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    Curiouser and Curiouser


    by , 09-13-2011 at 03:16 PM (549 Views)
    No luck again last night I will try harder tonight. I am determined!

    Anyway. First dream:

    I am in a store (Nordstroms, I think), in the back. It doesn't look like a warehouse, but that is the purpose it serves, this is where they keep all their items before putting them on the shelves. It's also connects to some sort of performance hall. There are dancers around. One of the dancers is talking to me, and tells me that there is a special discount magazine for people who have been confirmed dancers for two years. I want to get the discounts, but I have not been a confirmed dancer for two years. A big group of girls is by me, and they start singing. They are mostly Latina. A large black girl in the front is singing a solo.

    Second dream:
    I meet a boy. Me or my sisters have recently started playing some new game, and the book we use is open. Me and the boy are talking about it. I have a baby with me, and he takes it from me and walks somewhere. I follow him and see him exit a building. I go back to my original spot, (but I know that he will be coming back there soon) and my younger sister comes up and coaches me. She points out that I am wearing socks that say "Blondes" on them, and this boy is a brunette, and that might hurt his feelings. I put my shoes on to hide my socks, but she tries to convince me to put on one of her shoes, which is velcro and much too small for me. This confuses me.

    Third dream:
    I'm riding in a car with E, S, and probably A although I don't really remember who the third person was. It's more like a sled though - it has no roof or doors, and I feel concerned about this. I drop my cellphone off the side, and we pull over and I run back and get it.

    At some point in one of my dreams I think I had a new puppy, but I don't remember.

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