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    Casting Shadows

    Camp Time Fun / Let's Race

    by , 10-31-2014 at 05:34 PM (240 Views)
    Dreams on October 29.

    First dream: I'm a part of a Christian camp and I'm in a cabin. My councilor (or at least the one who teaches me from the little book we get) is a young, black dude, probably in his late teens, who was very friendly. He sort of reminded me of a hippy. I had a giant magnifying glass and he wanted to see.

    But before that the heads of my cabin were putting us all in the little areas in the camp we needed to go to.

    Afterwards, one girl in my cabin said she got to talk to one of the pageant leaders.

    Second dream
    : I showed Ivory Coke songs and she liked them. I was talking to her--I think out loud--while I was walking to a convenient store. I seen her behind the glass door and she was looking pretty; I remember that her hair was straight. We were talking a bit and at some point she pulled the door open so I could come inside (I would have pulled it open anyway, but I don't think I wanted to--I think I wanted our interaction to be more poetic). Two Hispanics come up behind me and I offer to let them come through, but they move on to the next door and the mother said, "That's how you deal with people like that," referring to me.

    Then Mama, Daddy and I are in a car. Mama's knee is messed up and Daddy is angry. He has a sharp, plastic stick he uses to strike her with when he thinks we're about to crash. He sits in the middle of the front seats so he can be ??? something, I don't know. Though I am in the back, I am the one braking.

    We go speeding down the road, but I keep applying pressure on the brakes. Mama says that this way of driving is good, because it keeps her from going too fast because she is angry (mostly with Daddy, probably).

    Cars do come out and they are everywhere. It becomes difficult to dodge them and we wreck.

    We're back in the beginning, as if it's a video game. I suggest we do it again, and my parents seem as though their tension goes out and they are happy. This time when we get in I'm in the passenger's seat, though still the brake.

    (We drive in rural areas.)

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