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    1. Semi Truck Diesel Stop

      by , 07-29-2022 at 02:27 AM
      I am driving a large truck. We stop at a rest stop and I talk with a mechanic about repairs on the truck.
    2. Lost on the Prairie

      by , 07-29-2022 at 02:22 AM
      I am walking on the prairie out at my parent's house. I get lost at some point and I find familiar looking structures. There's a barn, a farm house, and a shed and I walk closer to the buildings. A woman sitting in a chair points to me and says not to come any closer.
    3. Matrix Rooftop Jumping

      by , 07-27-2022 at 01:42 PM
      K and I are in a cityscape environment with tall buildings. My view of the city around me is odd. When I look at something below me, my vision seems to "zoom in" and it's like my consciousness and dream body shifts to that location in the dream. We are on top of a tall building and there are large levitating platforms adjacent to other tall buildings. They are very far off and apart, impossible to be able to jump to by normal means. We leap through the air and land on these levitating platforms that look like they are made up of large white cubes, like video game platforms.

      I feel the sensations vividly of leaping through the air, impossibly high compared to jumping in waking life (WL). I land on the platforms with ease and don't feel significant shock from the impacts.

      I remember incubating Matrix-like jumping months ago and last year in 2021. After reading some articles on flying in dreams and LDs, I visualized jumping between rooftops and tall elevated platforms like in this dream. Very thrilling and fun. I've continued to listen to a dream incubation podcast episode on a Jungian analyst podcast that's talked about incubation. Maybe consciously thinking about incubation has brought forward a lot of past incubations. Very neat.
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    4. Bathtub Intimacy with K

      by , 07-27-2022 at 01:28 PM
      I am in a bathtub with K. We are intimate together.
      Spoiler for Adult Content:

      Dream Signs:
      Sexual content
      Feeling embarrassed, overly self-conscious about affection and intimacy

      I went to bed last night incubating and thinking about sexual content. I believe water in my dreams is often a symbolism of my emotional state, if it is not a literal indicator that I drank water close to bed time and feel that I need to wake up and urinate. Water often represents my emotional state in that it can be tranquil, deep, shallow, crashing, overwhelming. The water being shallow and me being in it, lying on my back and engaging in sexual content with my partner indicates a sense of purity or cleanliness.

      I did not feel guilt in the dream engaging in intimacy with my partner as I often have with other dream figures. I often feel overly self-conscious in non-lucids that I am receiving attention from dream figures that are not my partner. I feel that the water symbolizes that our actions together are in a clean state and the water is something that we are in together. It responds to our actions but is not threatening, i.e. being deep, crashing, something that we could drown in.

      I often feel very self-conscious about public displays of affection (PDA) (an embarrassing and shaming remnant from middle school where I received disciplinary action in school for my girlfriend and I hugging in the hallway before classes). This feeling of embarrassment and shame around PDA seems to be deeply rooted in my unconscious and even causes me to feel avoidant about PDA.
    5. Incubated Gym Dream

      by , 07-26-2022 at 05:35 PM
      Yesterday in WL I listened to part of a Jungian Podcast on dream incubation. While at the gym, I thought about incubating a dream that I am at the gym. I had pretty good sleep hygiene last night; I went to bed early and didn't drink too much alcohol. I didn't have that much caffeine late in the day and found going to bed early was easy. Before going to bed, I did some stretching and massage work so that I could sleep all the way through the night without back pain or stiffness. I woke up around 2:30 AM and was awake for about an hour. I had a bowl of cereal and watched a YouTube video. I woke up and had great dream recall of my semi-incubated dream:

      I am in the gym locker room and I am trying to find an available locker for my gym bag. I've changed out already into my gym clothes. The lockers are very dysmorphic, like they are on shelves and different heights and lengths and depths on the wall. I look for an open locker and some lockers are very high, above head height that I can barely reach. Others have zipper bags like duffel bags to place my gym bag into. Once I find my locker for my bag, I see that my GF is sitting on one of the wooden benches in the locker room as well. There are both men and women in the same locker room changing and storing their clothes.

      I feel that she is mad or upset with me and she has two friends next to her that she is talking to. I feel jealous and she seems much more preoccupied and interested in spending time and talking with them. One of them is a thin Asian young man with long black hair. The other friend is blurry and I am unsure of any specific details other than medium height.

      I exit the locker room and find myself in a large open field. There are dozens of people exercising. There is a large soccer field where people are playing. I walk south of the soccer field and see very strange looking gym equipment. There are large tables with gym padding like large machines you lay on your side to use. I walk alongside the soccer field and a group of players chasing after the ball are coming towards me. I see my girlfriend and her friends walking out to a workout station and I chase after the ball to interrupt the game to get attention. I feel childish doing this. I only act like I'm chasing after the ball then stop and continuing walking to my workout equipment destination.
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