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      You no longer have space in your PM information XD I can't reply to you
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      I have tried to contact every sleep scientist in the Western world, and NONE are interested?
      I have severe chronic pain, and so does my wife?
      We are very poor, and have been homeless multiple times in 2014?
      Because have been so poor, we had to live in dangerous places and almost got burned alive in a little cabin in the jungle?
      We had to escape one place we lived because we helped a man that was almost murdered?
      We got dumped in a desert with no drinkable water, almost no food, and no money?

      Yes, my time is very valuable to me. I spend a lot of time caregiving for my sick wife, our blind cat that we rescued and a rabbit that we rescued. I bust my ass trying to survive and make money so we won't be homeless. Everyone deserves to get paid for their work and time, especially if I'm going to interview with someone that is going to make money off of the interview.

      After all the hundreds of hours I have spent promoting shared dreaming you imply I am greedy.
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      Hey, man-with-the-ugly-avatar:
      The author of the book wants money for her book, doesn't she? Yes, of course. And, yet, you imply that I am greedy or possibly with-holding information simply because I believe I deserve money for my time.
      Did you know:

      I made dozens of youtube videos that anyone can view for


      The author can read as much as they want of the THOUSANDS of posts I have written on DV?
      Everything I have written on DV is the property of DV except the tutorials and dream journals?
      I have NEVER made any money on anything that has to do with shared dreaming?
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      Raven read the book Mutual Dreaming, and said it was kind of boring, and she didn't learn anything new. Yes, if an author wants to pay me for an interview, I may be interested, and she can always read all the crap I wrote on this website, and there's also my youtube channel. Alex/DV owns most of the stuff we post, except for the DJ's and tutorials.
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      Raven read the book Mutual Dreaming, and said it was kind of boring, and she didn't learn anything new. Yes, if an author wants to pay me for an interview, I may be interested, and she can always read all the crap I wrote on this website. I think Alex/DV owns all the copyrights to it.
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      Hey, if you're interested in odd phenomena you might want to check out another weird thing that happened a while back amongst my friends. I started the thread "Physical Projection" (in Beyond Dreaming) to describe it.
    7. time to clean up your pm box!
      mmmm sadly I don't remember any of those bullet points...
      but I dreamed of running a marathon at unfamiliar place.... I don't remember the place well but I guess there was a horse?!
      anyway, thanks! I finally broke my dryspell last night so I'll tune into your dream too
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      Not to bad, been rather busy with everything... school/work/family. I've had luck in increasing how vivid my dreams are, recalled some rather realistic scenes I remember being confronted with. As for lucidity... still nothing. When I am in the dreams.... my thoughts are relatively quiet in the background, as if instead of hearing my thoughts, I hear the echo of them far far away. I haven't felt sleep paralysis since that first time sadly.
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      gotta "empty yo cup" there mr.popularity :3, can't send you pm's
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      I'm starting to think Im gonna need to do more meditation. I'm trying to work on my problem of falling asleep, while at the same time, attempting wild. I did the mantras and actually felt/noticed my body growing distant, numb. Problem is likely my breathing.

      I generally feel uncomfortable just breathing out of my nose. I try to breath via my mouth, i've gotta lay down just right, otherwise once I relax fully. my mouth slacks and i feel my airway close up. Other than that its me trying to to just make sure I don't drool the shit out of my pillow XD.

      I gotta say though it was pretty awesome even though I didn't manage to continue pushing into it. I was repeating 1. I am going to the temple, 2. I am at the temple, and back and forth. I was actually able to feel my body drifting away, problem was though, the further I kept going, the more my heart rate continued to go up, it was likely just because I wasn't tired enough and/or was excited that I was able to induce the first step.
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    by floatinghead on 05-11-2018 at 11:44 AM
    Dream comic
    I have gone to see my friend Stevie, , but he is not at home and I am having to stand around awkwardly with his mom as I wait for my next train back home to come. So I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and go upstairs and then nose around in Stevie's room to see if he has anything decent to read while I am waiting. His room is dark and it is difficult to see, it is a real mess though, lots of junk and toys and books all over the floor, and I accidentally step on a glass of water and knock it over breaking it. Damn. I then reach over at a comic book - a nice thick book, called 'dream adventures' written by John Lydon (although I don't think it is the same John Lydon punk legend) flicking through the book I see lots of familiar sights, like watching the ready player one movie there are lots of pop culture characters that the dreamer turns into in his adventures. At the beginning of the book there is a section (still in comic form) about rules of combat on the dream plain, this part refers to #hukif Hukif directly, because I think he wrote it. It's a double page spread and is called 'no weasels' in combat allowed. It then goes on to explain what a weasel is in the form of Indiana Jones fighting multiple foes and getting overwhelmed.
    A 'weasel' apparently is when two fighters starts to replicate themselves as a way of fighting, which in itself is fine, but when they replicate themselves to the extent that the dreamer cannot control every version that they have made, or every DC, and these versions/replications just turn into mindless zombies wandering around and overpopulating the battlefield, kind of 'bugging' the dream out. These mindless replications are then known as 'weasels' . I head back downstairs after putting the book down, but then think, it's a long journey home and I am sure Stevie wouldn't mind me borrowing this for a bit, so I go back into his bedroom and I accidentally smash yet another glass of water on the floor, now there are two glasses smashed on the floor, and I try to pick bits up but it is useless - what a mess!
    Morgan Freeman sings
    Morgan Freeman, the king of the spoken word, well the sound of it in anycase, decides to bring an album out and everybody declares it the best singing ever ha ha
    Basement again
    I'm working on a fallout piece for a job, and I am just SO bored, so I decide to take the afternoon off. I decide to go with my wife to the beach with the kids, and we start to walk down the road but I feel strange. My wife asks me if I fed the rabbit, and I really can't be bothered with any of this, but no, I didn't, so I go head back toward the house and I am feeling really dizzy. I do a RC, because damn I must be dreaming, but no, RC checks out (nose pinch) but I am so sure, so I do another RC nose pinch, but no, NOT dreaming, I can't breath through the nostrils so I am not dreaming. Damn, why do I feel so funky? SO I go to the basement with my daughter, which is now huge, and seems to go on forever, and go through all of the crap we have there looking for the Rabbit food - but I can't see it. Then my daughter finds some stairs and says perhaps it could be up there? another secret passageway that I had not seen before. Urgh, I think to myself, is there any point? I know that won't be there when I wake up, its just another one of those hidden rooms I keep dreaming of! (although for some reason this doesn't make me lucid?) but my daughter persists so I go up the steps with her, it goes up a long way, must be in the walls of the house or something going up to the attic, and we finally reach an ominous red door, and inside is a large room. But I can't recall what else, or I woke up


    by floatinghead on 05-09-2018 at 03:43 PM
    Older dream from April that I forgot to post:

    Guigo Velvo

    I had a lot of dreams this night, I was with someone, but we were kids, and we were either running away from or fighting a monster, but throughout the night this woman kept on appearing to me, shifting in the dream - she didn't belong there, just hovering in the background, always watching, she was not my DC, I know what my DC's feel like

    Then she appeared again in the next few dreams, even though all of the dreams were completely different - she was always watching

    And then my final dream I was in bed, and my wife had just left the house with the kids and I thought the house was empty, and then suddenly this older woman, with this oversized stylised black albino unreal baby walked out of my bathroom into the room with me. And I realised straight away that I was dreaming, or having a WILD, she mad me lucid. I asked why she kept appearing in my dreams, who was she? She simply stated who I was, she said it was my last (re)carnation of this place, this planet, and that my true name was Guigo (first name is guessed in spelling) Velvo . I don't know why, but I insisted that she told me how that last name was spelt, so I wouldn'd forget it, she seemed a little annoyed but at my disposal. This totally shook me up, I had to sit for a while then wake myself up so I wouldn't forget (although I am sure I wouldn't have). The whole thing felt momentous


    by floatinghead on 05-09-2018 at 03:24 PM
    waiting for dream to solidify
    I drift to sleep, try to remain focused and start to play ball in my bedroom (in my head) and slowly it becomes the rest of my family there with me, and we are throwing the ball to one another, however I dont feel like the dream has solidified enough for me to walk away from this and before I do I wake up
    Children sacrifices
    Children are being hauled onto this Pirate ship, and thrown to this great beast in the see, a terrifying scary thing that needs to eat these kids , and it grows bigger and more powerful. I sneak onto the ship with a friend (for some reason it is the actress Melanie Lynskey) and we take out some of the pirates with kung foo, but just as we think we have defeated them my female companion is taken from behind and stabbed quick and fast in the neck, she grabs her neck and is thrown into a large net that is on the ship, laying there bleeding out. As I watch this on tv I shout out, I LIKED that character! why are they killing her off? The character I was is now played by Dean Winchester , and while he is reeling by the attack of his companion he is taken by surprise and is held down, trying to fight off his attacker. Suddenly the stabbed neck lady jumps out of that net, which she was previously dead from (this is terrible writing I think) and Dean and her run to a missile solo which happens to be on the pirate ship and launch some missiles at this beast, and just to be sure they also hack into a nuke and fire at at the beast as well.

    6/5/18 - 7/5/18

    by floatinghead on 05-09-2018 at 10:03 AM
    I am at a boxing club, with my family; I am looking at some photos they have around the place and see a signed photo of Rocky Balboa - which underneath says 'you're the best - around' (apparently he trained at the boxing club) and then that same song comes on the radio (from the karate kid) as everyone trains and it is super cheesy. I then hang out with Mike Tyson for a while because apparantly we are friends
    2 Watching a tv show about a sci themed thing, a virus has escaped or something. Some guy is supposed to be a donor, and everyone is super impressed, but then he runs away in a dark tunnel because he is scared.
    1 Titus
    dream fragment of hanging out with titus andronicus, from that tv show, and he is dressed in a black sheet, and looks like a character from Howls moving castle, like a ghost or something so I tell him perhaps he should change
    2 Step dad
    I'm with my step dad, driving around , and he is causing issues, he's drunk, and flays around making me swerve and crash the car. I get out, and I need to fix these gifts I got for everyone, but they are broken, and I dont have a ride home and my step dad is just sitting there in his own drool totally drunk
    3 Lucy - again
    I'm walking around a shopping centre, and my hair is long again, but its also twice as large in volume and seems a bit silly, but I try to straighten it by flattening it with my hands. I see Lucy, but I want to act cool, I dont hate her this time, but I feel I need to talk to her, but dont know how to approach her. So I kind of, drag behind her, the plan was to pretend that I was just walking right past her and bump into her, forcing us to speak, but she sees me following her and tells me to get lost, stop being a creep

    3/5/18 - 4/5/18

    by floatinghead on 05-09-2018 at 10:02 AM
    Head - Today at 8:00 PM
    I'm trying to work, I'm in an office, but there seems to be an issue with the woman that work at the office with me, and the argument is getting more and more heated. I sigh, lift my head out of my work and walk next door, the first woman is saying what a stupid cow the second woman is, because she just went and dumped that actor, David boreanaz, and he seemed to be perfect in every way, but apparently he told her he kissed a guy before and she became disgusted, turns out she is a giant homophobe. I tell the first lady to cool off, and try to talk some reason to this second lady, but turns out she is a moron ! She cannot be reasoned with
    2 I'm speaking to #stranger through this messaging system, and he is at an airport going somewhere, I send an image to him as a joke , a meme, and my Grandma suddenly appears and asks what it is, so I have to explain to her all about Memes

    End of the world
    There are zombies everywhere, and they have us corned in a small warehouse, then only way to get out of this is to launch the nuclear missiles and destroy everything, we are convinced that we will be spared for some reason. SO we launch the missiles and in slow motion everything is obliterated , but the 5 of us survive , somehow. But then we turn to the camera (all wearing hood for some reason) in where our face should be is nothing, we have been killed. But then, suddenly, we are bought back to life. I then get up and switch off the tv because this is really a bad story for a film lol

    Dreaming talk
    I am around my friends house talking to him about Dreaming, his mom is there, and pops her head around the corner to make sure she is making a sandwich for me . As he's making the Sandwich he is talking about having come to a point in dreaming, where now he lives day and night the same, he is lucid all of the time, and that is how he cracked being lucid all of the time at night.

    Transparent boobs
    A man is in a nightclub, I think is a game show host, and he is poking this girls transparent dress, but she pushes him away, and it turns out she had transparent boob implants

    Dreamt about eating a Crepe that had honey and nuts in them - mmmm

    - another dream that my wife started smoking again