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    Winter Competition 2024

    by , 01-11-2024 at 12:08 PM (49 Views)
    Night 3
    Rcs = 1 point
    DILD = 10 points
    Dream fragments = 1 point

    My first LD of this competition
    I returned at 21:30 worried about performing my LD rituals. I was curiously and at the same time impulsively focused on trading.

    I was falling asleep and waking up back and forth. Then came a point where I started seeing hypnogogic images, I began seeing things which I cannot recall at the moment but I remember seeing my dead brother. We were running around the house, dream scenes and images changed several times. I was so weak to write it down in order not to forget and at the same time I was curious about being in total control cos I was waking up and falling back asleep cos I was trading with my phone while laying down at the same time

    Here comes the LD
    I saw myself in what looks like a couridour/passage of a building, a prayer house (diabolical). I was walking from the entrance which is at the west of the house to the east. I was thinking in my head how diabolical and scarry this man/men could be when it struck me that this must be a dream, I immediately turned around and faced the entrance while walking towards it.

    A girl was seated far in front I instantly thought of teleporting towards her. It didn't work at first try though but I saw myself outside the house after that. I was so excited that I pushed down Dcs that were riding bicycle, I said let me use this opportunity to do something useful. I tried but didn't do anything useful, I didn't even remember my LD goal.

    I had other fragments that I can't remember...
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