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    Chases: Zombies Everywhere

    by , 10-26-2013 at 01:59 PM (353 Views)
    Remembered three different dreams last night.
    I went to a party at a house I didn't recognize. A guy I know took my hat and started tossing it back and forth with another girl. I snatched the hat out of the air and they gave me disappointed looks.
    This next one I recalled in a lot more detail.
    I went to an old friend's apartment for a reason I can't remember. Upon arriving, I discovered none other than the plant dad from Goosebumps. I suppose we got in a fight, because soon after I was running down the stairs trying to get away, but I realized I forgot my phone, which I desperately needed. I ran back up and suddenly had a small brown block in my hand, which I used to tackle the plant dad to the ground and beat his head in, hoping he would stay down. He did not, much to my horror. And turns out my phone was in my pocket the whole time.
    I ran down the stairs as quick as I could, the plant dad following close behind me. When I reached the bottom, I sadly discovered that the door had an electronic code lock. The plant dad was behind me, but instead of attacking me, he pushed me aside, opened the door, ran out into the garage of my own house, and stole our car. He drove away smiling and waving at me.
    I then re-visited the same apartment during the daytime, and decided to watch TV with a group of people. Suddenly, we discovered one of them was a zombie. We freaked out and rushed to the car outside, but when we got in it, we discovered a zombie inside! I grabbed a pencil that happened to be in my jacket pocket and stabbed the zombie in the face, but it bit me before I could get my hand away. I started feeling a stinging sensation in my hand, and felt funny. All the zombies began looking like normal people. My dad was suddenly next to me, so I told him what I was seeing. I woke up.
    I presume I died and turned into a zombie. May that version of dream-me rest in peace.
    I was at a baseball game. For some reason, I was selling these multi-colored masks that just covered the nose and eyes of a person's face. I handed them out, and apparently the masks were turning people into zombies!
    I finally woke up a second time, and wondered why all my dreams were involving zombies.

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