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    The Sensations of Transitioning

    by , 03-05-2015 at 08:53 AM (586 Views)
    Thursday 26/2/2015
    I felt my consciousness sinking down from my feet with my brain as the pivot point. I felt that all my consciousness has left my body except that of the brain. It felt as if I had two brains, my real brain and my consciousness brain (dream body brain). I was afraid of the sensation because it felt real and powerful and this made me indecisive. I did found myself in an unknown place filed with people running to some place important to them. The dream was blurry, but I was still lucid. So I stopped one of the boys with my two hands and looked at him directly into his face, he was reluctant to look back at me. I asked him aggressively “where am I” several times and he replied “you are in Ifitedunu (my village)” pointing towards the main road while telling me that if I get to the road I should be able to board a bus that will take me to Awka (the capital of my state). And I left him and headed to the main road. On getting to main road I took left and as I was walking down the road I lost the dream and woke up. I believe that fear took away my focus and my focus is my dream goal which is meditation.

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