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    [January 5, 2016] Random Lucid

    by , 01-06-2016 at 02:41 AM (362 Views)
    Hey hey long time no see. I have been out of practice with my LDing for sometime but I got a very very low level one recently so figured I'd type some details.

    The dream was cool, I was running through quite a maze from docks by an ocean. they went for twist and turns all over the place. must have gone for miles. At some point i was laying down on a dock and there was this orca anthropomorphic person laying there looking at me. Then I realized I was in a dream, and the orca person began trying to eat me alive, and I tried to help it accomplish that goal, but I couldn't fit. So we just started doing other stuff. I was lucid, but barely. Kept on the edge of losing it. Thats really about all I can remember.

    I think, dont know for sure, that I had one other low level one before this and forgot to record it. Until I remember for sure though I'm not going to count the other one.
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