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    Lucid Dreams

    1. Third Eye

      by , 03-05-2015 at 09:01 AM
      Friday 20/2/15
      Meditating on my third eye I fail asleep and noticed my dream body entering a building through a slightly opened door. The outside felt like a grave while the inside felt like a well lighted room. I had the consciousness of leaving a friend behind, in the grave into the room and the feeling of guilt made me went back to the grave and I felt an unbearable pressure of the gravestone against my body, and I could think of nothing but to wake up and I deed woke up. I will bear this pressure next time to see it end.
    2. The Sensations of Transitioning

      by , 03-05-2015 at 08:53 AM
      Thursday 26/2/2015
      I felt my consciousness sinking down from my feet with my brain as the pivot point. I felt that all my consciousness has left my body except that of the brain. It felt as if I had two brains, my real brain and my consciousness brain (dream body brain). I was afraid of the sensation because it felt real and powerful and this made me indecisive. I did found myself in an unknown place filed with people running to some place important to them. The dream was blurry, but I was still lucid. So I stopped one of the boys with my two hands and looked at him directly into his face, he was reluctant to look back at me. I asked him aggressively “where am I” several times and he replied “you are in Ifitedunu (my village)” pointing towards the main road while telling me that if I get to the road I should be able to board a bus that will take me to Awka (the capital of my state). And I left him and headed to the main road. On getting to main road I took left and as I was walking down the road I lost the dream and woke up. I believe that fear took away my focus and my focus is my dream goal which is meditation.
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    3. Drowning

      by , 10-01-2012 at 08:44 AM
      I woke up around 12:00AM to WILD between 5:00 and 6:00AM. When it was time, i lied down to WILD and my experience was unbearable that i could not continue.
      I concentrated on my breathing to the extent that i began to feel my breath as my consciousness. i tried entering the dream by breading out, and when i breath out i felt myself to be in sea that is trying to drown me to dead, the harder i try the stronger the sensation of drowning becomes. then i gave up and woke because i could not bear the discomforting sensation of drowning. before then i WILDed into the dream world but could not control my dream body. found myself floating. tried stabilizing the dream by robbing my hands and holding my toes but i did not succeed. when i finally got i bit of control i tried forward accelerating, but it was so so difficult to move forward.
    4. Observing the dreaming mind

      by , 01-16-2012 at 11:08 AM

      I found myself walking along a familiar pathway. There, in the pathway, was standing a cow which was untied, it appears to be waiting for me to attack me. As I walked pass the cow it came after me. I began running for my dear life, to a safe place.
      Unfortunately for me there was a chimpanzee ahead of me waiting for me to get closer. It now became obvious to me that I was between the devil and the deep blue sea. By this time I had no option than to stop and think of the next thing to do. And all of a sudden it struck me ‘you are dreaming’, I smiled and the next thing I did was to fly which I did.
      As I was taking off the ground I began mocking the cow and its accomplice, the chimpanzee. I can not remember the exact words I used on them but I said something like ‘you fools, come I get me if you can’
      I flew high up in the sky when I noticed people playing football and down to the level where I can see and observe them. The scene was as real as reality, the players, and the spectators all were putting on colorful jerseys. I flew across and look for a place to land. Prior to landing I thought of closing my eyes, I decided not to because I might end up waking up. But I did close my eyes, tried meditating and reopened it a short while.
      I landed and reality checked me. I packed and felt the texture of the soil when I noticed that five persons on my RHS were busy looking at me, and I said to my self ‘these guys might think am crazy’. I ignored them and continued. I counted my right hand fingers it was five. I counted the left it was the same, I got confused and decided to pinch my nose which I did and wow! I could still breathe. I stood up and continued observing the dreaming mind.
      I walked to the North of where I landed, was looking around the scene. The scene appeared as if I was looking from a dirty transparent glass/wheel scream of an automobile. To my left were array of trees and beside it was seating on a bench a classmate. Abandoned scraps of tractors/caterpillars were packed beside some of the trees. A building was to my RHS and I walked toward it. There in the building, a tailor’s shop I saw a lady who seems to be leaving the shop for that moment. I said to her “please, can I ask you a question.” She looked at me angrily and ignored me. I beckoned on her again and she was wild at me, she said “can’t you see that I am in a hurry, she exclaimed!” I was shucked and surprised.
      I noticed a little girl looking at me with eyes of pity from the same shop, and I walked up to her and said to her “can you answer my question”,
      What is the question, she replied.
      Are you my subconscious mind?
      As the little girl she is she replied saying; suborconscious mine
      No I said, not suborconscious mine but subconscious mind. Her childish behavior annoyed me; I had no option than to leave her alone.
      I walked down the road to my right wondering the next thing to do. The scene is some how mixed up, it is partly familiar and partly not. It looked like a school environment that I know and I as was making these observations another girl with a school bag strapped on her back walked by. I tried to stop her but she would not stop. I said please, I have a question for you.
      She said I am in a hurry
      I have a bike I will take you home
      She said no, that she is hungry.
      I was very emotional that I had to kneel down and beg for her attention.
      I said, please stop am on my knees. I will buy you food. She stopped, turned and started coming toward me. I began feeling the sensation of my body lying on a bed, I could not control the dream anymore but to wake up which made me sad afterwards.
      Thank you for reading, any advice?
    5. Meeting my Dream Guide

      by , 01-16-2012 at 11:01 AM
      I had a DILD where I found myself in a scene that I could not remember and I willed myself to be in a familiar scene which was a success.
      There in the new scene I saw and talked with a familiar person, I asked him ‘are you my dream guide, he said no and pointed to the direction where I can find my DG ’ he gave me advice saying that I should not pose a direct question but be indirect about the question. In the direction he pointed was a boy’s quarter with an open window. And I was able to see my supposed DG from there.
      My DG was she; she tied green rapper round her waist with blouse which I cannot remember the color. I went round the house to pass through the front door and when I got into the room there were too many people in the room that seemed there were holding a meeting.
      I got in, was a little beat confused which is my DG. I met the one I thought was the one and told her that I needed her audience and she said “I am tired while blowing a hand fan over her body”. I could not do anything but to let her be. With this I woke up.
    6. Teleportation

      by , 03-01-2011 at 05:01 PM
      I was sent an errand when i noticed that i can teleport. I did it severally and it struck me 'YOU ARE DREAMING'.
      The scene was familiar and I navigated around the scene by teleporting.

      I was nervous and thought of changing the dream to something interesting.
      I tried re-dreaming a dream that I cherish the most, the most cherished ever. I thought of how I could get to the scene and I found myself in a scene similar to it. I tried feeling the way I felt, tried thinking of her coming; I was hurrying, nervous and never wanted to loose the dream. The dream eventually started to fade and i shouted 'clarity now' and it became clear again.

      I left the scene and decided to fly, which i did successfully by bouncing on my feet along the street which ended up in diferent and non lucid dream.

      A newbee will always be a newbee what woud i have done to re-dream a dream or to continue from where i stoped in a dream dreamt the previous night?

      Thank you for reading . . .
    7. Under water

      by , 02-12-2011 at 01:47 AM
      I found myself in a dark scene full of bobbles of water and it immediately stroked that I was dreaming.
      I noticed I could breathe under water and tried controlling the dream but could not. Fear was all around me, the darkness and the fact that I am under water scared me more.
      I was hearing music in the background, an Indian sort which made it even more obvious that I was dream but the emotion of fear has already taken over my entire self that I could think of nothing else but how to wake up.
      Trying to wake up was an experience I will never forget. I noticed that I could not move any part of my body. First of all I started to notice something that is not there (rat coming to where I was lying down) some kind of hallucination. All the efforts I made to move my body was to no avail. But alas I waked.
      That was whew the meaning of sleep paralysis, which goes with REM sleep which is totally safe and normal. Ignorance is truly a disease I would have continued the.
      Thank you, dear friends.