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    1. Wintercomp 2022 night 1

      by , 12-02-2022 at 08:20 AM
      First night of the winter comp :p

      () -> personal notes (like this)
      [DS] -> dream sign (stolen from FryingMan :p)

      Went to sleep at 10pm
      1) Woke up at 12am due to a ton of noise outside, keeping me awake for the next 40-ish minutes = 1x dream, wbtb -> +3
      2) Wbtb at 3 am or 4 am = 1x dream, 3x fragment -> +2.5
      3) Wbtb at 5 am = 2x fragment -> +1
      Night Total: +6.5 points
      Comp Total: 6.5 points

      Dream: There's a new video game, it's about strategy and battle and I'm inside the selection screen [DS], like some kind of VR, I heard something about a special game mode related to Arcane (league of legends series) however the option is nowhere to be seen. Once inside a different game mode it's not a strategy game but more like an FPS, I can see the game engine floor map tiles? And they have arrows for speed and floating point number calculations, I decide to check whether moving diagonally would be faster than straight, which turns out not to be the case because the tiles are rotated 45 degrees and the arrows there are the biggest indicating slowest speed. (idk, dream logic lol, so I guess [DS], perhaps)

      Dream: I'm at some Italian looking place, a single alley with lots of restaurants, very nice looking, I also stay at a hotel and I steal food there [DS], some bread slices and a slice of meat, I meet a mom of a friend of mine and his cat scratches me or at least tried, my friend arrives and notices some "naughty" Pokémon tab open on my phone [DS] but it turns out to be a Youtube video about funny "naughty" Pokémon sketches he recognizes. After that something follows about me at home playing the piano by holding a ton of belts (this was really crazy, very much [DS]), it worked and the music was pretty good but it was a crazy experience to do it with belts lol, like it had a very weird vibe and smoke came out of the piano.

      Fragment: My mom wrote a really popular piece of text about time travelling and other stuff I can't remember

      Fragment: I walk down the streets and there's a girl in front of me but there's clearly stuff wrong with her, it's like some kind of zombie, her face is horrific [DS] (with lots of details I'm going to try and forget for the rest of my life xd ((exaggeration))), anyways, as she's walking she's literally breaking apart in all kinds of ways, at some point her upper back kind of rips off and I look inside her, she's hollow... (Very much [DS] lol, if the first [DS] about it wasn't enough) after that I find more of those zombie like people and find some girls that wanna climb a skyscraper [DS] to be safe, we climb it and when on top it's a pretty nice view, though all the girls are now guys lol

      Fragment: A really short one about some kind of auto-chess game but with actual chess pieces.

      Fragment: I'm making hard boiled eggs for my dad at the back of our yard, one is fine, the other I didn't even peel but it's only half an egg?

      Fragment: I'm at some sort of conference when someone high up starts shooting with a big cannon like weapon [DS], I recognize the person behind it.

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