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    by , 05-01-2016 at 10:03 AM (232 Views)
    I remember how I'm with some wrestlers and we are wreslin for something, i dont know what, I'm not sure if it's a thing, it feels like more of something that's an action. With that being said the dream was coming together very slowly. I mean the dream was there but it wasn't. Things didn't make sense.

    Ben was at the front door seeing if I wanted to come out I said yes but he suddenly just vanished out of no where, it left me wondering where he had went but my other friend luke turned up asking if I wanted to come out for a bit and wondering where Ben was also. I end up on a field with luke with a pile of clothes and they are my clothes, I put them in a box for some odd reason and next thing when I go to get them out they vanished. I kept looking, the field went pitch black so we had to use our tourches, in the end in it turned into a ghost investigation dream we had this tool where someone shines something, I remember it was called GAP and the lights go crazy that means that the spirit or the ghost wants to speak to them.

    Another dream, I am recording the famous guys from ghost adventures, they are in some creepy type building, they have just started there investigation. As it starts zack begins to provoke the spirit and I didn't see anyone getting scratched but I knew that people would get scratched. As he is provoking the spirit he gets an immediate answer, he gets possessed so quick that he didn't even see it coming! This is the end up that dream though. I woke up hoping to write my dreams down but I didn't wake up, it was a FA but I couldn't see where I was, I was just in thought telling myself to remember my dreams and woke up so I wrote this down.

    I'm with Hannah again and where on the bus, I don't know where we are going but ohwell, the city seems rather big, different but I like it. I remember how we are just sitting on the floor next minute then then I see a JD sign, I'm trying to figure somethin out but I'm not too sure! It somehing about JD, I wanted to go there but I couldn't find it. We are still sitting there and Hannah goes in "JD" and buys a game called fall out army. It turns out JD wasn't there and she enter a random shop. We are now in the Fall Out Army game. It looks alot like call of duty world of war, HD graphics, old buildings, a knife and enemies. Hannah found it rather easier actually! Just went round killing everyone with her knife with literally no strategy. We come to a shop which looks like PC world or Curries here ln the UK. I was amazed that that they now do PS3 modification and that they can install them for you or you can do them yourself on there computers. We was on the couch waiting for Hannah's mum, we noticed how Hannah's brother Jack was next to us and fell completely asleep. We are now on the bus, Hannah shows the driver our tickets he looks at them and seems a bit weird haha.

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