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    Little Adventure in Hell

    by , 11-21-2014 at 05:52 PM (384 Views)
    Non Dream

    I'm in bed. I hear what sounds like an soprano doing singing exercises. I find it weird so I do a nose plug. I can breathe. I get up from bed. My body is heavy. I must fight through it and complete my task. I go into the living room. I inadvertly start to float. I slap my leg and say "No!" hoping it will work. It does and I lower to the ground. I put my hand behind my back and call for the Commendatore. I feel a hand. I look around and it's my Dad. He looks very groggy and tired, his hair sticking up. I figure this is fine.
    "Let's go to hell!" I say.
    "Okay, let me change," my dad says.
    "No! We're going to hell! It's this way!" I say as I point down at the ground.
    He grudgingly accepts and we start to phase into the floor. Our bodies are sort of transparent, as if our souls are going down without our bodies. We fully phase through and it becomes dark. Dad transforms into a skull which illuminates. The dream becomes vivid. We reach the floor. "Dragons." my leader says. I see many crates of small black dragons. We glide along them. There are a few out of their crate. One is red, I'm wary of that one and steer clear of it's way. After we make our way past the dragons we drop. "Water" my leader says. We splash into water. The dream fades
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