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    3rd LD

    by , 04-12-2018 at 11:40 AM (530 Views)
    Im in the queue waiting for the teacher to come ots grey outside and everything looks normal. Theres this new very pretty girl in our class thats rubbing my back slowly, so I look at her and she goes away to the toilets. Were going away from the building but the rainroof thing seems to get closer and closer to the ground. Its not the roof getting closer to the ground but me getting bigger. Were on the playground now and Im about 15 meters tall. Everyone is laughing at me and all of a sudden I realise, Im in a damn dream. So I go to the other school building and shrink again. My dream control was very very limited.
    I went in the building and started roaming the hall to check for the girl but no luck on the way a teacher asked me. Are you asleep and I said no because I think she wanted to know if I was lucid and shes my worst teacher Ive ever had. After a while I go back outside and start flying. The flying was way better than last time and worked pretty well. This time everyone was clapping and cheering all over the place as if I was the most famous man on the planet. I flew to the big building and 30 were climbing up to the top. I went and flew around it and hid for a miment trying to change my cloths but drream control was too limited. I just went with it and flew a couple of times across the building and high fived a guy. But he grabbed me so I took him straight to the ground safely which was a struggle. I went back out and I didnt hear anyone cheering anymore I looked and there was a giant piece of road on the place where they stood, I accidently did that... i went back down and everything was different.
    There were a lot of soldier. Like were in thus military quarantine thing. I saw a gate that was pretty old and flew trough. Im on a car and went in. Guess what. Chewbacca, old princess "layde" and hans solo were in the front. Im in the back they started driving at full speed till we crashed. Im in spectator mode viewing my dead body with a sort of timer. I thought okay this is the end of the dream but no. The timer finished and Im in a new body. Im at a beach, still lucid and there are these mermaids. Theyre trying to kill me and they got me stuck, after a while of fighting and my company got captured to we defeated some and made a sort of golfbal machine to shoot us out. The end. Feeling sensation of waking up.
    Quick notes:
    Con: almost no dream control.
    Pros: I was very deeply in so I wouldnt be waking up anytime soon and I met chewbacca.
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    Tags: flying, starwars


    1. Jewel's Avatar
      Do you know which one of them was driving? Sounds like they are a bad driver.
    2. DoctorFoxy's Avatar
      "Do you know which one of them was driving? Sounds like they are a bad driver. "
      Yeah it was hans solo.
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