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    1. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 13] Very Brief DILD

      by , 08-30-2015 at 06:07 PM (The X Chronicles)
      Had four dreams, but I got lazy with recording. No details on the third dream.

      Frag #1:
      - A dream of good VS evil. On the good side, there was a guy that could control spiders. He wore a golden suit of armour. Can't really remember what the other guy was like.
      - The spider guy wasn't getting enough sleep, so he decided to make a base in an underground cave area. I remember seeing a door attached to the right wall as you descend into the underground. After finishing the base, the spider guy became more well-rested, but others who were friends with him were kind of freaked out.
      - "Reaver" / Fire weapons were useless against spider guy, for whatever reason.
      - There were certain items called "channels", which were like spells contained in small boxes. The channels were used by the evil side. One of them was a wind channel, which unleashed a huge, continuous gust of wind.

      Frag #2:
      I become lucid at the end of a dream. I was holding a flower in my hand - a rose, I think. I wanted to try my new conjuration technique. I'm not sure what I was going for, but I managed to make the flower disappear such that I was holding just the stem. Afterwards, I tried to conjure something to replace it, but failed. The stem curled up and then withered away.
      I remembered most of my stability routine, but when I thought about my waking body, the dream ended and I woke up.

      Frag #3:
      There was a girl at our house who needed help with something. She mostly talked with my younger siblings, but when they couldn't figure it out, I decided to help her.
      It involved Smash Bros and something overheating when it was being played. The character she mained was Robin, which caught my interest.

      - 2 frags (1pt)
      - WBTB (2pt)
      - DILD (10pt)
      - object changing (5pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 171
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 12] Alien Place + Sand Tunnel

      by , 08-29-2015 at 05:23 PM (The X Chronicles)

      I become lucid. I barely remember where I was at the time, but my memory and awareness are both decent. I know I've been in a non-lucid dream for a bit (about 75% of my dreamtime is gone). I do the nose pinch RC and briefly remind myself that this is a world created by my own mind. I'm in a place with grass. It's night time. It kind of reminds me of a farm where alien abductions occur. After moving around for a bit, the dream begins to blur.
      I remember to hold the thought that my dream isn't really fading away, so I manage to retain lucidity, but it's weakened. (I've noticed that these black outs seem to occur when I'm getting excited about a dream goal).

      I remember flying by jumping through a wall, maybe a glass window. My body passes through easily and I'm airborne.

      I'm in a strange place when I remember I want to do door teleportation... the only way I can describe the place is "alien-like", like it's somewhere separate from my normal dreaming realm. I feel like I don't have as much control here, so I want to get out of here. When I teleport, I end up deeper in this weird realm. It is desolate; there is no life in this place, save for me. There is a robotic thing, but I can't really remember the details. I try to teleport again, this time by doing a backflip. I see some sand as I land, so I use that to form a desert area. Soon, I'm falling backwards down a narrow tunnel, a sandstorm raging all around me. I can feel the heat increase as the desert forms around me.

      When I reach the bottom, I find that the tunnel is almost completely submerged in sand. Rather than wading through all of it, I turn back and head up towards where I'd fallen from. Sand was blocking the way, so I take a deep breath and forcefully exhale, wind blasting out of my mouth and clearing away the sand.
      When I get up, I find myself in a research laboratory of sorts. A middle-aged man with a deeper voice greets me, asking me if I need anything. I ask him for help getting out of here. The man tells me that the only way out is down - through the area I'd just appeared from.

      There are a few people here, sitting at desks with computers and monitors. I examine the computer closest to me to see what kind it is. It reminds me of a Windows XP machine.

      As I turn back, I see a "familiar" woman approaching. She had a red wrist band and long, dark purple hair. I realize that I'm viewing myself in third person now. The woman begins talking, and the dream ends.

      - first DILD of the night (10pt)
      - RC / stabilize (1pt)
      - interact with DC (2pt)
      - fly (5pt)
      - ask DC for advice (5pt)
      - teleport (10pt)
      - elemental manipulation (10pt)
      - fully phase through solid object (10pt)
      - personal goal - new [do a standing backflip] (15pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 153

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    3. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 5] Lucid at a School

      by , 08-22-2015 at 05:28 PM (The X Chronicles)
      Finally managed to become lucid. Usually I get up earlier but I was able to sleep in today.

      DREAM #1: [NLD]
      - My dad was driving us somewhere. I remember we had to drive up a really, really steep road (I'm not sure how we didn't fall off). We reached a house, which was apparently our new home. All I can really remember is that it was huge (a mansion).
      - I remember there being a small armadillo monster or something. Our uncle was over at the time.
      The armadillo-thing lived in the vacuum cleaner box. A plesioth also appeared. I think it tried to eat the armadillo-thing.
      - Later, our two cousins came over. In the distance, I could hear my brother and sister playing video games with them. Since there were only 4 controls, I decided to go take a shower. As I did, some of my parent's friends were walking around in the house. I don't remember if they noticed me.
      - I was back on the road with my younger sister, who is driving the car (not sure why I let her, since she's too young). Well, I wasn't too worried. We were driving up the steep road again. She released the brakes and the car began to slip backwards, but she pressed on the pedal and we began to move forward again. When we reached the top, the area was crowded with people. We were in a poor neighbourhood now. There was a guy who helped us through the traffic.
      - I remember standing in front of a desk with a Japanese man seated behind it. I was with my female friend (don't know in waking life). I wanted to surprise her by signing up for the Karuta tournament as well. I asked the man if I could join the middle tier, and he corrected me by saying, "Middle 級 (Kyuu)". I joined that and surprised my friend, as I'd expected. We entered the room where the competitions would be held. It was a small gymnasium packed with people (maybe around 50-70 people). We took a seat on the right wall, near the top right corner. In the centre of the room there was a giant board - apparently this was where the team games would take place. To the side, there were smaller Chinese chess boards where the individual matches would occur. I think I saw Jacob Pinto here.
      One of the organizers appeared and told everyone that the matches would be delayed until 3:40pm (so the whole thing would end around 4:30pm). I thought about how I was supposed to get home before then and felt a little bit anxious.

      Dream #2: [DILD]
      I was walking around in a school when I become aware (semi-lucid).
      I tried to stabilize the dream, but I only remembered 1/3 of my routine (knowing where my waking body is, knowing that the dreaming world is my own creation).
      A moment later, I'm outside. There is a lot of grass around with some patches of concrete. Nearby, there are a few guys playing a ball game. I suddenly remember that I want to try manipulating time, so I try to manipulate the ball mid-flight so that it is in slow-motion. I fail at this, so instead I opt with telekinesis. Effortlessly, I pull it towards me, but I don't really do much else. I also remember my goal to practice a waking life hobby. As I prepare for it, my vision blurs and I end up losing awareness.

      I walk around for a bit, looking out at the field. There is a guy by a sandpit, practicing front flips while his buddy watches from further away. There is also a woman with short hair coaching a female soccer or American football team. She runs further out into the field. To her left, I can see a bunch of girls jogging, preparing to train.
      The guy practicing flips talks about how there is little safety regulation for sandpits. As he does so, his friend runs up and bails a front flip, nearly smashing into the other guy. Somehow, he manages to stop himself, but the two end up in an awkward position.

      As I'm walking away, a female student with red hair appears and begins to talk to me.

      I gain a bit of awareness. She assumes that I'm on a sports team for some reason (it made sense in the dream), but I corrected her by explaining that I wasn't. She told me her name was Bree, and then she left.

      DREAM #3: [MILD] ~ first time succeeding with MILD.
      I was at a school again. It looked similar to the one in my last dream, but it wasn't exactly the same.
      The dream kept "blacking out". I thought I was waking up and falling asleep when really, I was just popping in and out of FAs. A bunch of dream time was spent just "waiting until I returned t the dream". I'm not sure what I did during that time - maybe staring at black space.

      I went through 2/3 of my stability routine (focusing on waking body, recalling goals). In an attempt to test out how real the dream felt, I raced down a hallway towards the school's cafeteria. I could feel the wind against my skin, and the impact of each step against the ground. It didn't feel completely like reality, but it was vivid enough.
      - hobby: I practiced backflips in the cafeteria (which was empty). I landed the first one. I tried again, this time focusing on a banner with some words attached to the wall. I jumped backwards too much and tucked too soon, ending up on my back. I didn't really feel any impact.
      - flying: I flew very briefly. I was outside and I decided to fly over a metal wire fence.
      - interact with a DC: back in the cafeteria, I asked a DC what their name was. He looked to be a bit older, maybe in his 30s. I also asked him another question and he replied with something kind of funny. I also talked to a strange DC - a floating pink skull and a ghost thing in a blue robe. They were standing at the other side of the gate I flew over.
      - elemental manipulation: I summoned a fireball by overturning my hand and spreading my fingers out. At first it didn't work, but after two failed attempts I succeeded.
      Bible Codes-250px-fireball_artwork_-_super_mario_3d_world-2.jpg
      It was a small, bright orange flame (closer to yellow rather than red). The ball of flames seared against my skin. I could feel the heat radiating from it, but there was no pain. I clenched my fist to un-summon it. There was a sizzling noise and smoke was released as the fire vanished. I noticed some burn marks on my hand, so I decided to summon some water from my left hand (I couldn't see it). I then sprayed the water at my right hand. It felt really nice.

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