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    dolphin's dreams

    spellbee comp night 14

    by , 08-12-2016 at 04:54 PM (168 Views)
    DILD #1-I woke up and remembered my intention to do a nose plug. I did one and could breathe. I decided to go down a hall instead of outside. The hall opened up to a big open space with glass ceilings. I quickly found a clock and started rotated my forefinger counterclockwise while saying "time back". As I did this, the hands on the clock went back from 7:00 to 4:00. I noticed the sun stayed in place though. I wanted the sun to go down while I was turning back time as prove I was controlling time and not just the clock. I noticed a couple of ladies doing administrative work who must have been pretty annoyed by some loon nearby spinning his forefinger while commanding "time back time back time back time back time back" Eventually I finally got the sun to lower significantly, turning day into morning. Satisfied, I stopped and woke up.

    DILD #2-I woke up and looked at my alarm clock to find the numbers looked weird. Also, I heard some sort of radio. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I went outside, jumped up in the air and tried to transform into a dolphin, but couldn't. I flew over a creek and woke up.

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