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    1. Rescueing a baby

      by , 04-19-2017 at 08:02 AM
      Last dj entry was ages ago, I have to get back on track (also because I'm not having lucid dreams anymore, me fool!).

      I'm at a very crowded koningsdag (day of the king, in The Netherlands) in a village in Italy (?), at a certain point I see a baby almost falling from the roof of a van. I start to run as a crazy to go there and secure the baby, but he falls down just a second before I can catch him. I check how he is and it seems that he's still fine. I look around, I ask if the baby is of somebody there but nobody seems to know the baby, so I decide to run to the doctor. The scene shifts to the doctor's office which says that the baby could be undesired because of some body or mental problem. I say then that in any case he will find better parents than the ones who abandoned him and if he was ok I could adopt him and give a new brother to my little daughter.

      I could experience very strong feelings in this dream. Fear, adrenaline, parent feelings, attachment, love, apprehension, charity.