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    10/16/11 IOSDP First Experiment

    by , 10-16-2011 at 06:09 PM (416 Views)
    1st dream: (this was really early in the night so it's fuzzy in my mind) COD dream, the weird map thats only in my head. brownish green with some white bunkers in it. even though it's cod not many people are in there, I don't respawn since I dont die, and I rarely kill people, i just run and jump to get away from the guy chasing me.
    2nd dream: not exactly sure of the setting, only remember vague parts of it, at the end i was in a room with 2 others, when a girl i know walked in topless, nothing happened unfortunantly.
    3rd dream: went to a friends birthday party, for some reason he was rich. he started to piss me off with wierd rules he was making up but i stayed because he had good food. there was an unrealistically tall water slide. after the party i brought 2 friends i havent seen in a while to my house to see my room (it was in an odd spot, but can't describe if you havent seen my house.) then the dream ended.
    fragment: mom bought me all these presents, all clothes, and i had to tell her i didn't like any of them.
    4th dream: fighting a boss in WoW, fall through the floor.
    5th: WILD attempt gone wrong, felt like I was half way in the dream, or maybe just a spectator for my own dream. found a tunnel with green crystals, went in to a sewer like system, and found the city of these wierd creatures.

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