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    Memorable Dreams

    1. "I Have the Power!"

      by , 10-09-2013 at 02:43 AM (Casting Shadows)
      Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2013
      Emotion before deaming: Calm
      Emotion after dreaming: Calm--maybe a bit accomplished
      Thoughts: Oh screw it, I'll try out this WILD technique tomorrow. I just wanna go to bed.
      Time spent sleeping: 12:00 AM - 5:30 AM
      Note: Sorry for the crap-writing in this one! I'm on the run so I can't bother to proofread it now.

      I'm sitting down on the floor in the corner (as if it was Christmas time) of the trailer that looked as if it was the one that my family and I lived in back in Ucon. It's been forever since we've eaten real spaghetti and my father asks me if I would be willing to give it a try if he "cooks it right." Despite my distinct hatred for spaghetti, I agree, and then I go back to my room to look up how in the world I'm supposed to make an Iron Man costume.

      (If you're curious, then the wikiHow article that I found in the dream told me that I needed a pair of red pajama pants and a shirt from some superhero that I've never heard of.)

      It's fairly early in the morning and so I go outside to walk around. The sun hasn't even come up yet and so the entire world is lit with a dim reddish color that you can only find during the early hours of daylight. Nothing is strange or "off" in anyway but I'm happy, and so I think--in a joking manner, of course--that if there's a giant cat of the jungle behind me then I am definitely dreaming.

      Well, amigos, guess what was behind me, pretty as a painting?

      Boy, was I surprised! I hadn't even expected anything to happen, so I felt a mixture of mild excitement, mostly shock, and a dash of fear (for the love of God there's a cougar right there and it's not moving!). Without a doubt, I was dreaming. I willed myself to rise a few yards in the air and glided back and forth, reminding myself that I needed to do all that was in my power to calm down. "Don't force it--let's just watch."

      And so I did. I don't really remember going back down, but my parents and I loaded up in the car for a road trip to Illinois. My mother tells me that she had never gone that way, "but she should have." Curious and interested in seeing some "lucid crap," I ask my father if he can turn the car into a bus. He tells me that yes, that was possible, but he would need to speed up in order for it to work. I watch as the speedometer rocketed all the way up to 160, but I knew that we were only going forty at least. I told him as much and he makes it look like he's going to turn the car into a bus then, but instead we just stop.

      Mama's parents were in Illinois. The two of them, along with my parents, sat around talking about relationships. My father said that he had always thought that "separate marriage was a good thing," and my grandparents said that Nickson had said (in regard to one of the relationships--either my parents' or my grandparents) "I'll take it." In the dream, this meant that he wanted to see me.

      Towards the end I was starting to want to get out of there and explore the dreamscape, and so I found steak and some other vegetable. I wanted to preserve the food and so I picked up two cylinder blocks and willed them to enlarge and merge. "I have the power!" I shouthed. Well, at least they got bigger. . . .

      I felt myself drifting apart, the world getting dark, and for a second I wanted to hold on to my lucidity; then I realized that I was waking up and, with a sort of resigned accomplishment, opened my eyes.
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    2. "WHO ARE YOU?"

      by , 11-04-2012 at 02:29 AM (Casting Shadows)
      David, Samantha, Jasper, and I were having a picnic at night, near the bridge around their place. It was very near the road, where we were at, which in real life would have made me uncomfortable. The stars were fairly bright, and there was a bridge that almost looked as though it was made of paper (though the bridge itself was sturdy) under the bridge that exists in real life.

      Some of David's friends rode up to us in a vehicle akin to a truck. There were a few people in the trailer, and a man in front. He looked oddly like David. . . .

      As the vehicle made its way down the "paper" bridge, my friends and I watched, in slow motion, the trailer start to veer off of it, down into the unknown. It occurred to us that they mustn't know that they were fixing to have an accident, so David and Samantha started yelling at them to stop. I could not hear their warnings, but I knew that they were behind me, doing just that. We first watched the trailer fall off the bridge and then, shortly after, the man had a wreck, which was also in slow motion. He fell off of his seat--I seen his cartoon-like glasses go flying. I was aware that all of them could have been hurt.

      I was the only one who found the entire situation mostly comical.

      Worried for his friends, David was going to run after them. As his wife, Samantha was going to go, too, and Jasper (his little brother) was going to join in. All three of them told me to wait there for my own safety. I obliged for a short time, but eventually became impatient. "I'm a Gryffindor," I said aloud to myself. "Do they expect me to sit here?"

      So I followed.

      I ended up at a restaurant--or outside of one. I was peering through the window, looking for Jasper, his family, and David's friends. All of them were a few tables behind some other people. I was slightly annoyed that they hadn't come and got me, but not overly so. Instead of going in and joining them, I looked at the other people. I payed no special attention to anyone, until my eyes hit a girl in her teens, who was blonde and blue-eyed. She had a semi-snobbish air about her. Her eyes met mine for a second, and she looked back down. I did not look away. I'm dreaming, I realized. I'm dreaming!

      Thoughts of carrying out my first lucid dream intention flashed through my mind, but I pushed them away: I had to take care of business, first.

      "WHO ARE YOU?" I screamed. Distantly, I realized that had hurt my throat, but I didn't pay my temporary pain very much thought. I had to know who this bitch was.

      Instead of answering me, the girl got up with her friends to take her tray to the counter.

      The logical side of me informed the impulsive, irrational side that of course she wasn't going to just obey like that--she was a dream character, after all, and was going to be stubborn. Attempting to suck up most of my anger, I flew over one of the tables to reach her and her friends more easily. "Who are you?"

      The girl still refused to answer, so I summoned her tray to me and flung it to the other side of the room.

      Getting even closer, I asked, "What is your name?"

      She looked different, now, though in my mind she was who she was just a few seconds ago. Her hair was longer, curlier, and darker. Her skin was paler. She answered some name, but I don't remember what it was; it may have started with a "M."

      There were subtitles at the bottom of my vision, as if I was playing a first POV video game. "Then why does that say different?"

      I may have punched her, but I am not sure.

      Looking outside to where I just was--behind the window--I seen Jarvis (a friend from school) slinking towards the door. For whatever reason, I did not want to speak to him, so I hurried out one of the exits. It could be a figment of my imagination, but I may have seen one of the Mario pipes--you know, the big green ones that were always sticking up from somewhere that would transport you to another place. This was a part of my first lucid dream intention, so it is not surprising that I may have seen this.

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