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    A Random Adventure of Cats, Students, and Candy

    by , 10-25-2013 at 03:41 PM (417 Views)
    After a 10 day dry spell, I suddenly remembered lots from my dreams last night, which has made me more hopeful for future endeavors. Good amounts of detail remembered from these two dreams.
    The first thing I can recall doing in this dream is attending a class at school. It looked similar to my science class from middle school. I met a girl there who I quickly became friends with, though I can't remember anything she said. She had long brown hair and was, unlike a lot of the girls around her, wearing no makeup.
    The girl and I walked down the school hallway, which also looked like my middle school. We heard a stern voice and looked over to see my high school Japanese teacher yelling at some students for not following the rules and listening to him. The girl and I then attended a version of my middle school English class, except that it was much bigger and more surreal-looking. They were handing out applications for college that let you skip a year and then take a two year course.
    Naturally, I went to go grab a paper, but when I got up there all the papers were buried underneath heavy books and I couldn't get them off. As I was struggling, a kid I know told me to sit down because I was taking too long.

    This next dream was a continuation of the previous dream, I think. If it was a different dream, it didn't feel like it.
    I was outside now, this time at a warped version of my old day care. There were multiple cats walking around, mewing and staring at me. I saw my luggage opened up and arranged neatly on a nearby brick wall (I'm on vacation in real life right now). I explored a little and discovered a small tube with the top part of it cut off. Somehow I determined that I had to fill the tube with water to raise a nearby chain and cut the chain to get a prize. Sadly, I don't recall what the prize was. I also noticed a white cat with orange and black spots hanging out near this area, and I tried to pet it, but it ran off.
    I then noticed a small toy on the ground. Picking it up, it turned out to be a Boo from Mario, except it was Blue in color. I opened it up and discovered small boo candies inside of it.
    this reminded me of a toy I have in real life that looks like a Mario mushroom and has mushroom candies in it. I sat down and looked at the candies, but then noticed four hunters with long beards, laughing and walking by. They glanced over at me.
    "Hello!" one said, raising his gun.
    "Sup," I said simply. They laughed and started walking away. "Have fun!!" I yelled. They laughed at that too and kept walking. They gave me a creeped out feeling.
    I woke up and was going to stay up, but fell asleep for a few minutes and had a little dream that I remembered upon waking.
    I walked downstairs in the rental house we're staying at right now, and the guy who owned it and his kids were talking with my grandpa and laughing. I walked out to the porch, where my mom and dad were swinging. "He seems nice," mom said.
    "What're we all doing right now?" I asked.
    "Hanging out with you all!" dad exclaimed.
    And then I awoke. Not terribly interesting, but it's something!
    Thankfully, this dry spell broke~

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