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    Going into the Army

    by , 09-21-2018 at 10:09 AM (269 Views)
    My husband was going into the army and we were becoming close friends with the army srgts and the army wives. We were staying the night at a hotel close by. I asked to borrow one of the army wives clothes since I found myself naked? But then I wasn’t when I was given access to her closet and drawers. I changed and then realized the men were going off to war and expected my husband on the plane. I looked at the army wide and her husband. He was 20 she was 50. I told my husband to wait because I felt that him being in the army would ruin our marriage and I could prove it to him. I asked the wife how many times she had been married. She said 3. I then asked how many were to army men and she looked sad and said three. I said “see! It’s a game they are playing, she’s using the men to live off of. They go to war and die and she gets another one. And I don’t do that I won’t live like that!” Then we left. I thought about taking the clothes I borrowed but decided to change back into my old things and woke up.
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