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    My collection of dream tales

    Filled with epically interesting stuff that keeps you reading!:awesomed:

    1. invisible cheat master

      by , 09-07-2011 at 10:53 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      dream 1:I was taking a test and the kid who was a bout two feet away from me says that he had an invisible friend giving him all the answers. I didn't believe him. Until the friend made himself visible to me and told me some answers. Thats all I remember.
      dream 2: There was a serial killer delivering books to my school. He was smoking a cigarette and talking to me and some other kids. They started aggravating him but because of special pills he didn't do anything to them. But he sometimes didn't take his pills and would kille people. I don't remember how he did it or how many times he killed in the dream.
    2. summoning FAIL!

      by , 09-05-2011 at 04:25 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      dream 1:I was in my house and became lucid, and then stabilized. I started walking around, and decided to leave the house as soon as I did, I tried to fly, but got a high jump. which is progress for me. Then I tried summoning like an earth bender from that old show avatar. Then I tried summoning by using a tecchnique I saw on dreamviews and yelled out what I wanted, no success. Then I "woke up" in my front yard and thought I'd been sleep walking. Then I saw teachers in the next yard over. I hid from them and did an rc, and became lucid and started to attempt flying and summoning again. No success. Then I "woke up" again inside my house in the living room. I did an rc became lucid and woke up. I did an rc again and I was really awake this time.
      dream 2: I was in a real game of zombies but I was a pokemon. The dream ended and I woke up when I died.
      That was really good for one night. But my control still needs work.:lol:
    3. 15th lucid.

      by , 09-04-2011 at 07:23 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      1st dream: there was this guy who came to our class and started teaching us about condoms. The entire time me and some other kids were making jokes about it. He dropped a few condoms and we took a few. when we were walking out the door to go to our next class I did an RC by checking my fingers they were pretty normal, I went lucid anyways and started making out with the closest pretty girl. Then went on to the next class. There a girl complained her computer was not working and I said " Who cares if it isn't working THIS IS A DREAM!" I then picked up the computer and was about to throw it on the ground and break it when the teacher came in and said " No it's not a dream these computers just aren't working." I then did a reality check and my hands still looked pretty normal. This made me think that I might not be dreaming and to see if I was or not I closed my eyes and tried to wake up. I did.It was a stupid idea I realized when I woke up. I tried to fly a few times but couldn't and tried flipping a switch to turn gravity off didn't work. I was just grateful I could move in this one though.
      BTW: could anyone help me out I'm lazy when It comes to writing in my journal as soon as I wake up I could use some hints on getting myself out of bed, and sometimes when my alarm clock goes off I just don't bother with the journal right next to it even though I have plenty of time in the mornings before school to write in it,10-20 minutes usually. any help?
    4. lucid, zero control

      by , 08-28-2011 at 08:38 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      1st dream: I was In my backyard and music started to play in the country club near the subdivision I live in. The kids around me started to dance. I didn't. The band was wearing face paint and started playing the wrong songs. thats all I remember frrom it.
      2nd dream lucid: The school bus was stuck at the the school until like 10 o'clock for some reason. When I got on it I started thinking about lucid dreaming and reality checks. Then I said "I oughta do one of those right now!" I went lucid and decided to try to get to dremviews academy, and made the bus start flying. But couldn't move my limbs, and could barely keep my eyes open. So I decided to move one limb at a time. It was hard. I got frustrated and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was awake and tried to fall back asleep into the dream ( a technique I've actually started to get good at) but was unsuccesful this time.
    5. Alot To Say...

      by , 08-24-2011 at 09:37 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      first off I've come back after breaking my dry spell. I had two lucids last night. Both DILD. I 'll tell you all about it.
      1st dream. I was in what looked like a room somewhere in my school. The walls were pink, yet almost red. There were necromorphs coming in from the cieling. (necromorphs are a type of zombie from a game called dead space) I was using guns from call of duty to kill them. After about 6 kills I somehow ended up in my house and the teacher in the room had turned into my mother. Everyone was starting to go to sleep which upset me because it was not safe to go to sleep in a zombie infested area. don't remember anything after that.

      2nd dream: I was going to school on a unicycle or a icycle and I almost hit the front of this red car. once we both stoppped the underage driver got out and gave me a high five and walked off. I continued to school. There I realized that I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be in the 5th or 6th grade, (I'm in the 8th) so I left after a while. Then I went to a middle school. where I saw Alot of familiar faces and then thos one girl came up to me and starting saying provocative things like I could have her way with her if I wanted to. I decided to put my hand on her hip and she took it off and said she was kidding. Then I don't know how, but I ended up in the krusty krab and went lucid. There was a pile of gold I jumped into it and tried to use my powers by lifting a cell phone without touching it. It took me a few tries. Then I realized I ha little control here. Then I went to Where Mr. krabs house used to be and did a reality check to make sure I was still dreaming. There were two giant flys on the remnants of his house. One was dead and the other was trying to fix it, and was spraying webs. eventually I woke up.

      dream3: once I woke up it was 2 minutes before my alarm clock went off, I tried going back to sleep but the clock went off before that. I went to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I looked wierd and so did the other stuff in the mirror and I became lucid. The first thing I did was jump ouy of the nearest window to fly but landed on my head. But there fore some reason was the strange addition to my house with a couch in it that I landed on. Once I landed on the couch I reality checked and stabilized the dream by rubbing my hands and then the dream got less fuzzy. But I got that feeling I always do when I'm falling in a dream. It's a painful yet ticklish feeling in my stomach that scared me and for the first time I didn't wake up when I felt it. I tired again to jump out of the window and fly and failed again.

      I know there was more to this lucid because it lasted at least 3 minutes but I can't remember more because I've been slacking when It comes to writing in my journal lately.

      I had no control in these lucids any advice would be cool.

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    6. need to start posting here again.

      by , 08-21-2011 at 11:28 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      Gonna post a new entry as soon as possible to get my recall back on track.
    7. WBTB attempt,success! 3 lucids in one night!

      by , 08-14-2011 at 12:58 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      In the first dream I had gotte this huge purple machine and I was trying put a t.v. on and my brother was helping me. At the same time though I was videochatting with somebody, a girl. She used mind powers to blow up my brothers head. so I left the house when that happened. don't remember anything after that. I did have some hh when I woke up though.
      2 dreams I can't fully remember had to do with me and some other people fighting of nazi's by using rhino's
      and me standing on somebodies car while they drove.
      the lucids: I was in a mcdonalds or wendys when people from school starting noticing me and waving at me. I did an rc and woke up. went back to sleep and I was dreaming I was on a school bus. I did an rc became lucid and shouted " I'M LUCID I MUST GET TO THE ACADEMY" but couldn't stand up.(thanks dream gravity)I really couldn't move so I just woke up. Then went back to sleep again. I was dreaming I was on the bus and we were passing up giant bookshelves filled with children's books. then some guy started talking about a french painting robot they saww that got thrown away because people feared it might turn on them. Then I was in a different dream I was standing at the back of my house and became lucid immediately saw a girl and immediately tried to get busy.(did an rc before trying to get busy to make sure I was still dreaming) but woke up in the middle of "business"
      too bad I can't try this anymore with school starting tomorrow:P Anybody got tips for the gravity? and I realize I didn't stabilize in any of them I need to work on that.

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    8. lucid+fragments

      by , 08-13-2011 at 03:18 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      My recall has been skewing off into something terrible lately, I'm sure it'll improve. I don't remember anything but 3 fragments from last night. But I did go lucid, but woke up automatically. I'm pretty sure I know what I did. I woke from a dream and went back into it, I've done it once before as a kid though. I don't know the name of the technique though.
      Frag1: I remember having a chopper bike and my granny was coming over.
      frag2: I had to turn on the world's power or everyone would die. But I had to get through zombies.
      frag3: 2 guys in suits came into my house, older and bigger than me and I kicked their butts and sent them drivingoff. one of them didn't get in the car so he was left at my house and he ran away. I told everybody about it who didn't see it
    9. a dream and a fragment

      by , 08-11-2011 at 10:12 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      dream1: I was ezio from assassin's creed. Two thieves stole oprah's hair extensions,and some money from her and the guy with her. I had to chase the guys who took her stuff and kill them.(seems harsh I know) I had to chase them on terrain that was hard to run on some pretty rugged terrain. I said this rugged hill was hard to run on and one of the thives said it wasn't. eventually I found them after letting them get away the first time. I ran one up a tower and killed him there. Then the other one got in a car. I got in with him and went to the weapons screen to switch to my favorite knife( it was alot like the game but with cars and stuff) I held the knife to his head and said "any last words?". He said yes and began to pray that the family he would be leaving(2 sons and a wife) would be okay without him. Then I realized he only did it to support his family. But a job was a job. I had to kill him. I started driving while he prayed and almost hit a school bus. I tried to stab him in the head but my knife wouldn't work, niether was my sword, or my hidden blade. Eventually I crashed the car and he got out and ran away. I didn't go after him. then the kids from the teen titans started poopping up out of nowhere as babies, and would randomly become teenagers within seconds. All I remember from this one.

      Fragment: I was spongebob and the guy from that one episode about the pickles walked into the krusty krab. Right then I knew what was about to happen. hen when I put the pickles on his burger I showed everybody the pickles by raising them in the air and then putting them on the burger. that's all I remember.
    10. inventing chicken

      by , 08-10-2011 at 06:00 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      I don't remember much because I couldn't write down my dreams down when I wake up.
      dream 1: there was this bass player every body wanted to see I guess I was his manager. I started making people chant and stuff like, " DO YOU WANNA HEAR HIM PLAY!" "YEAH!". I never let them hear him though. then I went to this place that was circle shaped and had 4 entrances around it. no doors. there were people inside eating and stuff. Then this caveman came up to me and told me his name(something with junior in it). me and some other cave people starting roasting stuff over fire. I was roasting 2 coconuts. They wouldn't get hot though. so I gave up. Then tried chicken it did cook. no cavemen were around though so I showed off to my brother by saying " Look I invented fried chicken!" Then he tried to take it from me. he didn't get it. That's all I remember from this one.

      dream2: Kenny from southpark was reading a book that made hypnotized him into becoming a murderer. He killed stan, cartmen, and kyle. Then they became zombies and started chasing me. Then I found this one guy who help me and we killed them together by cutting their heads off. then He showed me a decapitated shark head. Then my mother and sister came in and started talking about halloween. Then I said, " OH crap it's halloween? why didn't you guys tell me!?" I thought about putting the decapitated shark head on as a costume. But then I thought it was probably filled unsafe stuff like teeth and germs. there was no time to take that stuff out. Then I made a joke and said " maybe I should go as a woman!" and pulled some lipstick out of my mothers purse. But she scowled at me. I just stayed home and then realized hat it wasn't halloween. that's all I remember.

      Dream3: I had ice powers me and some other super heroes were looking around on a map for some villians. It was like call of duty, but with heroes and villians.

      dream4: me and a friend just got the god of war 4 demo( not real) I played for about two minutes then he played but wouldn't give back the remote. so he left. I turned off the system. Then started getting chased through a dungeon by something.
    11. gorilla and evil bouncy egg machine

      by , 08-08-2011 at 08:46 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      dream 1: I was watching phineas and ferb and eating a slim jim. I almost choked on it a few times. dr.doofenshirmerts, bad guy creadted an evil green bouncy thing. It had a spike on top of it, and glass for him to see through when he got in it. It was shaped like an egg. It was indestructible. then this one girl came into my room and we started talking about pokemon. I kept nearly choking. then my mom came up stairs. I realized it was morning and she wouldn't allow me to be eating slim jims. (I only ate it because I felt like it had been there for days because I had seen it in my room in a few other dreams.) I got rid of it and started to change the channel and american idol was on. The guy in the bouncy egg thing was a judge, a mean one. Then when the people passed through auditions when they got to hollywood they became his slaves. They fed him somehow and cleaned his machine. but for some reason he got out and they killed him when he did.

      dream 2:Me and some other people were running from a gorilla in a cave. when I got out of the cave I found a short glass ledge that I jumped over to escpae the habitat. I jumped back in and out to tease the gorilla. then he got out to and said something in a cartonny braniac voice. I ran down the street and the gorilla stopped. I then saw zombies up ahead. I almost got caught by one before I started running off again.

      dream 3: don't remembermuch of this one me and charlie sheen were doing stuff together like going to movies and clubs because he had just moved in right next to me.
    12. ice sculpter

      by , 08-06-2011 at 05:04 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      dream 1 and only from last night:
      in this dream mr.garrison had given me, cartmen, kyle, stan, and kenny an assignment where we had to build an ice sculpture of a roman building, or something. We started making a parthenon, when wendy told us it had to be a sculpture of an ice shard. we freaked out, then we found out she was lying. Then sponge bob made a heart shaped sculpture and chopped it in half to make it look like a broken heart. Then cartmen destroyed it for no reason. Then there was this one lady who had helped us build a new one and get a good grade. then we went to the womans grandma's house. I asked her where the bathroom was, and she said it's police academy 4. I found the bathroom and it had a wierd sheet hanging in the middle of the toilet. I couldn't figure out how to flush though. so I just left my "stuff" there. Then we went back home and ernie from george lopez was there and he was talking to the ladie and told her his age. That made her appauled for some reason, so she left.
      I had another short dream though about angry bugs that made me paranoid about bugs when I woke up.
      I don't know why but I have alot of dreams with cartoon characters, I don't really like that.

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    13. no sleep

      by , 08-06-2011 at 12:43 AM (My collection of dream tales)
      Last night I couldn't get to sleep until after 3:00 AM. It was frustrating . Then I couldn't recall any dreams in the morning because of my lack of sleep all I could remember was a literally inexplicable scene. gonna try again tonight.
    14. I'm back!

      by , 08-04-2011 at 11:45 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      anyways after a long break from dreamviews I'm back! I did not write this in my dj when I woke up I was able to remember it by repeating it to myself as I awoke. Which doesn't always work.
      1st dream LUCID:This one I only remember the part where I become lucid. I was staring at the sun when I became lucid Then these two gangsters walked up to me and telling me all paranoid fears. By that I mean those "what if" fears. They started to scare me with that and started to make me think "what if they do those things to me?" I had to get out of there and the quickest way to do that of course is to wake up. I got scared and did it on purpose(like an idiot)
      2nd dream:I was with a friend from school and we were playing black ops together with the rest of the kids in my entire school. But it was black ops in real life. You could come back to life though. Because it was all made up by my dream mind the maps looked strange. they were to complex to explain. For some reason everyone but me was getting kills. I got one and I had to shoot a guy in the back like 100 times with a shotgun. then we started playing zombies and lego zombies, and died.

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    15. 8th lucid, car on a snake

      by , 06-27-2011 at 02:58 PM (My collection of dream tales)
      this one started out with me in a forest and then a herd of shaymin started coming towards me and my friends and family. they were friendly though. then I became lucid when I realized that shaymin arent supposed to be completely green, and then realized that pokemon aren't real. The first thing I did was use my force powers to throw the biggest shaymin against a wall(60 pounds is my guess), then tried to summon the girl from my last dream in my journal, but ended up just summoning my brother, and woke up.
      in another dream I was the cop car from that movie cars and was chasing a snake and crashed alot I also ran out of gas. I got fixed and then found him and caught him I tied him in a knot, and he started turning everyone else into snakes. don't remember anything after that.
      I need to work on keeping myself lucid, and summoning, been having problems with that lately.

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