest in my existence. Seemed somewhat oblivious to me trying to communicate with her.

      I was in my room, doing critical thinking with a giant ba of weed, about 7 grams or so, and I left it on my Night Stand, to where my mom came in, saw it, asked what is was, and I told her it was Weed I found under my bed. She Acted as if she had absolutely no idea what it was. Interestingly enough, she didn't seem all to disappointed in knowing I had a bag THAT big full of nugs. She then began to slowly and casually search my room for things and stuff, though at the time, I was playing Sim Copter with a friend, but the computer started smelling like smoke.
    11. Trains, Trees, Shops, and Space Vikings

      by , 01-05-2013 at 09:28 AM
      Summing this up due to connection problems:

      Climbed a Tree, 3 Cops drove by

      Trains crashed into each other, into cop cars, and riots and protests were being had. Intence

      Jeff and Daniel went to a small shop and Home depot to buy something, shortcut through dirt road across 434

      Model ship like Eve from Wall-e, in a small room, about to take on a Space Viking Ship, Aliens Black, Spiked Armour, blue eyes, and angry. Plowed through them, and Won!