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    The IOSDP shared journal

    Here is the updated IOSDP Shared dream journal. This will be updated soon to include all previous entries

    Posting to Dream Journal Rules

    1. Only post dreams on the dates of the shared dreaming attempts. Please do not post your dreams you have on non-attempt days unless they have to do with Chichen-Itza or you believe they are significant in some way (if so describe why you believe they are significant). On the attempt days please post all of your dreams.

    2. Title the entry like this: # Shared Dreaming Attempt-(name's) Dream
    For example: 8th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Atras's Dream
    For non-attempt days, title them like this: Shared Dreaming Attempt-Name's Dream

    3. On the first line in the place where you write your dream please put this: (Name's Dream) in bold and point 5 font and any color you want. If you have any confusion with this, just look at the entries I have put in for an example of how to head it.

    4. Do not provide a link to your entry, make sure that the actual entry is written down here.

    5. Do not post random things that aren't related. If you do this I will disable your access to the dream journal .

    Don't forget to vote for a new place to meet up if you want to change the venue! http://www.dreamviews.com/f144/democ...ttempt-123031/

    Please fill out details for the new cell groups - http://www.dreamviews.com/f144/cell-...ign-up-123444/

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