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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. 55th Shared Dreaming Attempt- BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 11-28-2011 at 02:54 AM (The IOSDP shared journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      Lame internet connection + Little recall = (Super-duper) x inactivity regarding (DJn>1n)

      Fragment 1:

      I was talking with two of my friends from school in no solid setting. Angles were curved, I remember purple smoke, and people did not seem to have bodies. I was explaining to the floating head of a friend who is a massive pony-hater and massive Minecraft-lover that Notch had recently stated that he was a brony.Wait, I thought, it's Sunday, and this is a dream, so it doesn't matter if I tell them. Oh, well, I'll do it anyway. Then everybody attacked me.

      Fragment 2:

      I was part of the crew of a crashed alien ship. The ship consisted of black hull and glowing green tubes and antennae, composed into a rough tube shape. Me and two other survivors were sitting in a completely black room, which, on any other ship, would have served as a cargo hold, as it was the room that had the ramp outside. No airlock, I thought it was worth noting. The oldest of us was at a completely black counter, making omlettes. The youngest was at a completely black table, doing nothing. I decided to go outside and search for firewood.

      There was a cut, and I was a hundred meters up a hill from the crash site. The landscape was mostly flat other than the hill I was on, and the vegetation was only dead-looking, thorny, bush-sized plants. They surrounded the crash site, anything too close to it got incinerated. The sky was limited to a dome around the crater and the plants surrounding it. There was dark blue and stars outside of the dome. I climbed for several seconds, then the dream ended.

      The dome reminded me, for some reason, of dreamdimension's signature. He doesn't participate in the IOSDP to my knowledge though, it may be nothing.

      Fragment 3:

      This was certainly part of an epic full dream. Shame I can't remember it.

      I was on an anvil-shaped airship going at unrealistically high speeds with a girl about my age. She was blonde, and her hair was braided into a single tail. She was a wearing black, that seemed to be a theme in my dreams tonight. I didn't recognize her. I was wearing black, too. I also wore aviator goggles. We were either dealing with or being pirates.

      We were standing on an outdoors catwalk going in a loop. She acknowledged my presence briefly and then glided off into the globe of grey clouds speedily passing us. My view followed her circling the bottom of the airship. her suit had dark yellow wings under the arms, like those of a flying squirrel. As she flew, she threw away the rapier she previously held and it passed us in a blink. She traded it out with a cutlass take from a copper statue on one of the ends of the ship.

      She reached the front of the bottom of the ship and sliced two guards in one swing and flew, cutlass first, into the window. My view transitioned inside of the ship, watching the glass shatter in slow motion. She fell once she was in, and recovered with a roll. Suddenly, I joined her in the room.

      In the corner, she picked up some trinkets and put them a bag. She smiled stood up, and we moved out of the window. Mission success, it seems. The dream ended.
    2. 51st Shared Dreaming Attempt-Thebeastofold's Dream

      by , 11-19-2011 at 09:31 PM (The IOSDP shared journal)
      Thebeastofold's Dream

      5 Dollar a gallon gas, africa and bullriders and healers...

      It started I was driving around some town and came to a gas station on an otherwise deserted corner...I noticed the gas was $5.25 a gallon, and i was shocked! I kept saying tio myself, "i reslly should take a picture of this..nobody would believe me otherwise" I stood there staring at the multiple price signs over and over again, then an old lady walked out of her car and said to me..."you need to go to Africa" all of a sudden, dream shifted, I was in africa...and i was helping uinload a large truck full of african kids of all ages...as i helped the last one out of the truck, i suddenyl noticed a small flat box sitting infront of me..i picked it up and handed it to the kid and he smiled and did a silly dance and ran away...weird... i hopped off the truck and saw 2 guys riding brahma bulls running in my direction, then i noticed they were chasing a regular cow calf.....the calf looked at me and ran behind the truck between the truck and a huge warehouse that wasnt there moments ago.....and it crouched down ontop a big pile of blankets and was watching the two bullriders under the truck...they looked at me and i shrugged and they rode away..as i turned to check on the calf...i was in a holet room somewhere and there was a witchdoctor/healer type guy there and he was chasing me around the room he kept telling me to move my arms in certain directions etc..he also kept saying he could heal my bad arms..over and over again (IRW i do have messed up shoulders..) he then showed me a video of myself running around an odd obstacle course and every so often i would pickup a log over my head and throw it.....interesting cure =)

      dream shifted

      I was walking down a city street somewhere and all the shops and businesses etc were below street level, you had to walk down a flight of stairs to get to every door on the street, i walked by a place that had only a movie theater type ticket window sticking out the front of the building and there was an old lady sitting in the booth and there was a small crowdof people standing around the booth and one guy had his head tipped down so he could speak through the little opening in the bottom of the booth window, and he kept asking "so where DO we get our mail" woke up...
    3. 10/16 IOSDP First Experiment

      by , 10-16-2011 at 02:08 PM (The IOSDP shared journal)
      dream 1 - I was at school and met my several friends. fragement

      dream 2 - MILD mantra -> SP hits. I rolled down from my bed and visualized my hand. it was still at night.

      I IMAGINE A SPIDER WEB ATTACHED FROM MY HAND TO KATSUNO! the spider web was glowing. cool.
      first I felt his energy and it seemed really worked. I was amazed that the web vibrated hard.
      I opened the door and followed the web. there was my mom distracting me so I said "mom plz get away I have to follow this web!"
      as I followed, I was floating in the air. there was some kind of forest/ jungle, and finally there was a log house on the grass.

      I saw Katsuno(maybe?) coming out of the house, maybe off to school. he was wearing black shirt. I think he had kind of curly, brown hair...
      I got inside the house and saw his mom. she was making breakfast?
      here the recall is foggy....
      maybe I got shifted into non-LD. I was with Katsuno or a DC and his little brother in a white room. I saw some beehives up on the ceiling.
      Katsuno gave me some chocolate nuts(?). it felt like chewing bread, but tasted like dark chocolate...yummy
      I was worried of bees in the room. I insanely ran around the room and I got shot by a bee on my back. it really hurt.......gahhh
      my toes were getting swollen up. Katsuno tried to heal me.

      I remember the conversation with Katsuno but dont remember when I dreamed this, but it was in the first dream.

      I said: "hey your house is log house right?"
      Katsuno: "what? no... my house is made of brick"
      "-.- really?? the house had a door on the corner of 2 sides of the house..."
      "no, it's not...my house is red-roof house."
      "damn then it was just my imagination. we didnt have shared dream T^T"
      "hey dont find me, practice dream control first."
      "what?! this is IOSDP experiment! I cant ignore it!"

      dream 3 - again MILD and I got brainwashed by Katsuno that I have to practice dream control first so here I did what I wanted to do.
      I transformed into Saya but dont recall anything from this dream.

      dream 4 - again MILD and I rolled from my bed, visualized my hand. I crushed the room window, and I wanted to practice fight in dream!
      I ran to the middle of the car road and I kinda wanted to crash my self into a car. then this white truck came toward me and I positioned myself to get ready,
      but the car stopped infornt of me. then I just wanted to do transforming. suddenly Gumiho came in my head, and did the transforming jutsu from Naruto.
      (this jutsu worked really well for transforming.) I heard pong! sound and saw smoke popping out around me. omigod! I got taller and felt her long hair
      and nine tails!!! and the white hanbok!! I really felt I had her 'aspect'.
      so now I wanted to use magic powers and stuff. I went in this school building and there were some enemies. kids ran out of the building.
      I started to use "geuk(infinite) myul(destroy) sum(power?)!!!" and then BOOOOOOOOM..... the whole building was destoryed, even my dream scene...I woke up.

      dream 5 - FA. I turned my computer on and checked DV. one notification