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    1. Car's lights not working

      by , 10-17-2017 at 03:17 AM
      I'm in a car with my girlfriend and an African American guy in the Netherlands. I'm driving the car but having big troubles driving it and especially I can't figure out how to switch on the lights.
    2. Prison exercise, horse

      by , 10-16-2017 at 05:59 AM
      Dream 1:
      I insert a house from some distant relative. The house is big but with old fashioned furnitures and decorations. My girlfriend and I moved there but we struggle with a clause that forced us to split the house with the former owner's horse, which must live inside the house with us otherwise we lose the possession of the mansion. The horse is beautiful and with a nice temper but we are not completely satisfied because of the peculiar situation.

      Dream 2: I work in a prison and we are in the middle of a very big wedding party which all the inmates are invited. At a certain point a controversial event takes place and the inmates start to demonstrate against the security. The security did its job and forced the inmates inside their own cells. In the act of discussing the events with a prison resource manager, it reveals me that the whole event was actually a test planned in its minutest detail, and that The Netherlands is the most advanced country in the world in this kind of event planning.

      Both my dreams have been acted in English.

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    3. Creepy and just plain weird

      by , 01-28-2017 at 09:07 AM
      All non lucid
      - I attend a drive in mass. There is a choir of very low bass codes that chants "oh Rihanna" (I guess that osannah is old fashioned nowadays). This causes an earthquake that moves the land all around the desertic field where the drive in mass to place. (Eh?)

      - I'm attending a course where I like a woman. In the course there are other three women, and I have sex with all of them. Then I let this know to the one I'm interested and add that I want to have sex also with her.

      - I'm in vacation with my girlfriend in a place at the borders from the Netherlands and Portugal (eh??). The people look Portuguese but generally speak Dutch. The place is corrupted and the streets very dangerous. While I wait for my girlfriend to order food, I hang out with a big blue Teddy bear. He wants to explore the area but he cannot fly. Fortunately he has telekinesis and can see through the eyes of other creatures so he uses a bit as a drone. I finally decide that I am too hungry to further wait for my girlfriend so I other a six courses menu for two people.

      All regular right?
    4. Paralyzed on a lucid

      by , 01-20-2017 at 11:50 PM
      This is my second success with a wild. Sort of let's say...

      Also for the second time I feel like I have a long delay from falling asleep and discovering myself in my room lying on my bed but in a dream.

      The first time was shocking and didn't know what to do, also doubt about being actually awake. Not this time. But I was paralyzed. I could touch my body without being able to move my arms, or to better say: I could feel being touched where I wanted to put my hands. Then I could finally move but with enormous difficulty. I realize not being in my bedroom because the wardrobe with the big mirror was gone. This is a big problem for me because I always use the mirror to go out of the room. So I go through the door and I find myself another time in the bed. The movements become more difficult as they were not difficult enough. I decide that this time I try using the window, but as soon as I am out of the bed I find myself belly in the bed. Ready check, I'm awake. I can now move normally.
    5. 4 lucid dreams last night!

      by , 12-15-2016 at 01:21 PM
      Wow. I mean. Wow. I'm coming from a period where my effort for lucid dreaming is the minimum possible. I had a long sequence of false awakenings. I have a theory about it. I wrote it at the end of the post.

      - I'm in front of a mirror and I decide to reality check. The mirror works fantastically, but my eyes appear deformed. Thanks to my long effort to overcome my fear of mirrors I have now a fantastic tool! I realize I'm dreaming, and I enter in the mirror. I'm in my parents' village in Italy. I started to fly and I want to fly to Saturn, that I can see in the sky. I change my mind when I see that the village is full of people (in my last dreams people were almost nowhere to be found and always enemies). I land back and i want to interact with them. I find a colleague of mine, and in the dream he shows a very outspoken personality. I decide to ignore him though. I remember about an old task that consisted in asking the name of the characters. I ask a man what is his name, and he doesn't want to talk at all. I force him to say his name and he eventually say that his name is Nahem, and he goes away. I let him go and I lose my lucidity, and I wake up.

      - I reality check: still a dream. I enter in the mirror, I'm in Naples. My parents are there. My mother complains about something useless, I told them that I have to go because I have more important things to do. I fly away, but I lose the lucidity and I wake up.

      - I'm in front of another mirror. Reality check: deformed eyes. It's a dream. I jump inside the mirror, I'm in the Dutch city The Hague, in Grotemarkt. I talk to a girl, I ask her her name. She answer "I'm Lesa". That word in Italian means damaged; if an Italian woman says "I'm Lesa" it means something like "my brain is damaged". I made them a joke about it "oh, I see, both as a name and as a fact". She facepalms and smiles for my horrible joke. I ask to the other woman in her table "and you? Are you also Lesa?" And she answers "no". I reply "oh that's strange! You look like you are!" The crowd finds my jokes very funny and laughs or loud. Then I ask another woman "and what's your name?" "Samantha" "oh that's a beautiful name!". I then lose lucidity and wake up in my bed.

      - but when I reality check I discover that it's another dream. This time i invite my girlfriend and my cat to join me in the mirror. I cuddle my pet a little bit before he decided to come... But then I don't find him anymore. we are in some very boring place in the Netherlands. i invite my girlfriend to fly with me. I explain her how to do it. She manages to do it and she is enthusiast! It works! It works! I then lose lucidity and I wake up for real.

      I check the tube, 4:30. I think that the long series of false awakenings was due to the fact that my phone was empty and it was under recharge, but turned off. I was worried about not being able to wake up on time.

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    6. Struggling with recall

      by , 11-22-2016 at 09:56 AM
      I'm really struggling in the last two weeks with recalling my dreams. I'm having incredibly long dreams every night where i fail to remember what I do, but they feel never ending. This time anyway i have something to journal.

      - I'm in a "oratorio" in Italy (place managed by the local priest who offers facilities and playing activities for chosen and kids in addition to little moments for praying together). I'm there with my mother and at a certain point I spot some friends i had in my youth and started to play football together. We then act a little show which the purpose was to have fun of an older guy who was also playing football with us in the past.
    7. Girlfriend betrays, place with outstanding view, morphing text, kissing random women

      by , 11-09-2016 at 01:33 PM
      - my girlfriend betrays me with another guy and stays days at his place and let me understand she's about to close out relationship. I also about this fact with my friends.

      - me and my girlfriend are in Italy in the village of my parents. They just opened a new cafe just after the filing station with an incredible view from the sea (in real life the village is on the hills and the sea is hundreds kilometers far away from the sea). A couple of friends should come but sight show up. My girlfriend and I assist to a pregnancy course in the café.

      - I was in a random building and at a certain point there is some text on the wall that morph into Cyrillic (benefit of studying Russian). The thing makes me lucid but I become overenthusiastic and I wake up.

      - this dream is semi lucid. Could realise what I was thinking but not really conscious that I was dreaming and could do whatever. I go around in a caregiving island and I kiss random women, especially a very hot blonde girl. Alarm clock wanted me up before i could pass to hotter actions.
    8. Broke with my girlfriend, the flight

      by , 11-07-2016 at 03:10 PM
      - dream: This dream was a mess. Incredibly long and a lot of things happen. At first my girlfriend breaks with me. Then I'm busy saving another girl by a stalker; finally the girl was saved by someone else but I bring her with me on a hotel room and I have sex with her. Then I go to the room aside and discover that my girlfriend was there and could here everything, and she was very sad. I tell her that I want her back and this thing makes the other girl very sad. At the end I stay with the new girl but desire my girlfriend back.

      This in extreme synthesis. It was never ending and it includes me going in places, doing actions and talking with people... Thing in common with the best dream:

      - dream: I have to take a flight to the Netherlands, and I'm in Italy. I'm at the church and two guys push me out of the church in secret to ask me to join a body building competition, which I decline. I come back to the church to finish the mass and in the meanwhile I tell this to a friend. Then I go to a large gathering to take advantage of the catering service. Then I start to complain with my father that I want a proper lunch before to take the flight. Then I play football. Then I'm at the highschool where I'm the only student who understands the lesson and the professor asks me to help another student. Then my girlfriend comes in the lab complaining that I'm very late to take the flight, which I reply that I have an assignment and that I can take flight later...

    9. The horrible chicken, weird sexual dream

      by , 11-03-2016 at 10:07 AM
      I had a very crazy day yesterday that resolved into a crazy night.
      I had a little shock when a woman of my team showed signs of depression and psychologic instability and that has for sure influenced my dreams.

      - dream: I'm going around with a guy I have little respect of and we were both talking trash of him, but he was thinking that he was actually another person. He referred as himself as "il gallinaccio" (the horrible chicken).

      I then woke up, stayed awake three hours, watched porn and engaged in autoerotism, which produced an embarrassing dream:
      - a woman that i know and definitely don't find attractive, introduced me to her new activity: recording porn with vocalizations to teach singing to her students. She showed me a videotape (somehow related to the porn I watched when awake) and also gave me an impromptu live demo - which I didn't particularly appreciated. She was very proud and I was very perplexed about the pedagogic value of this approach to singing.
    10. Change of sex

      by , 10-27-2016 at 09:03 AM
      Non lucid:
      - no, I didn't become a woman in this dream. I basically wanted to live like a woman. I say this to my girlfriend and she's fine with that. Only problem: she gives me women clothes that are way too big for me, I feel ashamed because I would look ugly and refused to wear them. I then tell her that I prefer to look good in men clothes and not being ridiculous, so that I wear my old clothes and go in a boutique to shop for nice dresses.

      Still, after the dream, I smiled and think how far from the reality is this dream. Said that, i admit that in my lucid experiences I would not mind to experiment with different sex/sexualities.
    11. Jumbo snails!

      by , 10-26-2016 at 08:18 AM
      Non lucid
      I'm in Italy, or maybe in Duckstad. I live with my parents in what reminds me of Donald Duck's house and on top of the hill instead of the building of uncle Scrooge there is a boring factory that has been closed because the hill is full of big snails. My mother associates big snails with lean proteins for free and she wants to start a diet full of jumbo snails lean meat. I refuse categorically.
    12. Laser guys robbers, fighting in the space, guitar teacher

      by , 10-25-2016 at 06:40 AM
      My dreams are becoming finally less boring

      all non lucid

      - My gf and I discover that we like laser games. She takes an agreement that a team of 3 laser gamer come to our house in random days during the night to entertain us (she has of course to give them the key of the house). This indeed happens a couple of time (with a specially funny scene where she hits herself on purpose and starts to scream "help me please!!! you have to fuck me now or I will die!!!" XD).
      She also finds cheaper laser game company and she takes agreement also with them, but this time with a team of two people. A night we find the first team in our house but this time to rob us, not to entertain us. Luckily arrive also the cheaper team (what a luck) for the rescue, and one of the two cheaper guys is... Brock Lesnar. BROCK LESNAR!!! What a luck!!! I join Brock and the other guy to fight against the expensive team. I beatmy direct opponent by destroying an axe on his head (his head didn't destroy). Our house is safe!

      - Because one fight was not enough, I had another team fight in another planet, against some bad guys in very weird space outfit... And there are also two guys that come to assist at the fight with no obvious role. We win. I think...

      - A little girl and I assist at a demonstration of a guitar teacher and a cook. The girl was interested in the guitar lessons but she becomes immediately disinterested when she discovers that she has to pay for it. I am enthousiast and decide to enroll to singing lessons, guitar lessons, marathon lessons (?) and cooking lessons with the cook. And to study Russian. The cook gives me his pan as a present.

      Finally some nice non-sense. Unfortunately all this crazy amount of non-sense didn't make me lucid, but it was entertaining.

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    13. Angry manager, angry girl

      by , 10-24-2016 at 10:56 AM
      Both non-lucid.
      Apparently I'm having the fear to make other people upset...

      - I'm at work. My manager tells me that I have to deliver immediately a version of the application. I do it but there is an error. The manager is angry on me. I deliver a new version but there is still another error. The manager is increasingly angry on me. I finally delivery a new version without mistakes but the manager doesn't check it and comes to me shouting and saying that I was slacking and that I have to work much harder, which was feeling very unfair to me because I was really working hard.

      - This is very very long. I'm not sure about where this dream is placed, but for sure not in italy, and I might be wrong but it was also not looking like The Netherlands. It could be something Scandinavian. Maybe Norway, on summer. I'm in a theater, with my parents, to see a sort of musical with a religious background story. After the musical, I go back with them and they tell me that they changed the bathroom and they put a new shower (what a coincidence, this is something I'm planning to do for my house). Then I go around with the bike with my friends, off road. We even cross a river with the bike. Then I meet a group of girls and there is in particular one with whom I have a click. Later on I'm in a restaurant with my girlfriend, waiting for my friends to show up. Casually the girl of before was showing up, with a friend (a guy). I then let my girlfriend alone with the guy and started to flirt with the other girl. We danced together. We sat on a table the two of us and then at a certain point I realized "hey, this is wrong of me! I forgot my girlfriend at the other table!" and the girl "what??????" (she was thinking that my girlfriend was actually just a friend). I go to the other table and find my girlfriend incredibly bored and annoyed with me that I let her alone, she didn't like the company of the other guy at all. I say "let's go on the other table, my friends are not showing up" and when we come back to the table where the other girl was sitting, she was incredibly angry and frustrated and she started to shout at the other guy for a very trivial reason. My girlfriend sits very far away from me. I then wake up.

      In the first dream I talked partially English and partially Dutch. In the second I spoke in Italian with my parents and friends, In Spanish with people around and with my girlfriend (that doesn't make any sense) and in English with the girl I was flirting with.

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    14. Singer, the ex

      by , 10-22-2016 at 11:20 PM
      Non lucid dreams:

      - I'm in Netherlands with the company of an Italian guy. He's a summer and brother of a girl i met in real life, but I never met him directly. In the dream he moved in Netherlands under advice of a priest (?). A friend of mine was there and I said the guy that my friends knows his sister, and the guy was like "how can you know i have a sister if we never met before and I didn't tell you so". I then tell him that I'm becoming daddy (this is true) and he congratulates me. I ask him if he has children and he told me that he prefers not because his girlfriend is handicapped. I then fantasize of the fact that I can casually sing with him. We go to the church for a mass and I think that this fantasy can become true, but I sing and he disappears from my sight.

      - I'm with my girlfriend at the house of her ex. I discover from her that one of her ex was the brother of the sunset of my ex band. Talking with him I discover that he had also a relationship with my ex and that both of us dumped her because she was too religious for our tastes.

      Most of the dream signs here are about weird dialogues and misplaced people.
    15. Boring boring boring

      by , 10-21-2016 at 06:26 AM
      Boring non lucid dreams
      - I put the green container outside. I think about the fact that it's almost full.
      - I compare with my girlfriend our books.
      - I meet some friends. One tells me that he will not arrive at 50 healthy because he drinks too much.
      - I go in a bar speaking Italian to the barista. The guy didn't speak Italian so I tell him in Dutch that I'm going away.
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