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    1. The Gay

      by , 02-17-2024 at 10:15 AM
      I saw myself in the past at my Alma mater, and it seems I cannot find my way around. So I stopped and met some group of persons, one appeared to be mean and horrible. I asked him questions instead of answering me he started complementing me saying all sorts of romantic words and I ran for my dear life.

      Then again I saw myself in another scene where the questions I asked during the day were answered, kind of.
    2. Police on the Road

      by , 02-16-2024 at 06:32 AM
      i saw myself walking from wherever to what looks like Awka road. Police were along the road harassing people on Keke Napep (Tricycle).

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    3. Winter Competition 2024

      by , 01-11-2024 at 12:08 PM
      Night 3
      Rcs = 1 point
      DILD = 10 points
      Dream fragments = 1 point

      My first LD of this competition
      I returned at 21:30 worried about performing my LD rituals. I was curiously and at the same time impulsively focused on trading.

      I was falling asleep and waking up back and forth. Then came a point where I started seeing hypnogogic images, I began seeing things which I cannot recall at the moment but I remember seeing my dead brother. We were running around the house, dream scenes and images changed several times. I was so weak to write it down in order not to forget and at the same time I was curious about being in total control cos I was waking up and falling back asleep cos I was trading with my phone while laying down at the same time

      Here comes the LD
      I saw myself in what looks like a couridour/passage of a building, a prayer house (diabolical). I was walking from the entrance which is at the west of the house to the east. I was thinking in my head how diabolical and scarry this man/men could be when it struck me that this must be a dream, I immediately turned around and faced the entrance while walking towards it.

      A girl was seated far in front I instantly thought of teleporting towards her. It didn't work at first try though but I saw myself outside the house after that. I was so excited that I pushed down Dcs that were riding bicycle, I said let me use this opportunity to do something useful. I tried but didn't do anything useful, I didn't even remember my LD goal.

      I had other fragments that I can't remember...
    4. We Are Not Alone

      by , 03-05-2015 at 08:55 AM
      Sunday 1/2/2015
      I saw myself in school trying to repair my shoe with the shoe-maker but never succeeded in repairing it. So, I started walking to my lodge bare footed. I was walking like a man in a hurry when I saw people trying to kill a mighty snake, dangerous cobra. Curiosity cut up with me so I stood and watched what was happening when this snake run pass me and I focused all my intent on killing it. I was picking up stones and throwing at it when I noticed that the head has been separated from the body, then and there the desire to take the snap short of the snake came to mind and I remembered I had I phone on me, but now I couldnít find it. The thought of looking for this phone made me weak and immediately I woke up and I was like, ďso, this is a dreamĒ.
    5. Mind"s Trick

      by , 03-05-2015 at 08:48 AM
      Tuesday 24/2/2015
      I laid down to sleep between 6AM and 7AM and felt the feeling of my consciousness in motion and speed. I wasnít scared and it wasnít strange because I have felt it severally. I could see nothing but darkness and I began to pray, not because I was afraid but because I wanted to gain control which I did gain in FA it was so real that I made fun of RC and when I finally awoke, I was so surprised at my mindís trick. I didnít actually do Reality Check because I felt there was no need of doing it.
    6. Espsika Going Polyphasic

      by , 01-11-2013 at 07:57 PM
      Please stop that! Dymaxion is an almost-impossible (if not impossible) sleep schedule to follow! Switch to Ubermann or SPAMAYL before you do anything stupid! (Or even better, everyman).

    7. Psi-Ball

      by , 01-16-2012 at 11:19 AM
      The sensation came again and I waited in observation of the feeling. My body was vibrating and my consciousness was leaving my body, I did nothing but observed to know if I succeed or not.
      I found myself in the dream world but the scene was dark but I could see myself. Movement was not free and I could do nothing but concentrate on my hands to stabilize the dream. I hurriedly reality checked the whole scene look blurry which lead me to changing it.
      I found myself in an unfamiliar scene with few persons and the first thing that came to mind was to form a Psi-ball with. I formed a blue Psi-ball between my palms and tried changing the color to green. It was changing but very difficult. I gave up and decided to shut the Psi-ball out to a passer by. It got to the person and dissolved like soap fume.
      I practiced telekinesis and succeeded by moving a piece of 70cm by 15cm plank lying 15 to 20m away from me. I tried it on one of the DC that was around but it did not work.
    8. Tried Meeting DG

      by , 10-08-2011 at 02:51 PM
      I WILDed and noticed the lumpiness of my body. I tried rolling my consciousness out of my body but could not, i imagined myself entering the dream world from my room and i felt the sensation of falling to a bottomless pit. Darkness was all over me and a voice came to me saying 'you are falling towards hell' and i said to myself that i have no fear, St Michael is with me to protect me.
      I saw myself in my room and i walked out of it and sat down at the frontage, i grounded myself and focus on the goal of the dream which is meeting my DG.
      I began saying these words meditatively 'DG show yourself' and i saw a hand whose body is hidden behind a water tank indicating as being the one but my alarm clock chimed which woke me up. What a sad end.