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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT #14] NLDs

      by , 09-01-2015 at 04:23 AM (The X Chronicles)
      Didn't manage to become lucid, but I had some interesting non-lucids so I'm content.

      Mix of frags from two dreams. Both featured the same park, which had a fence surrounding it. The fence was a different height depending on where you were approaching it from. For the most part, you had to climb over it to get into the park, but there was one section that was lower than the others, making it easy to get ver

      I was outside of the park. There was a dog chasing us from the other end of the sidewalk.

      I was in the park again ... this time as Santa Clause (I really don't know why).

      Dream #1:
      I was observing a guy with crutches.
      His whole body was shrouded in darkness; I got bad vibes from him. He reached his hand into his chest area. An X-ray appeared, showing his hand moving through his rib cage. There was a weird, spiky protrusion coming out of his heart (which didn't really look like a heart). The guy broke the spike off and then thrust it in the direction of the protagonist, who had already begun to leave. That was his special ability: being able to throw bits of his body, knowing that it would always hit his target. The spike buried itself into the protagonist's upper body, causing him to react in pain. I don't think there were any serious injuries.
      The protagonist had gone "there" with 1-2 other people. "There" was the HQ of a group led by a gang leader-ish guy who's name started with a 'C'.

      My perspective shifted to that of my dad and I in the car. My dad was driving and I was talking about how I wish I had superpowers. He told me, "why don't you ask Tim?" in Vietnamese. It sounded strange, even in the dream, but I didn't become aware. Later, my dad was talking about pizza. He had a flier with him. Apparently it was from a popular online pizza store, which seemed kind of strange to me. The font and design were fairly basic. Dad was talking about how he was only interested in the "La___" pizza. When I looked at the image for it, it looked like an ordinary pepperoni and cheese pizza. Dad told me that even all the men in our city wouldn't be able to handle it (I'm assuming it's spiciness).

      Dream #2:
      I remember deciding on which class I wanted to play on an MMO.
      I was using a shield on my old character. My old character was pretty well-balanced, a jack-of-all-trades type. There were a bunch of guides for Mage types (I glanced at a pure fire Mage), but that didn't really appeal to me. I was thinking of playing a hybrid type, maybe a 1h swordsman with a shield and magic. The idea of a 2h swordsman with fire magic appealed to me, but I knew that splitting myself between multiple priorities would only weaken me.

      I was playing Terraria with K, T, and maybe someone else. I was using a new character with "Joe" in his name. I was using my hook as a Z-air, damaging K, who was chasing me off of a floating island. My hook was much slower than the other's (cause I was a nub) but it still allowed me to traverse the area, so I didn't mind.
      B was talking about the abilities granted to "special" classes. One was for werewolf, which gave them the ability to jump even higher. I don't remember how special characters were created, but it sounded kind of useless

      Later, the mood of the dream shifted.
      I was with another guy, a kid younger than me, who looked like one of my old co-workers. He'd bandaged the big toe of his right foot. I was with DTA, I think. I was leading an army into enemy territory, where battle was already engaged and our side was losing. A brutal fight was being held, with many participants being younger than me. I remember my little brother being near me. We managed to defeat the enemy at one point, but it turned out that most of their members were at a beach. A ceremony was being held there at the moment. I replay the message to DTA and we make our way there.

      When we got to the beach, me and a few others opt to "sneaking" in by going onto our knees and elbows and crawling. We made a lot of noise and some kids near the back, probably no older than 13, noticed us. Another battle began. I spent most of that battle in the single room leading to the beach. AL was sleeping in the bed (for whatever reason) and I promised I'd protect him. I switched between different weapons, but I was using dual fruit knives by the end of it. I'd hack and slash at anyone who entered the room. It wasn't difficult defeating them, and I wasn't scared or anything. There was a kid who'd tried to enter. I found out that he was on our side, but he still tried to fight me to get through. Apparently he wanted to join the battle at the beach, and I admired his courage.

      Eventually, AL woke up. We exchanged a few words. The dream ended soon after.

      COMP TOTAL: 176.5 (my score to beat next time)
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 13] Very Brief DILD

      by , 08-30-2015 at 06:07 PM (The X Chronicles)
      Had four dreams, but I got lazy with recording. No details on the third dream.

      Frag #1:
      - A dream of good VS evil. On the good side, there was a guy that could control spiders. He wore a golden suit of armour. Can't really remember what the other guy was like.
      - The spider guy wasn't getting enough sleep, so he decided to make a base in an underground cave area. I remember seeing a door attached to the right wall as you descend into the underground. After finishing the base, the spider guy became more well-rested, but others who were friends with him were kind of freaked out.
      - "Reaver" / Fire weapons were useless against spider guy, for whatever reason.
      - There were certain items called "channels", which were like spells contained in small boxes. The channels were used by the evil side. One of them was a wind channel, which unleashed a huge, continuous gust of wind.

      Frag #2:
      I become lucid at the end of a dream. I was holding a flower in my hand - a rose, I think. I wanted to try my new conjuration technique. I'm not sure what I was going for, but I managed to make the flower disappear such that I was holding just the stem. Afterwards, I tried to conjure something to replace it, but failed. The stem curled up and then withered away.
      I remembered most of my stability routine, but when I thought about my waking body, the dream ended and I woke up.

      Frag #3:
      There was a girl at our house who needed help with something. She mostly talked with my younger siblings, but when they couldn't figure it out, I decided to help her.
      It involved Smash Bros and something overheating when it was being played. The character she mained was Robin, which caught my interest.

      - 2 frags (1pt)
      - WBTB (2pt)
      - DILD (10pt)
      - object changing (5pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 171
      non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid
    3. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 10] The LRT-Car Replacement

      by , 08-28-2015 at 01:25 AM (The X Chronicles)
      - I was with my little brother at some point. He was afraid of the night. We were walking through a neighbourhood in the dark.

      - Later on, I recall being at an LRT station (not sure where I was going). The LRTs stopped midway through their pathway. A person told us that we needed to get off and board a car in order to continue. From a window to the left, I could see a fancy car-limo-mobile thing that could hold 16 or so people. Relative to the LRT platform, it was located on lower ground, sitting in a field of grass. It was still night time.

      - As I reach the vehicle, numerous others were already entering I saw someone I know from elementary school, briefly wondering if I should sit there. I decide to sit a couple of seats behind him.

      - I was back at the LRT place again (time reversal). This time, after getting off, I wasn't able to get on the vehicle so I was stuck waiting with a few others. One was 종혁's wife, another was Luke, a male Korean teacher. They were talking amongst themselves, but I was separate from the group.

      - I walked around on my own, thinking of how I would get home. Apparently it was around 12am so I wouldn't be able to catch a bus. I didn't want to call my parents and inconvenience them. I think I saw some buildings that remind me a little of downtown.

      - Later on, I'm in the same area, but it's during the daytime. Turns out we're in a place that's still far from the city. There are some construction workers here. I remember passing by a couple of fast food counters. One of them was selling Chinese food. Both were still in construction.

      - 1 NLD (1pt)
      - WBTB (2pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 82
    4. [sensei comp - night 8 + 9]

      by , 08-27-2015 at 03:58 AM (The X Chronicles)
      All non-lucids / frags.

      Frag #1:
      I was hanging out with DTA and S. S was making moves ... on mom. I remember feeling annoyed with him. I think I was looking at a starry night sky.

      Frag #2:
      - I saw some clouds.
      - there was a riddle involving food. It had to do with more / less food, price, and which one was a better purchase.
      - received the answer of the riddle from a dog. Apparently, "short is better in most cases".
      - I remember seeing my friend and someone else.

      Dream #1:
      - I was eating some Finnish food made by mom. I thought about my Finnish friend Dem, and how he could probably make much better food, but I was worried about whether or not it would be healthy.
      - I was training at Uni. My parents were starting to get really curious about what I was doing there. Can't remember what, but something annoyed me.
      - Later, I was walking upstairs with my sister close behind me. It may have happened in our old house. My dad had called me up. As I moved, I carried my 3DS with me. I was playing a game on it. When I got up, my dad told me to bring something to my grandfather's room and also ask him what kind of movie he wanted to watch.

      Dream #2:
      - I was a part of a Talent Group. I remember seeing Michael Jackson (there were some resemblances, but didn't really look like him). He was wearing a yellow-sleeved shirt and was showing off by doing headspins. Numerous girls in the group were enthralled by him.
      - I interacted with him briefly, when he pulled out a small package with Halls cough drops.
      The package was different than usual, containing maybe 80 or so pieces in a bag. MJ was thinking of giving them to a little boy, and I asked him if that was really a good idea.
      In comparison to everyone else's talents, I felt inadequate.
      - My friend Clay was here. He was rather happy because he had just 'acquired' 20 anime girlfriends. The girls were in animated form and they were talking amongst each other.

      Dream #3:
      The dream started out with two ordinary guys.
      One of the guys felt like the leader. For some reason he was represented by a banana (peel?)
      The other had been training in stealth. He had a normal suit and a "stealth" suit (which didn't really work), each with different colours. One was green, while the other was orange.
      I can't remember much, but they got involved in an epic adventure.
      When they came back to school, the teacher was talking about the two missing members (banana and weird stealth guy), and how they were not ready to protect the universe. The two missing classmates showed up again. The stealth guy had learned true invisibility, and the "banana guy" shot at an invisible ghost (reminded me of a Boo from the Mario series) that had been stalking the room.

      - There was a scene where the two were confronted with a team that consisted of other members of the school. For some reason, they were hunting the duo down. Apparently, turning small wouldn't work against them.
      - There was also a scene where an Arwing crash landed in an area near the school. Fox stepped out of it. Apparently he was going to start shooting his blaster at the students.
      - I remember going around, telling people about this cool new show I was watching (which was actually the first part of the dream).
      - I was at a store in a mall. It was run by a girl that looks similar to one in some of my uni classes. At first I thought the store sold illegal / pirated things, but that turned out to be false. My mom was here and she was trying to put an earring on my left ear. I'd bought it for ~$6 but decided I didn't want it. I was considering getting a job at this store.

      - 2 frags (1pt)
      - 2 NLDs (3pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 79
    5. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 7] More NLDs

      by , 08-25-2015 at 01:08 AM (The X Chronicles)
      DREAM #1:
      I was in a poor neighbourhood that reminds me of Chinatown.
      I was looking at a rich home. There were some grass hedges surrounding it.
      There was also a swing. A young girl used to live here and ride on the swing often, but she was dead now.
      All around the rich homes, there were shops owned by poorer individuals.
      ~ this was a really vivid dream, so I was surprised when I could barely remember much of it :/

      DREAM #2:
      - I saw my friend A at one point. Can't remember what happened.
      - I was outside of a Buddhist temple with someone. Two guys nearby told us the names they'd "signed up" under (some sort of competition). One was not Asian, but he'd signed up under the Vietnamese name, "Hai Qúa".
      - Something to do with taking down a man (may've had to do with the competition). The man was very popular and well-liked, so the task wouldn't be easy. But he wasn't a good person (can't remember why) so my goal was to find him doing bad things.
      - I was standing outside of an area that reminds me of the University Hospital. It had been built recently. There was a walkway that consisted of a brown, metal frame and glass walls, where I could see the people walking through it. There were some brochures and directories erected throughout the area, talking about the history surrounding it. I remember a statue that reminds me of the Statue of Liberty. However, the top part of the statue had been destroyed, chunks of it laying on the ground. Apparently, there were a lot of people who disliked this new area, so they went and messed it up pretty often. I thought about how the organizers would have to get used to re-building and repairing if they still wanted to continue with this.
      While I was here, I did a corkscrew for whatever reason. Even though it was on concrete, I pulled it off with ease and without fear. There were some street lamps nearby. I saw one or two women dressed in business attire walking by. They didn't seem to notice me.

      - 1 NLD (1pt)
      - 1 frag (0.5pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 75
    6. [sensei comp - night 4] nld

      by , 08-22-2015 at 02:19 AM (The X Chronicles)
      No awakenings tonight. Probably because I didn't get enough sleep.

      - I was hanging out with some people I knew from elementary / junior high.

      - I remember there was an old guy, a mentor figure similar to the old guy in Antman. He disappeared from my life, but came back to help me with something briefly.

      - I was talking to my brother about tiers, and where a specific Smash character fit into it. The tiers also seemed to vary depending on the "mode". There was a King of the Hill mode, where DK did well, and there was a Dragon mode which utilized a different stat. I remember a purple aura.

      - I remember having an epic battle with my rival. I ended up winning, and the rival became my "friend". He was obsessed with competing with me. Soon after, I remember seeing him and "me" (I'm watching someone else) have a test to see who can stand on one foot the longest. It was around this time that another girl was introduced. Something to do with writing stuff.

      - At the very end of the dream, I was scrolling through a map in search of a place called "South Plaza". The maps were similar (like looking at each square in RO), consisting of a bunch of dirt in the centre and grass surrounding. Once I scrolled to the right enough, I could see a yellow arrow indicating where the destination was. I could also see some monsters - orcs - wandering around in these areas. I told my sister about my finding the place, and how we should teleport there now. We were actually in the game now. It was sunny outside. There were a few "Melon Drop" (flowers with brown and yellow) nearby, but my sister said she didn't need them.

      - 1 NLD (1pt)
      - 3 comments (1pt)

      COMP TOTAL: 13.5

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 3] Frags

      by , 08-20-2015 at 07:32 PM (The X Chronicles)
      Woke up four times today. Tried a WBTB + WILD but I couldn't fall asleep, so I gave up on it. Dream recall sucked during the later parts of the morning.

      I was going to have a training session with my friend, DTA. We considered training outside, but the grass wasn’t very good, so we decided to train at the upper level of the building we were in.
      I got sidetracked for a bit doing something and I ended up wandering around the area. I remember seeing a bunch of people on an escalator / staircase, me moving in the opposite direction. There was also something to do with adding a Facebook friend.

      Later, I recall searching for my Onecard, which I’d somehow lost. I remember finding an old iPhone (looks like the one I have, except with dust over it). I powered it up to see if it still worked, and found that it was un-updated. I also remember seeing some people I knew back in elementary school. One of them was sitting at a computer or something. He said something to me.

      At the end of the dream, I was reading an ad about a guy looking to pay for sex. Apparently, he was willing to pay ~$11,000 for a “deluxe package” or whatever.

      I was with my family (minus my mom) and my uncle’s family. My uncle was talking about how his toilet exploded, but he didn’t seem annoyed / angry or anything.

      I was walking down a hallway at a university dorm (didn’t really feel like the uni I go to). One of my old co-workers was with me. He looked much worse off than when I last saw him. He asked me if he could stay at my room for a bit. I get the feeling that I let him do this before, and I agree since I never use it anyways. When we reach the room, I notice a bunch of bags on a table. The area behind is darkened due to the lack of light. Apparently, the room was now being used by 3-4 girls (not sure how I knew this, but I did).

      My younger sister was playing an RPG game on the 3DS. I found this odd, since she doesn’t like these types of games.

      I recall taking a shower in an unfamiliar room with white tiles.
      The room was pretty big. It was kind of dark since there weren’t any lights on. The water would flow down a ramp to the right side of the room into a pump or something that would re-direct the water to another part of the house. I remember that my dad installed this recently and think it is impressive (dream memory).

      - I was with my mom and my two younger siblings. We were walking further away from something in order to “get a better view”. We passed by a group of other people.
      - I asked my sister where the socks were. She told me it was by my other sister. The socks were in a bin sitting against the wall in the living room of our old house.
      - Maybe something to do with taking a test.

      - WBTB (2pt)
      - 2 NLD (2pt)
      - 1 frag (0.5pt)
      - 3 DJ comments (1pt)
      COMP TOTAL: 11.5

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. [SENSEI COMP - NIGHT 2] Frags

      by , 08-20-2015 at 01:02 AM (The X Chronicles)
      Woke up throughout the night (1, 3, and 5 am), which I haven't done for a while. My dream recall sucked and I could barely remember anything.

      - WBTB (2pt)
      - 1 NLD (1pt)
      - 3 DJ comments (1pt)
      COMP TOTAL: 6 pt

      I bought two cheap blender marketed towards exercising people. Cost $15-20 for both, one for me and the other for my little brother. As you could expect, the quality was pretty bad. You had to use an elastic (it was provided) to hold the parts together. The mixers also came with some protein shake stuff inside each blender. It tasted meh (what was I thinking?), like an artificial fruity taste. My brother didn't try his yet.

      I also recall being in a room and trying to avoid a large bug, maybe an ant. I can briefly recall being at a computer.

      There was also a moment where I was watching as a girl in a fancier dress "posed" for her boyfriend outside of a restaurant (it had "River" in the name). She wanted to look classy or something.

      At another point, I was at a elementary school. Classes had ended and I was following a kid around for some reason (I was definitely not stalking him). He felt "special" somehow, but I can't remember why.

      My uncle was also in the dream. I remember being around some of my dad's other "friends" (not sure if I recognize them from waking life). I also remember being stuck with my two little cousins for a bit.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. [SENSEI COMP - DAY 1] The Facility + RO

      by , 08-19-2015 at 02:59 AM (The X Chronicles)

      Only one non-lucid recalled so far. I think I woke up earlier but didn't WBTB.
      - earned: 1pt
      - total: 2 pt (1pt from 3 comments)

      The dream took place in a building with an upper floor. I think the size mostly came from the length of the building as opposed to the height. The major turning point in this part of the dream was when it was revealed that this place was designed solely to nurture the destructive, psychic powers of a girl (she looked like Korra from The Legend of Korra, but I got the vibe of Ender from 'Ender's Game' as well). It was disguised as a place where kids got to have fun, but the arc ended in a small massacre as Korra-Ender lost control of herself an destroyed the people around her. Apparently, this is what the facility owners wanted.

      I also remember setting up a mini Ragnarok Online server for me and my brother to play on. My local IP displayed at one point. I remember watching some videos of a rogue-like class that could cause mini explosions that occurred in the path that they'd walked. There was also a skill that allows them to teleport to the beginning of the explosion chain.

      Someone else joined the server and challenged us to a battle. I cut the server, checking after to see how hot my laptop was. It wasn't too hot, so I figured that RO wasn't too CPU-heavy. Anyways, the guy who joined was someone I'd seen earlier in the dream. He seemed to be thinking he could pwn us, but I rationalized that I could probably pwn him irl with corkscrews and gainers. I ended up re-making the server and adding a password.