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    10/07/04 The mystery bag

    by , 04-05-2012 at 06:09 PM (268 Views)
    My friend Ki Ki from work was with me in my dream and we were in a school, trying to get some lockers open to use them. They had combination and Key locks both. I managed to find a locker that wasn't locked, and it had locker keys in it! So I took the keys and unlocked another locker nearby. There was a bag in it like a dufflebag, but with drawstrings to close its opening. I could feel it had something round in it as I grabbed it and handed it to Ki Ki. She opened it and looked inside, and I was glad she did instead of me! She said, "I see the bottom of a skull!" I took her word for it and didn't look in the bag, because I did not want to. Neither did I want to investigate any more lockers.

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