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    Dream Journal Day 6: Night of Wednesday 08.11.2023

    by , 11-12-2023 at 12:07 PM (250 Views)
    Not much today. I was half-asleep while noting down the dream and too tired to write much - editing it later I've almost forgotten the rest.

    I dream of waking up, blissfully slowly, snug and warm and surrounded by bright golden light. It's the kind of light that makes you want to sleep. More accurately, I'm being woken by someone - a man, smiling - who? I don't feel that he and I are close. I lie in a three-quarter bed - a wrought bedstead in shiny gold metal, with sheets and covers in two shades of pink. I think that if Princess Peach's dress were a bed, it would look like this. It is in the centre of a large, bare, bright room. Although there's nothing here I feel warm and safe.

    The above is what I remember now, after 10 PM - having woken up at 5:30 AM. Soon after waking I wrote this:

    "I dream of two people who are waking me up (separately) at 6 and after 6. I remember they gave me gifts."

    Sadly I've forgotten those other details.

    I also remember a car driving along a dark road at night, the sky is a deep rich blue. None of the usual trees growing beside the road either. I have a view over a wide open space. The car is a very stylish old sort and of a colour between pink and maroon. It's open-topped and the windows rimmed with silver metal. The license plate only has 6 digits although they all have 7 over here. I remembered the plate when I woke up and now I only remember the beginning: MV0. Actually, I think the second part was BKZ. I am inside the car, seeming to view it simultaneously from several points of view. I'm not driving - there is no driver. I can feel the cool night air and the low rumble of the engine. Looking up at the clear sky fills me with calm and peace, as though I am all alone in the world.
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