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    Worms World!

    by , 12-16-2014 at 05:13 PM (251 Views)
    I had this dream a couple of nights ago, but I didn't write it down and Percy wanted to read it. So, let's see what I can remember...

    I caught a FA in my bed. Percy's dare came to mind so I tried to fly out of the house through the roof. The ceiling rose as I rose though so I phased through the wall. It was daytime, but I looked around for a moon or stars, something I could use to get into space. I spotted the moon. I imagined myself flying past the moon at a great speed. I was able to make this happen and fly into the blackness of space. I spotted what looked like a blue spiral galaxy in the distance. Blue equals water! I flew to the galaxy. I found myself at a planet as I dove down into a clear liquid. I couldn't see the liquid but I could feel it. I looked around and saw robotic looking worms covering the liquid. I looked around horizontally and saw a wall with statues of much larger spiky pink slugs near it. I was looking at these statues when I woke up.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Great job at getting into space and finding the planet. Must been so cool, I love space flying dreams.
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    2. Elochai's Avatar
      That sounds amazing