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    The Sand Tunnels

    by , 10-29-2013 at 04:48 PM (397 Views)
    Didn't manage to remember the previous two days' dreams, but this one I was able to recall by laying in bed for a moment and thinking. It almost slipped by my memory!
    I was in an underground passageway, with lots of sand and rock around me. The lighting was dim; some lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Apparently I was tasked with completing a computer project by finding a sound-bit for the Windows start up noise and downloading it.
    Instead, I put that project off and decided to read manga. Eventually, I got bored of that and headed around the nearby corner to find a long, sandy hallway/tunnel. I saw some people walking down it. I made my way forward but was suddenly blinded by a bright blue light. I heard a static-like noise, and then saw a flash as a blue-purple colored laser fired from the end of the tunnel where the light was coming from. The laser killed many of the people in the tunnel, much to my horror. I ducked in a side area as the laser fired, and overheard a man nearby shouting "I can't believe they have diamonds!"
    I turned and saw some strange humanoid looking creatures who were holding spears and coming closer to me. They wore brown cloaks, and their faces were shrouded, the only thing possible to see was their orange eyes. They looked like Jawas from Star Wars. I fought them, and as the battle commenced I heard distinct arabian-ish music playing as a backdrop for the fight, almost as if I was in a video game. Once they were defeated, I collected the nearby loot on the ground: some skittles and a bottle cap.
    This is actually my dream referencing my real life hobby of collecting bottle caps.
    I walked back out into the hallway where the death laser was previously, and saw my family walking towards me. They told me we were going on vacation. And funnily enough, we just recently got back from vacation.
    That's all I could remember.

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