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    December basic totm

    by , 12-01-2015 at 05:26 PM (269 Views)
    I was looking forward and realized that I was now seeing stars rather than blackness. They looked a bit blurry, though, so I focused on them some more to make them vivid. I concentrated on transporting myself past a star in order to fly into outer space. I started off slow, but quickly picked up speed. In a few seconds, the stars flew by me at a great speed. I stopped myself and concentrated on transforming into a dolphin. I could hardly move, though. I put my legs out in front of me thinking it might be easier which it was. My legs melded together and I had a nice dolphin tail. I was able to put my tail behind me and enjoy the feel of it. I tried to get used to it more so it's easier to get in the future.

    My attention switched to the basic TOTM. I looked around and saw there was a few dcs. I picked an overweight, middle aged, man with square, thick framed glasses.

    "What would be a good task of the month?" I asked.
    "That's too much information", he said.
    "What would be something that would be fun to do in a dream? You know what a dream is, right?" I said. The dc just the gist of the question and thought about it.
    "Write something down with a pencil and think about it." he said.
    "Write something down with a pencil in a dream and think about it?"
    "That's a good idea!" I said sarcastically.
    I woke up.
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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      You overloaded a DC with too much info. Lol.
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